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Heidi Tolliver-Walker is former print industry magazine editor and long-time industry analyst, content developer, author, and blogger. She has written for the industry’s top publications, research companies, and private companies for the past three decades — so long that she still has an AOL address, which she signed up for back when AOL was still cool. You can reach her at [email protected].

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Goodbye Brochures, Hello Yard Signs and Signage

Published September 27, 2023

Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at how diversification can help print businesses retain customers.

Is Video Production Expertise Passe? AI-Generated Video Is Here

Published September 20, 2023

We all know the power of video in marketing. But who has the time and money to invest in video production? The good news is, maybe you don’t have to. If AI can write your emails, finish your texts, and write your web copy, maybe it can create your videos, too. Heidi Tolliver-Walker experiments with AI-generated video.

Finding Great Employees in Unexpected Places

Published September 13, 2023

Like every other member of the printing industry, Quantum Group (Chicago, IL) is looking for the secret to finding great employees. Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at Quantum’s employee-finding initiatives.

Easy AR Comes to Gaming

Published September 6, 2023

Have customers looking to increase engagement time with customers and prospects? Try an AR game. Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at RealityBLU, whose WorldViewAR platform “democratizes” AR by creating AR experiences from videos in a matter of minutes.

Real-Life Business Uses for AI—Right Now

Published August 31, 2023

AI holds the keys to an entirely new way of doing business. Not just keys, but perhaps a sledgehammer. Heidi Tolliver-Walker recaps a recent DirectMail2.0 webinar that addressed a topic is on the minds of most business owners these days. “How is AI going to impact my business? Should I be using it right now? If so, how?”

Hot Off the Press: 2023 B2B Buyer’s Survey

Published August 23, 2023

The old saying, “Content is king” has never been more true, especially in the B2B world. Heidi Tolliver-Walker takes a look at DemandGen’s 2023 B2B Buyer’s Journey survey.

Mariano Rivera Foundation’s Print Design & Packaging Development Program Adds New Custom Training Program for Commercial Printers

Published August 16, 2023

The Mariano Rivera Foundation and its Print Design & Packaging Development (PDPD) program started primarily to train service technicians in the vendor space but has since evolved into a custom training program for printers. Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at what the program has accomplished in the past year.

Run the World: Gender Diversity Is Good for the Bottom Line

Published August 9, 2023

There is a growing body of research suggesting that companies with a higher percentage of women on their leadership teams tend to perform better financially than those with fewer women in leadership positions. This phenomenon is not simply a matter of fairness or equity. It appears to be directly linked to improved business outcomes.

In Search of Label Revenue? Venture to “The Other Side of the Tracks”

Published August 3, 2023

Looking to get into label production? Be aware of the distinction between commercial and industrial labels. Heidi Tolliver-Walker explains the distinction—and how the latter could be the far more profitable market.

Beach to Bay Heritage Area Holotwins Are Live

Published July 26, 2023

Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at how the Beach to Bay Heritage Area used augmented reality holotwins to engage visitors and enhance their experiences in key areas of interest.

ESG Practices: More Than Just Another Acronym?

Published July 19, 2023

Contributor Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices—a set of criteria that measure a company’s performance and impact on critical environmental, social, and ethical issues—and how they apply to print businesses.

Want to Improve Productivity? Increase Employee Engagement

Published July 12, 2023

According to Gallup, 59% of employees are “quiet quitting” and 18% are “loud quitting,” or fully disengaged. The result? Low productivity, poor performance, and high risk of turnover. Fortunately, there are some simple things employers can do to re-engage employees and turn things around.

At Wise, Lean Is Not Just “A” Strategy for the Business; It’s “The” Strategy

Published June 28, 2023

Want more productivity, higher levels of efficiency, and greater profitability? Automation is one way to get there, but lean is, too. In this Q&A, Bill Prettyman, CEO of Wise, discusses why lean is no longer a strategy for the business. It’s become the strategy for the business.

