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Richard Romano is Managing Editor of WhatTheyThink.  He curates the Wide Format section on WhatTheyThink.com. He has been writing about the graphic communications industry for more than 25 years. He is the author or coauthor of more than half a dozen books on printing technology and business. His most recent book is “Beyond Paper: An Interactive Guide to Wide-Format and Specialty Printing.

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Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #40

Published February 4, 2013

CPI Releases "Paper Myths" Booklet

Published January 31, 2013

The First E-Reader?

Published January 31, 2013

Fujifilm's Jeffery Nelson on New Equipment Solutions in Wide Format

Published January 31, 2013

Jeffery Nelson, Business Development Manager with Fujifilm, talks to Richard Romano about new equipment offerings in the wide format space.

Moving Pictures: Vehicle Wraps Take the Wide-Format Show On the Road

Published January 30, 2013

A walk down the street, a drive on the highway, or a trip on mass transit today provides ample opportunities to experience one of the hottest specialty graphics growth areas: vehicle graphics. From personal vehicles with custom graphics, to commercial vans and tractor-trailers, to buses, rail cars, and even planes, fleets of all kinds are becoming more picture-esque than ever.

Pat Walker of 4walls about wide format digital wall coverings

Published January 29, 2013

Pat Walker, President of 4walls, talks to Richard Romano about how they came to create a company dedicated to digital printing and wide format printed wall coverings.

Electronics and Environment Roundup

Published January 28, 2013

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #39

Published January 28, 2013

Hello: Goodbye?

Published January 23, 2013

AF&PA Paper Recycling Contest

Published January 21, 2013

January Hymn: Looking Backward and Forward

Published January 17, 2013

Richard looks at the printing shipment trends that happened over the previous year, and provides a bit of analysis.

What Should We Be Worried About?

Published January 16, 2013

Hashtag Takeover

Published January 14, 2013

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #37

Published January 14, 2013

The Lead-Crime Connection

Published January 11, 2013

Going Green Will *Not* Go Paperless in 2013

Published January 11, 2013

Cross Words

Published January 11, 2013

Durst VP Chris Howard talks products and applications

Published January 11, 2013

Chris Howard, VP at Durst, talks to Richard Romano about products being shown at shows and discusses top applications as well as awards won.

Starbucks’ Latest Reusable Cup Gambit

Published January 10, 2013

Twin Threats to Wisc.’s Paper Industry

Published January 9, 2013

NJ to Charge for Shopping Bags

Published January 9, 2013

Is Print the True Green Tech?

Published January 9, 2013

Canadian Dollars: Vending, Vidi, Vici

Published January 8, 2013

They Send Letters

Published January 8, 2013

IL Book Printer Sued for Air Pollution

Published January 7, 2013

Apparent Resolution

Published January 7, 2013

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #36

Published January 7, 2013

Out On the Holiday

Published December 14, 2012

One Man’s Meat is Another Man’s Poisson

Published December 14, 2012

Ricoh's Graham Moore on Sustainable Initiatives

Published December 14, 2012

Graham Moore, Director of Business Development for Ricoh Europe, talks to Richard Romano about Ricoh being named one of 100 global sustainable companies, their sustainable initiatives, and their embrace of the three Rs.

Context Lenses

Published December 13, 2012

Telephone Lines

Published December 12, 2012

Cory Sawatski of CGX on workflow automation with Enfocus Switch

Published December 12, 2012

Cory Sawatski, Director of Print Technology for Consolidated Graphics, talks to Richard Romano about using Enfocus Switch to automate repetitive workflow tasks.

US GPO Achieves SGP Certification

Published December 11, 2012

Kevin Horey of Xerox on new technologies

Published December 11, 2012

Kevin Horey, Xerox VP of Production Products, talks to Richard Romano about new technologies recently introduced by Xerox, including the Nuvera line as well as workflow solutions.

Erasable Toner

Published December 10, 2012

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #35

Published December 10, 2012

Community Sustainability

Published December 6, 2012

"A Keyboard, How Quaint"

Published December 6, 2012

Workflow Automation and the Advantages of Enfocus Switch

Published December 5, 2012

Richard Romano talks to Andrea Mahoney, President of Tribay Enterprise and Ted Vahey, Owner of All Systems Integration, about workflow automation and the benefits of Enfocus Switch.

