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Elizabeth is the Editor and Co-founder of Inkjet Insight. She has a rare ability to see print related issues from many perspectives. She has managed creative teams on complex design projects, selected outsourcers for major brands and helped print organizations to retool operations, focus their market positioning and educate sales teams to accelerate growth. She works with a team of top analysts to translate experiences into tools, data and content to help print organizations evaluate the potential of inkjet, optimize their operations and grow pages profitably. She is a founding member of the Inkjet Summit advisory board, the co-author of an award-winning book on designing for inkjet and a curious consultant constantly seeking innovative ways to drive new pages onto inkjet presses.

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3 Inkjet Strategies for Offset Printers

Published November 9, 2023

For offset printing companies thinking about whether an inkjet investment makes sense for them it often comes down to a discussion of whether inkjet technology could supplement, complement, or replace existing offset equipment. In this article sponsored by Kodak, Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding looks at those perspectives as distinct inkjet strategies.

Meeting the Graphic Arts Printing Needs of Smaller Enterprises

Published November 7, 2023

Kyocera has announced a B3 sheetfed press to serve printing companies in the graphic arts segment. Kyocera anticipates that the TASKAlfa Pro will  be available at the lowest acquisition price in the market for direct to offset coated paper inkjet capability. In this article sponsored by Kyocera, Elizabeth Gooding explains how the press will complement, rather than replace, the successful TASKAlfa Pro 15000c press.

Italian Printer PrintSprint Rises to Technological and Economic Challenges

Published October 10, 2023

Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding profiles Naples, Italy’s PrintSprint, a printing company that has been adapting to changes since its inception 30 years ago, including adopting production inkjet and installing solar panels across the surface of their building.

Digital vs. Offset: Debunking Definitive Crossover Claims

Published August 1, 2023

What is the digital and offset economic crossover point? It’s not a straightforward question. Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding provides highlights of a recent expert panel discussion that discussed the various criteria that contribute to determining the “sweet spot” for the crossover of offset to inkjet.

Jim Continenza’s Recipe for Success

Published April 24, 2023

In this article, sponsored by Kodak, Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding talks with Jim Continenza, the Executive Chairman and CEO of Kodak, about his decade with Kodak, his love of cooking, and how his approach to cooking and corporate management intersect.

Printware Personalizes Envelopes at PRINTING United

Published October 18, 2022

Elizabeth Gooding talks to Tim Murphy, President of Printware, about the envelope market and the iJet Color series of inkjet envelope personalization printers. Tim also discusses Printware's successful development relationship with HP SPTS and how that helps them buffer potential supply chain issues for themselves and their customers.

Sheri Jammallo on “The Designer's Guide to a New Generation of Inkjet”

Published September 16, 2022

Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding talks with Canon Solutions America’s Sheri Jammallo about the release of “The Designer's Guide to a New Generation of Inkjet.” This update of Canon’s classic design guide provides guidance on the creative potential for design projects produced on inkjet, or inkjet in combination with other print processes.

Conquering the New Frontier in Production Inkjet

Published June 27, 2022

The new frontier for production inkjet is high-quality, high-coverage, graphic arts applications. The challenge in this market is to precisely place high amounts of liquid ink onto porous, and non-porous, materials and dry them at high speed without damage. The very small number of presses serving this market is a testament to the difficulty of meeting this challenge. Today, we have a new entrant with a unique approach to delivering quality while driving up the economic equivalent order quantity between inkjet and offset.

Technology Outlook 2022—Digital & Inkjet: Overcoming Challenges Through Efficiency

Published June 13, 2022

In this year’s third annual Technology Outlook, Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding looks at the latest digital printing and production inkjet technology trends and new product introductions.

Product Spotlight on FUJIFILM Samba JPC®

Published July 20, 2021

Most people familiar with production inkjet printing are aware of the FUJIFILM Jet Press® 750s (marketed as JPRESS in the U.S.) and the FUJIFILM DIMATIX Samba printhead used in that press. This article by Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding discusses the capability of Fujifilm’s Samba JPC technology to meet the evolving needs of system integrators and OEM customers.

Inviting Innovation: International Inkjet Experts Came Together June 14–18th, 2021, to Discuss Innovation

Published June 21, 2021

Last week, Inkjet Insight hosted Inkjet Innovation Week, a five-webinar series that looked at new developments and trends in five areas of digital inkjet printing. In developing these sessions, which are available for download, Inkjet Insight focused on true innovators and their innovations, and drew on an international group of experts to determine makes something innovative rather than just new.