The Darker Side of AI: It’s Up to Us to Avoid It

Published June 21, 2023

For our industry, AI offers up a powerful tool for things like workflow connectivity, analytics, and shop floor data analysis, as well as development of marketing content. But there are legitimate fears around AI, as well. When it comes to addressing those fears, it remains an individual effort.

Print Volume Trends in Sheetfed and Continuous Feed Inkjet

Published June 14, 2023

Three weeks ago, as part of WhatTheyThink’s fourth annual Technology Outlook Week, our five-day series of webinars that look at the latest trends and technologies in a broad cross-section of the industry, Ralf Schlözer took a look at digital printing. In part two of her coverage of this session, Heidi Tolliver-Walker sums up the discussion of print volumes.

Tech Outlook: Finishing Roundup

Published June 12, 2023

Last month, as part of WhatTheyThink’s fourth annual Technology Outlook Week, our five-day series of webinars that look at the latest trends and technologies in a broad cross-section of the industry, Trish Witkowski and Kevin Abergel looked at the latest products, technologies, and trends in binding and finishing. In this article, Heidi Tolliver-Walker recaps the webinar.

You’ve Got Mail: Mailing Technology Continues to Revolutionize Direct-Mail Marketing

Published June 7, 2023

Today’s mail technology enables campaigns that are truly cutting edge, and that edge is getting sharper.  We’ve barely scratched the surface of what can be done with personalized, customized messaging printed on the outside of the envelopes. Heidi-Tolliver Walker takes a look at the current state of the art.

Tech Outlook: Packaging

Published June 7, 2023

Two weeks ago, as part of WhatTheyThink’s fourth annual Technology Outlook Week, our five-day series of webinars that look at the latest trends and technologies in a broad cross-section of the industry, David Zwang took a look at labels and packaging. In this article, Heidi Tolliver-Walker recaps the webinar.

Tech Outlook: A Framework for Automation

Published June 6, 2023

Two weeks ago, as part of WhatTheyThink’s fourth annual Technology Outlook Week, our five-day series of webinars that look at the latest trends and technologies in a broad cross-section of the industry, Pat McGrew and Ryan McAbee took a look at software and workflow—specifically addressing automation. In this article, Heidi Tolliver-Walker recaps the webinar.

Talkin’ ’Bout My Generation

Published June 5, 2023

The USPS conducted the “Generational Research Report,” which shows who’s reading what and what elements of direct mail are most important to which generations. Think of it as that generation’s direct mail fingerprint. Heidi Tolliver-Walker offers some highlights.

Technology Outlook: Digital Printing

Published June 5, 2023

Two weeks ago, as part of WhatTheyThink’s fourth annual Technology Outlook Week, our five-day series of webinars that look at the latest trends and technologies in a broad cross-section of the industry, Ralf Schlözer took a look at digital printing. In this article, Heidi Tolliver-Walker recaps the webinar.

“Soon to Be Unveiled” Functionality Will Let Printers Integrate Directly with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Other Marketing Automation Platforms

Published May 31, 2023

One of the missing pieces in print marketing automation has been the ability for printers to integrate with their customers through platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zapier. Heidi Tolliver-Walker teases a forthcoming solution that will allow printers and clients to work together directly.

Focus on AI: Creating Sales and Marketing Copy for Email Marketing

Published May 24, 2023

Heidi Tolliver-Walker talks with Josh Bluman, co-founder of Hoppy Copy, an AI copywriting platform that focuses on creating sales and marketing copy for email, social media, and newsletters.

Seven Trends in the “Future of Work” and What They Might Mean for the Printing Industry

Published May 17, 2023

Recently, Fast Company interviewed Karin Kimbrough, LinkedIn’s chief economist, to tap into her insights about the future of work drawn from more than 930 million members and 63 million companies on the LinkedIn platform. Here we look at Fast Company’s seven takeaways from a conversation it co-hosted at the recent RSA Conference and what they might mean for the printing industry.