Applications that Stick: Magnetic Media

Published December 5, 2012

New developments, and at least one new system, are opening up magnetic media to entire new applications for small- and wide-format printers and installers. Vehicle graphics is one burgeoning field, as is magnetic signage, and even entire wall coverings.

3D Printing, Part the Second

Published December 4, 2012

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #34

Published December 3, 2012

Meet the Beetles

Published November 30, 2012

Marco Boer on where the wide format market is going

Published November 30, 2012

Marco Boer, VP at IT Strategies, talks to Richard Romano about where he sees the wide format market going and discusses innovations happening and the implications for printers in the future.

Carbon Auction Action

Published November 29, 2012

Forests In Danger

Published November 28, 2012

Share Wear

Published November 27, 2012

Student Packaging Design Competition Now Open

Published November 27, 2012

Paper Drives

Published November 26, 2012

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #33

Published November 26, 2012

Hungry Like the Wolf

Published November 23, 2012

Thought for Food

Published November 22, 2012

Looking at Clouds from Both Sides

Published November 21, 2012

The Twinkie Defense

Published November 20, 2012

Pulp Friction

Published November 19, 2012

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #32

Published November 19, 2012


Published November 16, 2012

Polar Expresses

Published November 15, 2012

Green Design: The Missing Link?

Published November 14, 2012

Eli Cloots of Enfocus on automating workflows

Published November 14, 2012

Eli Cloots, Director of Product Management at Enfocus, talks to Richard Romano about "islands of automation" in print workflows and how Switch is able to tie them all together.

Walgreens Debuts New "Green" Product Line

Published November 13, 2012

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #31

Published November 12, 2012

Look Into the Light: Miracle Cures On The Horizon

Published November 9, 2012

Richard Romano talks about UV printing from a technology standpoint, identifies where LED technology fits into the overall scheme of things, and looks to see what the future may hold for it.

Bruce Bayne of SpotOn! on their product and calibrating printing processes

Published November 9, 2012

Bruce Bayne, President of SpotOn! talks with Richard Romano about how the company was founded and goes into detail about the software product and how it helps to calibrate and monitor printing processes.

Green People

Published November 8, 2012

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Published November 7, 2012

SGIA Recap: EFI Leverages New Technologies to Boost Productivity, Image Quality

Published November 7, 2012

Although predominantly known as a workflow company-"Fiery" is essentially synonymous with RIPing-EFI was demonstrating at SGIA a couple of weeks ago its prowess in developing wide-format hardware, with models on display that showcased two of the company's new technological developments.

Falling Back

Published November 6, 2012

Yet Another Post About Sandy

Published November 5, 2012

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #30

Published November 5, 2012

Statue of Limitations

Published November 2, 2012

Triceratops, You'll Like It!

Published November 2, 2012

Printing’s Next Dimension

Published November 1, 2012

3M: Sustainability That Sticks?

Published October 31, 2012

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #29

Published October 29, 2012

No Whey!

Published October 26, 2012

That Was the Expo That Was: SGIA Recap

Published October 26, 2012

Richard Romano gives a walk through of SGIA Expo-held October 18-20 in Las Vegas- where every conceivable surface and object was printed on for his enjoyment.

Recycle Your Old iPhone

Published October 25, 2012

They Get Letters

Published October 24, 2012

Yes Print Day!

Published October 23, 2012

Newsweek Announces Green Rankings

Published October 22, 2012

Going Green Two Sides Fast Fact #28

Published October 22, 2012

Last of the Steam-Powered Trains

Published October 18, 2012

Viva Las Vegas: Getting the Most Out of the SGIA Expo

Published October 18, 2012

This week, today, to be precise, the annual SGIA Expo kicks off at the Las Vegas Convention Center and runs October 18–20. There is a tendency in pre- and post-trade show coverage to recite a litany of vendors, products, and specifications, but one of the important things to understand about the wide-format market is that it is all about applications.

Mickey Goes Green!

Published October 17, 2012

EPEAT Performance

Published October 16, 2012

Return Receipt

Published October 15, 2012

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