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Profiles in Print Premier Press
Profiles in Print
Premier Press (Portland, Oregon)

WhatTheyThink traveled to Portland to visit Premier Press to learn more about their business, how they operate, and what makes them unique. This film is the first in an ongoing series of Profiles in Print.

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Why You Need a Website Assessment: Every Page is Your Home Page

Websites are the company face to the world, but they often miss the scrutiny that our workflows get when it comes to efficiency and optimization. Start the year with a plan to assess your website to see if it still meets your needs and works for your visitors.  

PageWide T250 Helps Premier Press Produce Personalized Marketing Campaigns

In 2021 Premier Press invested in an HP PageWide T250 HD to expand its product range in direct mail and personalized marketing campaigns. Hear from the team at Premier Press how the T250 helps deliver personalized marketing campaigns.

Eversfrank Gruppe’s Gerhard Martterer on Programmatic Printing

Ralf Schlözer talks with Gerhard Martterer of Eversfrank Gruppe about programmatic and variable-data printing. Martterer evangelizes the benefits of programmatic printing to advertisers and marketers and has formed the Programmatic Print Alliance (PPA) in Germany.

Ulbe Jelluma on Print Power

David Zwang talks to Ulbe Jelluma, managing director of Print Power. Print Power is an initiative started by European paper manufacturers in response to the surge of digital advertising that emphasizes to advertisers and marketers the value of print media.

Paperboard Container Manufacturing Establishments—2010–2020

According to County Business Patterns, in 2020 there were 1,910 establishments in NAICS 32221 (Paperboard Container Manufacturing). This category saw a net decrease of 13% since 2010. In macro news,inflation is sort of moving sideways.

In Local Parentis

Frank reports that the state of Massachusetts is thinking of subsidizing local newspapers, so long as they have at least one local reporter. Whether it goes through or not remains to be seen, but it's a reaction to the current state of the newspaper industry and the importance and value of local news.

Around the Web: Folio Fest. Doom Display. Russet Wrap. Graphene Gear. Brick Boon. Face Folly. Enzyme Energy. Goat Gardening. Marenghi Mania. Noodle Napping. Ranch Revulsion.

The 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare’s First Folio. San Francisco’s new “Museum of the Future AI Apocalypse.” Compostable, potato waste-based cling film. Graphene-based sportswear from Umbro. Slack adds ChatGPT because why not? The world’s most disturbing videoconferencing display. Scientists discover how bacteria convert atmospheric hydrogen to energy—a potential new, clean power source. Goats are the secret to combatting California’s wildfires. Celebrating “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.” Four words that should never be used together: Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream. All that and more in WhatTheyThink’s weekly miscellany.

Print: A Surprisingly Effective Way to Engage Younger Consumers

Today’s brands have more ways than ever to connect with and engage their intended audiences. Meanwhile, consumers also have an array of options for staying in touch with their favorite brands. Print may be uniquely positioned to cut through the digital clutter and prompt so-called digital natives to engage and take action. This article explores how generational differences can affect consumers’ preferences when interacting with printed communications.

Industry Data
Printing Outlook 2021
Printing Outlook 2023 - The WhatTheyThink Overview of the Current State of the Printing Industry

The new Printing Outlook 2023 report provides detailed analysis of the latest WhatTheyThink Business Outlook Survey, the latest industry economic data and macroeconomic trends, as well as industry and cultural technological trends to look out for in 2023 and beyond.

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Paperboard Container Manufacturing Establishments—2010–2020
Paperboard Container Manufacturing Establishments—2010–2020

According to County Business Patterns, in 2020 there were 1,910 establishments in NAICS 32221 (Paperboard Container Manufacturing). This category saw a net decrease of 13% since 2010. In macro news,inflation is sort of moving sideways. Full Analysis

January Production Employment Down
January Production Employment Down

Overall printing employment in January 2023 was down -1.7% from December, due entirely to a -4.2% drop in production employment, as non-production employment was up +4.1%. Full Analysis

Print Turnover and Employment in Europe—Spain
Print Turnover and Employment in Europe—Spain

This bi-weekly series of short articles aims at shedding a spotlight on the size of the printing industry in Europe per country and how revenues and employment developed in 2020, when the pandemic impacted businesses. This time we look at Spain, the fifth largest printing industry by turnover in Europe. Full Analysis

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