Influencer Marketing Isn’t Just for Social Media Anymore

Published May 10, 2023

Discussion of influencer marketing is everywhere, and when you look at the numbers, it’s easy to see why. But is it relevant to the printing industry? The answer is yes. While we associate influencer marketing primarily with social media, there is an important role for print to play, as well.

Highlights from the 2023 Ad Impressions Study

Published May 3, 2023

It’s that time of year again—time to pick some highlights from the Advertising Specialties Institute’s “Ad Impression Study” and overall takeaways for the industry.

Do You Need a Change in Leadership to Drive Innovation?

Published April 26, 2023

What is it about the younger generation of print industry leaders that drives innovation? Both a native understanding and comfort level with cutting-edge technologies and not having grown up being told they “can’t.”

How Customer Journeys Are Changing…And Print’s Role in It

Published April 19, 2023

As technology and social trends change, so does the customer journey. So where are we today? How does it impact the marketing mix? To get some insights, we can look to the Reimagining Retail podcast “What Today’s Customer Journey Looks Like,” which took a look at the topic. Aligned with the USPS’s most recent “Generational Report,” we can gain some particularly interesting insights.

Stepping up Sales: How Floor Graphics are Transforming Retail Spaces

Published April 12, 2023

While much of the fanfare in wide-format graphics goes to signs, banners and floor displays, floor graphics have a powerful track record of sales lifts, too. Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at some case studies on the effectiveness of floor graphic advertising.

Study: European Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Personalization

Published March 29, 2023

Moengage’s “Personalization Pulse Check” (2023) gives us insight into what European consumers think about personalized communications—what they prefer, what they are comfortable with, and what differentiates one brand from another. Stay tuned for pulse checks from other regions, including North America.

Beach to Bay Heritage Area Uses Augmented Reality to Tell Its Stories

Published March 22, 2023

The Beach to Bay Heritage Area is one of Maryland’s 13 designated historic areas, and has started using AR holotwins to tell the stories of the historic areas promoted and protected by BBHA and to more deeply engage with those who come to visit them.

Do Forest-Growth Numbers Tell the Whole Story?

Published March 15, 2023

If the number of trees in the United States is growing, where is this idea coming from that there are not enough trees? Is it possible that certain reforestation data don’t tell the whole story?

ChatGPT Tackles Floor Graphic Research and Case Studies

Published March 8, 2023

Continuing WhatTheyThink’s investigation into AI writing assistants, we took another look at ChatGPT’s ability to research industry-relevant topics. This week, we tested its ability to retrieve highly specific information such as research and case studies.

ChatGPT Talks Paper Alternatives

Published March 1, 2023

ChatGPT seems to be everywhere these days, and much of the discussion revolves around whether it will replace human writers. Much less discussed is its value for research and idea generation. So WhatTheyThink applied ChatGPT’s capabilities to the paper shortage.

Survey Results: What Happens When Traditional Paper Stock Is Not Available?

Published February 22, 2023

This prolonged period of paper shortage has required patience, persistence, and creativity from both printers and their customers. How is the industry responding? This article looks at the results of WhatTheyThink's survey on what happens when traditional paper stocks are not available.

Commercial Paper Remains Tight, But Things Are Improving for Labels

Published February 15, 2023

While paper shortages and associated inflation will continue into 2023, there is good news coming from the label world. While domestic energy, packaging, and freight are not declining, suppliers are starting to see them stabilize and the supply chain ease as a result.

Small Business’ Growing Investment in DIY Marketing Software Creates Opportunities for Savvy Printers

Published February 7, 2023

Increasing numbers of small and mid-sized businesses are investing in DIY marketing automation. Platforms such as MailChimp, Pardot, and HubSpot lower the barrier to entry, but without the marketing and database expertise to put them to use, those tools are little more than window dressing. Heidi Tolliver-Walker explains how understanding where and how to plug in can be of significant value to those customers.

