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Craft an Ecommerce Solution that Works for You with Aurigma’s Customer’s Canvas

The debate over the future of ecommerce is over: it’s quickly becoming one of the primary ways people buy things. Market tracker Statista says that global retail ecommerce sales are expected to grow more than 11% from 2022 to 2025. The US Census Bureau finds that ecommerce accounts for more than 15% of retail sales, a percentage that is only going to continue to grow. As a result, web-to-print is no longer an option: it has become vital for print service providers (PSPs) to have a robust online presence and storefront that customers can use to order printed materials effectively.

However, not all customers are created equal. Selling direct to consumers (B2C) has different requirements than selling to other businesses (B2B) or even the selling to other businesses who sell to consumers (B2B2C). The challenge is to know the needs of your buyers and find a technology solution provider that can deliver on that vision. Enter Customer’s Canvas, Aurigma’s adaptable web-to-print solution. Whether you run a small online storefront or need a large enterprise-grade solution, Customer’s Canvas can be configured in whatever way will work most efficiently for your business.

Join McGrew Group principal and WhatTheyThink contributor Pat McGrew and Pixel Dot Consulting’s Ryan McAbee on Tuesday, January 17 at 1pm EST for an overview of the capabilities of Customer’s Canvas. They will be joined by representatives from Aurigma as well as Customer’s Canvas user Industry Print Solutions (IPS) who will provide insights and offer real-world experiences of working with the software. The session will also feature a live Q&A, allowing attendees to get answers to their own specific questions.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why web-to-print and online storefronts are becoming vital for print businesses.
  • An introduction to Customer’s Canvas, Aurigma’s technology for developing web-to-print sites.
  • How Aurigma’s experts work with print businesses to craft Customer’s Canvas into the online solution that is the best fit for the business.
  • How Aurigma customer Industry Print Solutions (IPS) successfully integrated Customer's Canvas with the online store for ordering marketing materials like business cards, brochures, notebooks, and other print products.

A full archive of this webinar—both audio and video—will be available for download.

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Recorded January 17, 2023

Finish it with Flair!

One of the hottest trends in finishing today is what are known as “embellishments”—adding special effects to printed materials such as textures, metallic foils, and other tactile finishes. The technology is fast-evolving, and new digital embellishment solutions allow printers to embrace the power of touch by creating enhanced, desirable, memorable, and valuable print and packaging. And when there is a perceived value, there is a willingness to pay a premium.

But what do we mean by “embellishments”? And what are today’s digital embellishment solutions? What print applications are they best suited for?

Join us on Tuesday, December 13 at 1pm EST when Taktiful’s Kevin Abergel and Fold Factory’s Trish Witkowski will look at the current embellishment landscape, providing a comprehensive look at different types of embellishments, the different ways they can be produced, and the top applications for which they are used.

In this LunchNLearn webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Different categories of embellishments, with examples of each.
  • The different ways embellishments can be produced and applied.
  • Top applications and exciting examples and case studies.
  • How embellishments add value to print and packaging.

Finish It with Flair! is the latest in WhatTheyThink’s monthly LunchNLearn webinar series.

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Recorded December 13, 2022

Print Production Outlook: The Digital Transition Continues

Printing technologies have been in a state of transition for the past two decades, driven by declines in print volumes and increases in digital print quality and press speeds. Offset has been transitioning to digital, toner is now transitioning to inkjet, and flexo is holding its own—for now. What is the current status of printing technology transitions—and what will the future hold?

On Wednesday, November 16 at 1 pm ET, join WhatTheyThink’s Richard Romano and Ralf Schlözer as they look at the current state of production output technologies.

What you’ll learn:

  • The current state of digital production output technologies—both toner and inkjet.
  • The state of the transition from offset to digital.
  • Print applications seeing the most movement.
  • Notable recent product launches.
  • Production inkjet “shopping guides.”

Sponsored by Canon Solutions America, “Print Production Outlook: The Digital Transition Continues” is the latest installment in WhatTheyThink’s monthly half-hour LunchNLearn webinar series.

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Recorded November 16, 2022

The Graying of Wide Format

The 2010s could be thought of as “The Decade of Wide-format Printing,” as revolutionary technology advances made wide format a compelling business proposition for companies in a wide variety of markets, from commercial printers to photolabs, to copy shops, to traditional signmakers. As a result, we saw a wide format “boom.” But as the decade ended, expansion into wide format had slowed, and technology introductions became more evolutionary than revolutionary. The pandemic year of 2020 created a temporary spurt in demand for COVID and other related signage, but the post-pandemic years have returned us to our previous trendline. So, as we head through the 2020s, where does wide format stand? What are the opportunities in what has become a mature market?

On Wednesday, September 21 at 1 pm ET, join WhatTheyThink’s Richard Romano and IDC’s Tim Greene as they look back at 2022 and ahead to 2023 and beyond and identify some of the dominant and emerging application trends, new equipment releases, and opportunity areas for both those who are already producing wide-format and display graphics—and those who are still looking to.

What you’ll learn:

  • The dominant and emerging wide-format technology and application trends.
  • The top product releases of the past 12 months.
  • Recent WhatTheyThink data on wide-format printing.
  • IDC’s latest data on wide-format print providers.
  • What 2023 is likely to hold for wide-format printing and producers of display graphics?

“The Graying of Wide Format” is the latest installment in WhatTheyThink’s monthly LunchNLearn webinar series.

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Recorded September 21, 2022

Interactive Print in the Real World: What’s Really Working

After 25 years, QR codes are becoming mainstream, and other interactive print technologies such as augmented reality (AR) have also caught on with marketers and other print customers. As a result, they have become increasingly relevant to the printing industry at large—and not just a handful of printers whose clients are massive consumer brands.

On August 24 at 1 pm EST, a panel of interactive print experts will look at the latest interactive print technologies and how printers can use—and are using—them to add value to clients’ projects. Industry analyst and WhatTheyThink contributor Heidi Tolliver-Walker will leads a panel discussion on featuring Joanne Gore of Gore Communications (and WhatTheyThink contributor) and Joe Zeff, president of Joe Zeff Design, Inc., a pioneer in interactive storytelling.

What you’ll learn:

  • The latest—and popular—technologies for making print interactive.
  • How QR codes have become an integral part of our everyday life, and make print a high-value touchpoint for customer communications.
  • How AR is quickly becoming adopted by marketers—and what that means for printers.
  • What interactive print applications are working in the real world.
  • What a “holotwin” is.

A complete archive of slides and audio will be available for download following this session.

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Recorded August 24, 2022