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Trying to Learn Complex Print Software by Calling Support

You can’t learn a Print MIS system by calling the support desk. One ticket at a time is not an ideal learning environment. Internal expertise and the ability to optimize your print software investments delivers value directly to your bottom line.

Latest Updates: Printing Industry Affiliates

The printing industry affiliates, under their Operating Committee structure, work together in a number of ways to support members of more than 5,000 printing companies and the printing industry as a whole. WhatTheyThink Senior Editor Cary Sherburne recently spoke to the Operating Committee leadership team for an update.

Millennials Are So Yesterday…Hello, Gen Z!

If you haven’t noticed, the emphasis on marketing to Millennials is shifting. Today, it’s all about Gen Z. One of the fundamental characteristics of Gen Z, however, is that they distrust the brands trying to market to them. What does that mean for marketers?

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J.P Bobst Knows History and Is Setting the Future Stage for Packaging

A company the size and breadth of the Bobst Group plays a big role in setting the direction of the packaging industry in the future. Their core values of People, Technology, and Financial, with a strong desire to create a more sustainable future, bode well for the many changes ahead.

Digital Packaging Print Set to Grow at 11.2% Y-O-Y as It Capitalizes on Post-Pandemic Trends, Smithers Says

Packaging is becoming increasingly important to the print industry after COVID and the specific conditions of the pandemic have further accelerated the use of digital (inkjet and toner) equipment in this space. Smithers editor John Nelson offers some highlights from the new Smithers report, The Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2026.

Koenig & Bauer Strengthens Its Position in Packaging

With the launch of the VariJET 106 and the opening of the Packaging Print Customer Center in Germany this year, it is time to review the offerings Koenig & Bauer has for the packaging market—and they are remarkably comprehensive. The article by European Section Editor Ralf Schlözer reviews the new line-up and provides some details on the recent launches.

Leather Goes Vegan: Is This the Next Normal for Auto Interiors?

As the world continues to struggle with the climate change crisis, methane emissions have been tagged as a key contributor that needs to be mitigated. And cows are being targeted as a key contributor to these greenhouse gas emission levels. Do we eliminate cows completely? Or are there other solutions? This article dives into those issues.

Plan for Profitability with PlanProphet

This Product Spotlight looks at PlanProphet, a specialized, complementary solution to your print MIS that acts as your business virtual assistant. Powered by the industry-leading Salesforce CRM, PlanProphet is a cloud-based subscription software that analyzes customer data and behaviors to identify trends and automate touchpoints.

A moment of levity. View Today's Dilbert Dilbert Cartoon Strip

Life in print isn’t easy, right? You deserve a laugh. That's why MindFire brings you Dilbert. And why we help Printers & Agencies of all sizes grow sales with 'OptiChannel'. Learn more now.

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Printing Outlook 2021
Printing Outlook 2021 - The WhatTheyThink Overview of the Current State of the Printing Industry

The new Printing Outlook 2021 report provides detailed analysis of the latest WhatTheyThink Business Outlook Survey, the latest industry economic data and macroeconomic trends, as well as industry and cultural technological trends to look out for in 2021.

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Stationery Product Manufacturing Employment—2010–2019
Stationery Product Manufacturing Employment—2010–2019

According to County Business Patterns, in 2010, there were 24,349 employees in NAICS 32223 (Stationery Product Manufacturing establishments). This NAICS category declined slowly over the rest of the decade, ending with 15,678 employees in 2019. Also: following up a BoSacks tweet about newspaper circulation. Full Analysis

September Shipments: We Got Good News and We Got Bad News
September Shipments: We Got Good News and We Got Bad News

September 2021 printing shipments came in at $6.93 billion, up from August’s $6.87 billion. It’s not a massive increase, but we’ll take it. Year to date, January-to-September shipments are $60.48 billion, a bit off 2020’s January-to-September number of $60.97. Can we close the gap in Q4? Full Analysis

Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Manufacturing Employment—2010–2019
Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Manufacturing Employment—2010–2019

According to County Business Patterns, in 2010, there were 50,879 employees in NAICS 32222 (Paper Bag and Coated and Treated Paper Manufacturing establishments). This NAICS category peaked two years later at 54,175, declined slowly over the rest of the decade before shooting back up to 51,811 employees in 2019. In macro news, Q3 GDP growth is up 2.0%. Full Analysis

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HARVEY LEVENSON on What is the Metaverse, and Why Should Businesses Care?

Response to WhatTheyThink Commentary: What Is the Metaverse, and Why Should Businesses Care? For my entire professional career as a student, practitioner, researcher, and professor, I’ve had a fascination with linguistics, and particularly with l… Full comment Reply

Gordon Pritchard on Frank Goes Back to the Futura

P22 Johnston Underground Regular came out in 1916. Perhaps Futura was a copy/variation of that font? Reply

Gasper Lipari on Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Nathaniel Grant

It'd be nice to know more about the Canadian membership makeup of the NPSOA to determine how much we could leverage relationships here in Canada. Reply

James Kohler on Frank’s Tale of How the Pilgrims Pressed On

The research I have done indicates Gutenberg, to build his press, modified a wine press. Another interesting piece of history - some think the Pilgrams were really headed more south but diverted to Plymouth as they ran out of beer!! Reply


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