What Are You Telling Your Customers About the Paper Shortage?

Published February 1, 2023

The height of the pandemic is behind us. The supply chain is moving again. Why are paper prices still so high and paper still in short supply? How do you explain it to your customers?

Where Are Marketing Budgets Increasing and Decreasing in 2023?

Published January 25, 2023

Where are marketers’ budgets increasing and decreasing in 2023? Two studies, R. R. Donnelley’s “Optichannel Opportunity Report” and Neil Patel’s “How Marketers Are Spending Their Money” paint a consistent picture. The money is going where the proof of ROI is.

Using Eye Tracking to Determine Shopper Interest

Published January 18, 2023

Have you ever wondered how the big CPGs determine which packaging designs work and which don’t? For many, it’s as much science as it is creative. To get insight into just how much science can go into it, take a peek at Quad Graphics’ Package Insight division.

Case Study: Using Google Analytics to Dig Below the Surface

Published January 11, 2023

For their New Year’s marketing resolutions, many companies are committing to making better use of Google Analytics to track their traffic and evaluate their marketing efforts. Google Analytics can be a powerful tool, but if you don’t dig deep, it can be misleading, too.

Seven Marketing Shifts for 2023

Published January 4, 2023

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Report 2023 takes a look at the changes expected for marketers in the coming year. Specifically, there are seven fundamental shifts HubSpot sees occurring among marketers (and impacting everyone else) in 2023. What are they?

Dive Right In: Interactive Print Is Mainstream

Published December 15, 2022

If there is a story in interactive print these days, it’s accessibility, both for service providers and for their customers.  The range of applications is staggering, from 3D product visualizations and virtual try-ons to AR filters, virtual brand ambassadors and 360 tours. Heidi Tolliver-Walker walks through the various platforms and applications.

Uncovering the Consumer Mindset for 2023

Published December 14, 2022

What will consumers be thinking in 2023? How will they behave and what will drive their decisions? Answering these questions was the goal of GWI, an audience targeting company, in its U.S. “Connecting the Dots” report.

Missed the Print Production Outlook? Get the Highlights Here

Published December 7, 2022

Every year, What They Think offers insights into the print production outlook for our industry. This year was no exception. Our webinar “The Print Production Outlook: The Digital Transition Continues” looked at production technology shifts and the trends driving them. Sponsored by Canon Solutions America, the webinar was moderated by Richard Romano with presenter WhatTheyThink European Section Editor Ralph Schlözer.

Content Marketing Using AI: Putting Jasper to the Test

Published November 30, 2022

Contributor Heidi Tolliver-Walker takes a deep dive into using an AI writing engine like Jasper to develop content for use by members of the commercial printing industry.

Content Marketing Requires Content—Where Do You Get It?

Published November 16, 2022

In today’s marketing world, content is king, and marketing in the printing industry is no exception. But printers aren’t writers, a challenge compounded by the fact that printing industry content tends to be highly technical. Coming up with content is a skill of its own. Where do you find it?

New Mariano Rivera Foundation Print Training Center Set to Open in Premium Color Graphics’ New Jersey Facility

Published November 14, 2022

The Mariano Rivera Foundation’s Print Design Packaging Development Program has been gaining steam since it launched in early 2021. New trainees are finding jobs, and printers are finding qualified employees. Now, as the program grows, a new training center is set to launch in the Premium Color Graphics’ Carlstadt, NJ facility in January 2023.  

Why Are Brands So Disconnected from Their Customers?  

Published November 2, 2022

Merkle has documented a significant disconnect between how well companies think they are doing with their customer experience capabilities and what customers actually think. Why does this disconnect exist? Merkle’s Q3 2022 Customer Engagement Report seeks to answer this question and provide solutions for how to fix it.

Relatable AR: How to Use Augmented Reality to Tell Better Stories

Published October 31, 2022

What is the value of augmented reality in the world of marketing? For Joe Zeff, president of Joe Zeff Design in Pittsburgh, it’s to help his customers tell better stories. Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at some of Zeff’s recent AR projects.

