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Digital Packaging… The Time Has Come (Premium Content)

Digital press technology for packaging printing and graphics has been around for more than a decade, but momentum is currently building behind end-user investments and hardware developments by technology providers. In today’s market, it is clear that digital package printing represents a recession-proof and profitable market opportunity. With today’s available technologies, the emergence of inkjet, and the needs of brand owners, short run digital technology is truly poised to take off.

The Next Industry Changing Technology? (Premium Content)

Occasionally there are developments within this industry, often referred to as disruptive technology, that have the potential for fundamentally changing the market. The arrival of thermally imaged non-ablative CtP plates that came to market in 1995 is an example of such a disruptive technology. I have just come across another such disruptive technology that could have a similar impact to that of thermal CtP in changing the industry.

Make a Decision—Today! (Premium Content)

You may have heard pundits say that it doesn’t really matter what you do—just do something. The trick in the printing industry is, don’t try to do everything.

US Commercial Printing Annual Payroll Per Employee (Premium Content)

When Demand Rises, Prices Rise; When Demand Falls, Prices Fall (Premium Content)

That's the basic law of economics when the supply of a good or service is constant. There's been some discussion of late about the scarcity of print workers and the need for many thousands of them. One of the clues as to whether or not there is true demand for or a shortage of workers is the change in wage levels that the marketplace offers. If wages are up, there is greater demand for workers; and if wages are down, there is obviously not. Wages are the prices set by the interaction of workers and employers in a marketplace for long-term work. Higher wages attract workers who had previously been outside the industry; lower wages inside one industry send discouraged workers elsewhere.

Frank in the Future (Premium Content)

Multi-Channel Marketing… It’s Time to Follow the Money! (Premium Content)

Agfa, Extending Workflow into New Areas (Premium Content)

Colorado Firm Recognized for Environmental Excellence (Premium Content)

Daddy, What Was it Like Before the Recession? (Premium Content)

Commerical Printing Shipments, 2002 vs. 2007 (Premium Content)

Employer Branding: The solution to attracting & keeping great staff (Premium Content)

Digital Printing Coming of Age (Premium Content)

Media Days" Looks Ahead to What’s in Store at Print 09 (Part II)

Developing a Winning Cross-Media Proposal (Premium Content)

Go Vertical… It May Be Your Competitive Differentiator!

Media Days" Looks Ahead to What’s in Store at Print 09

Navigate, Don't Fear: Random Thoughts

Net new businesses, 12-month moving average (Premium Content)

Mama, they took my Kodachome (and my Grade S Paper, etc.) away (Premium Content)

Talking to the CMO: 2009 Is a Whole New (Media) World (Premium Content)

How Effective Are Your Digital Press Operators?

Defining Value-Added Services (Premium Content)

Inkjet Printing and Light Production Printers

Kodak and Xeikon: Ring and Miller Talk About the Alliance (Premium Content)

Are Printers Rational?

Change in Newspaper Advertising Revenue (Premium Content)

Partnering for Success, Interview with Tim Graham, President of OTC Systems (Premium Content)

Building a Strategic Marketing Plan in Today’s Economy (Premium Content)

How Many Words Do We Need? (Premium Content)

June 10 Economic Webinar Q&A

Current Dollar/Year Change in Corporate Cash Flow (Premium Content)

Tyranny of Color – Take 2 (Premium Content)

Successioning Your Business: Five Simple Steps that Aren’t Exactly Easy (Premium Content)

Effects of GM and Chrysler Bankruptcies on the Graphic Arts/Printing Industry (Premium Content)

It’s Almost Showtime … (Premium Content)

Clarifying CtP Terminology (Premium Content)

AIGA Designer Confidence Index (Premium Content)

Welcome to Bizarro Economics Class (Premium Content)

Calculating Click Charges for Variable Print

Print Service Providers…You can Be Social (Media) Too!

Printable Technologies – Surviving and Thriving (Premium Content)

The 20-60-20 Rule (Premium Content)

ad:tech San Francisco (Premium Content)

Tough Thoughts for Tough Times (Premium Content)

Change in Real GDP, CPI-adjusted Print Shipments & Paper Shipments (Premium Content)

Ingram Reorganization: A Sign of the Times

The Barcode

Print is NOT Dead – It is Interactive!!!

The Demise of Junk Mail (Premium Content)

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