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Bob Sacks

Recent Commentary & Analysis from Bob Sacks

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BoSacks Speaks Out: Bo-Predictions - All The News That’s Fit To Mint

Published March 17, 2011


Give me Liberty or Give Me Twitter

Published March 3, 2011


BoSacks Speaks Out: Publisher Objections to Apple Subscriptions

Published February 24, 2011

This Apple thing is a mess that never needed to happen. Why, oh why, can't publishers play in the same sand box without kicking, screaming and playing king of the pitiful sand castle? Other industries manage to play together, but the intelligentsia, oh no, not us.


BoSacks Speak Out: technologic and social revolution

Published February 2, 2011


BoSacks Speaks Out: Esquire Cover Lets Readers Interact with Brooklyn Decker

Published January 21, 2011


BoSacks Speaks Out: The Color OK from Hell

Published December 17, 2010


The Magazine Experience of Flipboard

Published December 6, 2010


BoSacks Speaks Out: Where Relationships And Creativity Matter

Published October 21, 2010

This article at MediaPost is about a digital perspective written with a digital focus. Nonetheless it is a must read. Not only is it a decent article, I also found it a little scary. Why, you may ask? It is the language that the author is using to describe the digital advertising space experience. The concepts and the expressions are straight from the magazine playbook.


BoSacks Speaks Out: A Simple Idea… Directions

Published October 12, 2010

I was having lunch at the MPA-AMC conference last week with a very major publisher who is deeply involved with the creation of digital magazines. His titles have had great notoriety and a fair amount of success. To make a point in this conversation I devised an analogy that a few days later still makes a great sense to me.


BoSacks Speaks Out: Fear Losing Control to Apple

Published September 8, 2010


BoSacks Speaks Out: The Oxford English Dictionary's Printed Edition: Are Its Days Really Numbered?

Published August 30, 2010


BoSacks: Jousting at Paper Windmills

Published August 24, 2010


BoSacks Speaks Out: Declining Ad Pages

Published July 19, 2010

There was a fascinating article written by Lucia Moses a few days ago, titled Hearst Launches Pro-Magazine Readership Campaign, and it is filled with important informational magazine tidbits.


The new simple, easy, fool-proof method for any Magazine’s Success

Published July 7, 2010

For some reason, the latest mantra in the print world is that we have been saved and proven to be forceful and relevant by the success of one title.


So, What is a Magazine, Really?

Published June 15, 2010


Paranoia in Publishing

Published April 19, 2010

I want to shine the light on an issue that I think warrants discussion by our industry. For lack of a better term, I have been calling it PIP-that is, paranoia in publishing. Here is the core of the issue: We believe that publishing will survive and be quite lucrative for many of the industry's smartest folks, but we can't quite figure out whether we will be part of that group-or part of that survival. And that is the terrible sadness of it.


Print is not Dead, but Most of the Magazine Industry will be Digital in 2020

Published April 16, 2010

There is a new research report released by the analysts at mediaIDEAS that answers the ever-asked question, is print dead? The answer of course is, no, we are neither dead nor dying, but the analysis also suggests a near moment in time when digital revenues will surpass print revenues for publishers. So, it isn’t about death, but rather about the realignment of our resources and expectations.


BoSacks Speaks Out: iPad Not Effective for Work, Fine for Play

Published April 7, 2010


BoSacks Speaks Out: The Rules Have Changed

Published March 31, 2010


BoSacks Speaks Out: On Time Inc's Message of Sobriety

Published March 29, 2010

There is so much hype going on now about publishing and the iPad that I am just sick of it. The disease is self-inflicted hype-itis. It is apparently very catching, so be warned. The iPad will not all by itself save the publishing industry.


On the Power of Print Campaign

Published March 3, 2010

Five leading magazine publishers have pitched in on a multimillion-dollar ad campaign touting the "power of print." BoSacks Speaks Out: On the Power of Print Campaign.


Print Media and iPad's Profit Potential

Published February 3, 2010


iPad Stirs Up Change, but Who Will Benefit?

Published January 28, 2010


BoSacks Speaks Out: Magazine Production's New World Order

Published January 21, 2010


Google Offers Digitized Magazines

Published November 10, 2009


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