When “Green” Perception Is Reality, How Do Commercial Printers Fare?

Published October 26, 2022

In the world of sustainability, perception is reality. Sustainability sells, so perception matters. In the printing industry, what creates the perception of being one of the most eco-friendly printers? What can we learn through the lens of Google rankings?

How Do Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Sustainability Really Impact Retail?

Published October 19, 2022

Everywhere you look, brands are promoting their sustainability to woo a public that increasingly cares about the topic. But caring about something and allowing it to influence their shopping decisions are two different things. How much do these values actually impact how consumers buy?

Thinking of Adding an Office Recycling Program? It’s Not as Easy as You Might Think

Published October 12, 2022

Have you considered implementing a company-wide recycling program? As part of a sustainable industry, it’s important for printers to consider. But doing so will take some research. It might not be as easy as you think.

Interactive Print: What’s Working in the Real World? (2022)—Part 2

Published September 28, 2022

Summary of the second half of WhatTheyThink’s August 24 webinar “Interactive Print: What’s Working in the Real World (2022),” moderated by Heidi Tolliver-Walker and featuring presenters Joanne Gore of Gore Communications and Joe Zeff of Joe Zeff Design. Part 2 of the wrap-up focuses on Zeff’s presentation on his use of augmented reality in his Pittsburgh-based graphic design business.

Interactive Print: What’s Working in the Real World? —Part 1

Published September 21, 2022

Summary of the first half of WTT’s August 24 webinar “Interactive Print: What’s Working in the Real World (2022),” moderated by Heidi Tolliver-Walker and featuring presenters Joanne Gore of Gore Communications and Joe Zeff of Joe Zeff Design. This article focuses on Gore’s presentation looking at the evolution of QR Codes from misused novelties to truly useful marketing tools and how to use them successfully.

In a Data-Driven World, Do Printed Forms Even Matter? Some Say Yes!

Published September 14, 2022

Even as we cover increasingly sophisticated digitally driven and data-driven applications, it’s important to remember that traditional business still exists. This includes business forms, and while that business is shrinking, it does still offer profitable pockets of business that commercial printers might want to explore.

Sleep Number Sees 44% Incremental Sales Increases with Retargeted Direct Mail

Published September 7, 2022

For Sleep Number, direct mail retargeting is nothing new. A switch to a new partner, however, has turbo-charged its success, and it is now seeing 44% incremental sales rates.

The First Graduates of the Mariano Rivera Foundation Printing Vocational Training Program Are Ready

Published September 6, 2022

The Mariano Rivera Foundation brings mentorship, life skills, STEM education, and vocational training to at-risk youth. Thanks to support from industry vendors such as EFI, KonicaMinolta, Ricoh, Idealliance, Printing United Alliance, and Adobe, it will funnel much needed talent into the printing industry, as well. Heidi Tolliver-Walker provides an update on the first class of graduates.

The Lighthearted Side of QR Codes

Published August 31, 2022

Even as the use of QR codes has become normalized thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we still see some pretty bone-headed implementations. A look at three use cases in light of three important best practices.

Study: Getting Personalization Right

Published August 24, 2022

Movable Ink’s second annual Audience of One consumer survey has many takeaways. It continues to confirm what we’ve known for a long time: Consumers want you to market to an audience of one. But it has some other takeaways about customer loyalty and customer preferences related to product purchases that are just as important.

In the Driver’s Seat: Increasing Print Business with Augmented Reality

Published August 23, 2022

It’s finally happened. Print and marketing firms are incorporating augmented reality (AR) into their marketing tool kits. Not just for fan engagement and brand building, but as a business problem-solving and revenue-driving solution. Far from AR competing with print, it’s driving it. Contributor Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at several case studies that launched AR experiences from print.