Is There a First-Mover Advantage for Inkjet? Five Inkjet Early Adopters Share Their Experiences

Published February 9, 2021

Why would a printing business want to be an early adopter and take a risk on unproven technology? Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding spoke with five technology leaders using inkjet in quality-sensitive operations about their experiences as pre-release adopters of production inkjet presses.

Inkjet, TikTok, and Happy New Year: The Year in Review

Published December 7, 2020

Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding  rounds up the production inkjet press launches serving the document and publishing market in 2020, when they were announced, when they will be commercially available, and the related development trends.

Lane Changers and Game Changers: Competitive Diversification with Inkjet

Published November 3, 2020

Inkjet is not only entering new markets, it’s changing the way we think about and operate in those markets. As more printing companies adopt inkjet, we are seeing more “lane changers”: printing companies, like transaction printers and direct mailers, stepping outside their traditional segments and taking on new applications. Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding takes a close look at how lane changing is becoming game changing.

Inkjet Outlook: Interesting Times Ahead

Published July 6, 2020

Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding looks at the top trends in production inkjet technology, and highlights recent product introductions from HP and Canon.

Miyakoshi Flexes its Packaging Muscles with New Inkjet Press

Published June 25, 2020

Last week, Miyakoshi Printing Machinery launched the MJP30AXF web-fed digital inkjet press, focused on the short-run, flexible packaging market. The company is positioning the MJP30AXF for success in the fast-growing flexible food and beverage segment by using water-based, pigment inks that the company says are safe for food packaging. Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding takes a look at the MJP30AXF.

WhatTheyThink Technology Outlook Week Q&A—Production Inkjet

Published May 20, 2020

We had a lively Q&A session during the Production Inkjet webinar, and ran out of time to address everyone’s questions. Below are answers to the questions we could not get to during the session itself.

Inkjet Disrupters: Five Ways Transaction Printers Can Survive New Competitors

Published May 5, 2020

Lower barriers to entry and entry-level inkjet presses have created opportunities for new competitors for transaction printers. Inkjet Insight’s Elizabeth Gooding offers strategies for how transactional printers can competition-proof themselves.

Community Building in the COVID Economy

Published March 27, 2020

MindFire established the COVID-19 Print Group on LinkedIn to provide a forum for printers to help each other share volumes, information, and advice as more states issue Stay at Home policies and organizations are forced to close, leaving clients without service. In three days, membership has grown from zero to nearly 800 members.

Industrial Inkjet Gets RIPPED

Published February 18, 2020

In an industrial inkjet environment, a lot of pieces go into creating a specialized solution, but it’s the raster image processor (RIP) that does the heavy lifting. Elizabeth Gooding takes a detailed look at all the criteria to keep in mind when selecting RIP software for an industrial printing workflow.

Drive Your Business at the Mailbox: Learn How to Design Better Direct Mail

Published December 17, 2019

Everyone loses when poorly designed pieces make it into the mail, so making direct mail better should be a priority for every print organization that even remotely touches the direct marketing segment. In this article, Elizabeth Gooding offers some best design practices for effective direct mail.

Xerox Baltoro Inkjet Platform Overview

Published June 28, 2019

Xerox has announced the availability of the Baltoro High Fusion Inkjet Press. Xerox has positioned the Baltoro as a “platform” in the model of the Trivor, iGen and DocuTech series of devices.

Five Things to Do (Better) When Buying Inkjet

Published October 1, 2018

It’s not that an inkjet buyer shouldn’t do these things; it’s that they should do them better. Here are five things to do better so that you know that you made a truly strategic, long-term decision.

King Printing's Approach to Book Manufacturing with Production Inkjet

Published April 18, 2018

Elizabeth Gooding talks with Martin Aalsma, VP at King Printing. King Printing was an early adopter of production inkjet for book manufacturing. Aalsma talks about building efficiency in book manufacturing with smart workflow driving production inkjet.

Materials Matter at Graph Expo and Beyond

Published October 3, 2016

At Graph Expo 2016 paper suppliers were clustered in the Materials Matter section of the show floor, described as the “hub that celebrates the essential role materials play in the print ecosystem.”

The Inkjet Paper Chase

Published January 28, 2014

Paper has always been critical to the printing process. After all, paper is both the raw material and the end product. Nowhere is that more apparent than when transitioning to production inkjet printing. Paper selection will have a tremendous impact on the production quality and profitability of your inkjet solution.

Speaking of the Moral Compass

Published May 17, 2011

Sappi Eats their Own Cooking

Published May 5, 2011