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Print MIS Product Spotlight: Sabre Limited/Reseller of PrintVis

The PrintVis Print MIS/ERP is an offering that combines a globally recognized ERP system from Microsoft (Dynamics 365 Business Central), with the print industry specific addon from PrintVis, and in this article we’re featuring Sabre Limited as the implementation partner.

Quiz: How Many Things Can QR Codes Do?

If you were asked to come up with a list of ways that QR codes can be used in marketing, how many could you list? Could you come up with at least 10? As QR codes see a resurgence, being driven by everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to USPS postal promotions, it’s time to take stock of how they are being used, as well as the opportunities that are being missed.  

Tech Outlook Week Preview: Digital & Inkjet on the Upward Curve Again

As part of our preview of next week’s Technology Outlook Week, Ralf Schlözer takes a look at the state of toner and inkjet digital printing during a pandemic drupa year.

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What’s Your Visibility Quotient?

Whether you are a printing company, a marketing services company, or a vendor who serves them with hardware or software, potential customers can only find you if they see you, and today it takes more than a Facebook page or website. The odds that your Instagram page or LinkedIn page will attract attention independently aren’t very great in today’s crowded market. You need a visibility plan. Pat McGrew explains what that is, and how to create one.

This Dubs for You: A Flatbed Applications Photo Gallery

Cornhole boards, barn wood, hand sanitizer stations, 3D effects, and acrylic on glass. In this photo gallery, we highlight some recent projects that users have produced using flatbed UV printing equipment.

Johnson’s World: Thanks, but No Thanks—You’re Worth More Than a Cup of Coffee

Steven Johnson is underwhelmed by market researchers offering a chance to win an Amazon gift card in exchange for his opinion. In this month’s “Johnson’s World,” he identifies what would make him more likely to respond.

Are Smart Glasses Finally Hitting their Stride?

The pandemic has driven significant change into a number of aspects of our lives, many of which are likely to stick around long after we get through this difficult period. One technology that has seen an increase in adoption is Smart Glasses. We’ve got examples of how forward-thinking companies have leveraged this technology to keep revenues coming in despite pandemic restrictions.

What “Industry 4.0” Means for the Print Industry

The industry is challenged by increasingly tough customer requirements for fast delivery, high quality, and low price. Without a significant improvement in production efficiency, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to meet these challenges. Industry 4.0 provides the technological infrastructure for improvement, and government support will lower the barriers to implementation. This article, sponsored by HP and written by HP Indigo's “Workflow Chef” Gershon Alon, details the importance of Industry 4.0 for the printing industry.

A moment of levity. View Today's Dilbert Dilbert Cartoon Strip

Life in print isn’t easy, right? You deserve a laugh. That's why MindFire brings you Dilbert. And why we help Printers & Agencies of all sizes grow sales with 'OptiChannel'. Learn more now.

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Printing Outlook 2021
Printing Outlook 2021 - The WhatTheyThink Overview of the Current State of the Printing Industry

The new Printing Outlook 2021 report provides detailed analysis of the latest WhatTheyThink Business Outlook Survey, the latest industry economic data and macroeconomic trends, as well as industry and cultural technological trends to look out for in 2021.

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March Graphic Arts Employment—Getting Back to Work
March Graphic Arts Employment—Getting Back to Work

In March 2021, all printing employment was up +1.5% from February, production employment up +1.1%, and non-production printing employment up +2.2%. Full Analysis

Printing 2021 Quick Look: Top Investments
Printing 2021 Quick Look: Top Investments

According to data from our recently published Printing Outlook 2021 special report, one-fourth of print businesses have no major investment plans for 2021. Full Analysis

European Print Industry Snapshot: Portugal
European Print Industry Snapshot: Portugal

In this bimonthly series, WhatTheyThink is presenting the state of the printing industry in different European countries based on the latest monthly production numbers. This week, we take a look at the printing industry in Portugal. Full Analysis

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Chuck Werninger on The Nicole Saunders Story: A Passion for Graphic Arts

What a great story, Cary, thanks for covering it. I would LOVE to hear more stories like this where printers are investing in the young people who will work in, manage, lead and eventually own our industry in the future! Reply

Bob Raus on How Accurate Is Your Job Pricing (And Can You Do Better?)

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Werner Rebsamen on Frank’s Tale of Two Books

Thanks Frank, great job as usual. Looking at the date, this is a remarkable achievement for digital printing. Reply

Mike Philie on Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Mike Philie

Thanks for making this happen Warren. It's always a great discussion with you, and I appreciate the passion you bring to our industry. As we discussed, the role of the CEO, the sales team and the next generation of leaders has never been more importa… Full comment Reply


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