It’s Time to Talk About NFTs

Published August 17, 2022

What, exactly, are NFTs? Do they matter to us in the printing industry? This article offers a simplified explanation of NFTs and examples of what they look like in the real world.

AR Has Reached a Tipping Point: Now What?

Published August 10, 2022

Augmented reality has reached a tipping point, and it’s one that is increasingly affordable, accessible, and highly relevant to even the average print shop. AR has become a way to offer solutions and help your clients sell products and engage audiences in real, practical ways.

Planning Video? Think “Postcard,” Not “Speech”

Published August 3, 2022

As video continues to grow as a marketing tool, often eclipsing text and images in terms of its power and effectiveness, there has been a rush to embrace it. But video isn’t like print or other marketing content. It’s its own animal, requiring dedicated focus by printers and their clients looking to capitalize on its power.

Is It Time to Invest in More Reuse + Refill Packaging?

Published July 27, 2022

An increasing number of companies are releasing re-use + refill packaging lines. Is this just for large companies like Proctor + Gamble and Unilever? Or is it time for small and mid-sized companies to take up the mantle, too?

Is Influencer Marketing on Your Radar?

Published July 20, 2022

When was the last time you thought about influencer marketing? It’s a powerful marketing tool, and it’s growing. For PSPs, influencer marketing should be seen as a channel like any other. There are plenty of ways for PSPs to add value to an influencer campaign.

QR Codes as a Problem-Solving Tool

Published July 13, 2022

How do you incorporate QR codes into a successful marketing campaign? You don’t make it about the QR code. You make it about problem-solving. Heidi Tolliver-Walker highlights several great use cases from a MindFire webinar that provide great problem-solving insights—whether you are incorporating QR codes or not.

Seven Steps to Creating an AR Holotwin

Published June 29, 2022

Is it possible to create effective AR scenes without a team of tech-savvy designers? Or spending tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars? Is AR finally ready to be used even by small and mid-sized shops to solve business problems for their customers? Here is a step-by-step look at what it took to create an AR holotwin and a QR code showing the final result. Readers can judge for themselves.

AR Increases Engagement with Salt Lake Community College Recycling Program

Published June 22, 2022

Think augmented reality is just for brand-building and entertainment? Think again. It is now being used to drive real, practical results for businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits. Here is a look at how AR jump-started engagement with one college’s recycling program.

What Do Shoppers Really Think about Personalization?

Published June 15, 2022

What is the state of retail personalization in 2022? A study conducted by Coresight Research on behalf of Sailthru shows significant disconnects between what retailers think is important and what consumers think is important. The survey, “Retail Personalization in 2022,” looks at the difference in perceptions between consumers and retailers on a variety of issues related to retail personalization and data privacy, as well as areas such as loyalty programs and channel usage.

Is It Possible to Have Carbon-Neutral Direct Mail?

Published June 8, 2022

In this follow-up to last week’s article, Steve Falk, president of Prime Data, discusses how his company determined its carbon footprint, how it came to be the first carbon-neutral direct mail house in the world, and invites members of the industry to use its tools to come up with their own carbon footprints to do the same.

Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Canada’s Direct Mail

Published June 1, 2022

Is it possible to know the carbon footprint of direct mail? Canada-based Prime Data decided to find out. It invested in research to determine the footprint of direct mail in its home country as a foundation to understanding the company’s own role in the larger ecosystem and what to do about it.

What Is a “Most Trusted” Brand Anyway?

Published May 25, 2022

Infegy’s Trust Index gives a look into the companies with the highest trust levels based on its analysis of social media conversations. This leads to the question: How, exactly, do we measure trust? Is quantifying it even possible?

Seven Options for Filling Your Employee Pipeline

Published May 18, 2022

The Printing Industries Alliance has released a new report, “Recruitment, Retention, and Pathways to Employment in the Printing Industry” (April 2022), that looks at the realities of the hiring gap in the printing industry and practical solutions for addressing it. Here are seven takeaways from that report.

Study: Key Demographic Is Being Overlooked by Marketers

Published May 11, 2022

Older Americans, representing 100 million consumers and more than half of the nation’s wealth and annual spending, are being overlooked by marketers. Two reports from Alive Ventures, “Growing Older Better: Insights and Opportunities” and “State of the Market 2022,” challenge the stereotypes fueling this oversight and shine a spotlight on the opportunities that you can share with your customers.

What Role Do Demographic Data Play in Targeting Anymore?

Published May 4, 2022

When a 50-something in Colorado making $100,000 per year starts to look more like a 30-something in Connecticut making $50,000 per year, it leads us to wonder: what role does demographic targeting play in today’s world of direct marketing?

The Shroud Of Turin: EFI Reggiani Makes History Printing the Only Authorized Replicas

Published May 3, 2022

When you want to create an authentic replica of one of the most famous and treasured historic artifacts ever discovered, where do you turn? If you are the curators of the Shroud of Turin, you turn to EFI Reggiani. Heidi Tolliver-Walker looks at this unique printing project.

How Enterprise AR Is Driving Marketing AR

Published April 27, 2022

Is augmented reality (AR) ready to explode onto the marketing scene? It’s already deeply embedded in enterprise applications, where it is being used to speed, simplify, and reduce errors in a wide variety of training, service, and maintenance operations. It’s important to be aware of these uses, since the more commonplace a crossover technology becomes in the workplace, the faster it will make its way into the consumer arena, and AR has become SOP for many enterprises.

Are You Meeting Digital Experience Benchmarks?

Published April 20, 2022

With 70–80% of a buyer’s journey already complete before they hit your website, how does your site stack up against others? Contentsquare’s 2022 Digital Experience Benchmark Report provides important benchmarks for buyer experiences. While focused on B2C websites, the lessons translate to all industries, including ours.

Looking for a Sustainable Printer That Walks the Walk

Published April 6, 2022

Ambika Anand Prokop is the author of Greenfeet Guides, a growing series of travel guides for parents who want to help their children more deeply and emotionally engage with cultures and landscapes around the world. She has also been on a sustainability journey that has led her to understand the value of evaluating printers based not just on their website claims, but on in-person conversations.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) to Generate Revenue

Published April 4, 2022

Augmented reality is no longer a niche technology used for entertainment and brand-building. It has evolved into a true revenue-generating tool. For printers looking for opportunities to build new revenue streams, AR has arrived.

Could a “Workation” Policy Help You Retain Employees?

Published March 30, 2022

As the printing industry struggles to maintain a pipeline of new talent, keeping the talent we have becomes all the more important. A new survey on the value of “workations” illustrates one simple way that print providers can retain the talent they have.

The Mariano Rivera Foundation: The Bridge Between Under-Served Students and the Printing Industry Workforce

Published March 24, 2022

In the United States, more than one in five children live in poverty. In the printing industry, finding qualified employees and maintaining the pipeline of new talent into the workforce remains one of the top challenges. A bridge between the two is the Mariano Rivera Foundation. Heidi Tolliver-Walker explains the benefits of this foundation, and what it can mean for finding the next generation of industry employees.

Does Shopping in the Metaverse Affect You?

Published March 23, 2022

Sixty percent of Gen Zers want to shop in the metaverse. What on earth does that mean? How does it apply to printers?

Is Specing Sustainable Substrates Enough?

Published March 16, 2022

As sustainability becomes bigger business, the emergence of recyclable, compostable, and other eco-friendly plastic alternatives for use in packaging, signage, and mailing is growing, too. But making those investments count may take a commitment on the design end, as well.

Looking for Business? Partnering with a Print Distributor Might Be a Good Next Step

Published March 9, 2022

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and move into the endemic phase, many printers are taking stock of their businesses, asking, “What’s next?” For some, working with a print distributor might be a great option.

Eyeing the Packaging Market? Check Out Desert Harvest’s Commitment to Scrapping Single-Use Bottles

Published March 2, 2022

Trends toward sustainability and cause marketing could be a ticket to differentiation in the packaging market. Check out this nutritional supplements and skin care company to see what this looks like.  

What’s It Like to Own a Landa? The View from Early Adopter Virtual Packaging

Published February 23, 2022

Jordan Patterson, vice president of Virtual Packaging (Grapevine, TX), shares his experience working with a Landa S10P Digital (Perfecting) Press—how they’ve used it, what their experiences have been, and what new markets the press has opened to them.

AR in the Field: Using Holotwins to Promote the Utah Black Business Expo

Published February 16, 2022

Augmented reality (AR) has been growing in packaging, nonprofit, and retail, but it’s been used primarily for branding and engagement and much less for direct sales and fundraising. But that is changing. This article looks at one revenue-generating AR application: the use of holotwins to promote the Utah Black Business Expo.

Do the New Features of USPS Informed Delivery Really Make It Better?

Published February 9, 2022

The USPS continues to add expanded features to its Informed Delivery service, but based on the USPS’s own year-over-year customer satisfaction data, are these new features actually creating a better user experience?

It’s Time for the Metaverse (Yes, in the Print Industry)

Published February 2, 2022

What is the metaverse? Why does it matter to our industry now? With real-life applications and accessibility to even small print shops and agencies, the metaverse something that we should all be paying attention to.

EcoPrint’s Content Marketing Is a Model of Authenticity

Published January 26, 2022

Clients are increasingly looking for vendors who “walk the walk” when it comes to sustainability. A look at EcoPrint, a printer committed to environmentally responsible services, as an example of how one shop does this well.  

Do the New Features of USPS Informed Delivery Really Make It Better?

Published January 19, 2022

The USPS continues to add expanded features to its Informed Delivery service, but based on the USPS’s own year-over-year customer satisfaction data, are these new features actually creating a better user experience?

Why Invest in a Landa Digital Press? The View from Hudson Printing

Published January 12, 2022

Paul Hudson, CEO of Hudson Printing (Salt Lake City), shares his rationale for investing in a Landa S10P—why now, why the Landa, and how he expects it to impact his business.

HBR Study Finds 28% Lift in Sales and 600% ROI by Adding Print Catalogs

Published January 5, 2022

In a large-scale field study conducted by Harvard Business Review, a luxury e-commerce retailer found that by adding print catalogs, it increased sales by 28% and inquiries by 77%. It also yielded a direct ROI of 600%.

Landa Digital Press Update: Crossover Points, Installed Base, and the Value of Being Anti-Fragile

Published December 15, 2021

Miss the “Landa Nanographic Printing in the Market” webinar on November 3? Here is a recap of Landa’s portion of the presentation, giving an update on its expansion, its installed base of users, and what it’s learned about the crossover points with offset.

What’s Second-Best to In-Person Conversations? Augmented Reality—and the Data Show It

Published December 8, 2021

You’ve seen the data for the effectiveness of augmented reality (AR) for sales and marketing. This isn’t due to novelty. There is real psychology to why it works.

Millennials Are So Yesterday…Hello, Gen Z!

Published December 1, 2021

If you haven’t noticed, the emphasis on marketing to Millennials is shifting. Today, it’s all about Gen Z. One of the fundamental characteristics of Gen Z, however, is that they distrust the brands trying to market to them. What does that mean for marketers?

What’s New with USPS Informed Delivery?

Published November 10, 2021

A look at the most recent USPS Informed Delivery update, including updated user stats, the latest open and click-through rates, and new features.

Are Workload Challenges Affecting Your Employees?

Published November 3, 2021

Workplace satisfaction matters. Unhappy employees equal higher turnover. Higher turnover equals higher HR costs and, especially in the printing industry, real concern about the ability to fill open positions. A workplace satisfaction survey from Parallax, while focused on the digital services industry, shines a spotlight on issues that many other employers should consider, including those in the printing industry.