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Save Money and Get Results by Managing Your Data

Published May 7, 2019

Christine Erna of Strategic Postal Advisors and Scott Eganhouse of TEC Mailing Solutions discuss the trends in the automation of workflow centered around transactional documentation and managing data from a centralized location.


Mactac Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

Published May 6, 2019

Ross Burnham, Senior Marketing Manager for Mactac, talks about Mactac's 60th anniversary, and how Mactac materials are allowing owners of Canon Solutions America's Océ Colorado 1640 wide-format printer produce a wide variety of applications.


Production Inkjet Print Quality Continues to Improve

Published May 6, 2019

Ralf Schlozer, Director of Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends, discusses the trends he saw at Hunkeler Innovationdays, including print quality improvements in current production inkjet technologies.


Around the Web: From Tablets to Tablets. Quantophrenia. Smart Towels. The Pinkest Pink. Email Snail Mail. Oak Gall Ink.

Published May 3, 2019

A new history of writing exhibition. Towels that tell you when to wash them. Why the Red Cross loves Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.” Send a physical letter...by email. Making ink from oak galls. All that and more in WhatTheyThink’s weekly miscellany.


Print Business Challenges: Some Old Cares, Some New Concerns

Published May 3, 2019

In Winter 2018/2019, we conducted our annual Print Business Outlook Survey and found that the top challenges for print businesses included some new cares and concerns with some of the old challenges falling by the wayside. Could this reflect a “changing of the guard” of print business management?


Kodak Leaps Ahead in the Inkjet Flexible Packaging Market

Published May 2, 2019

Rick Mazur of Kodak's Enterprise Inkjet Division talks with Kelley Holmes about the technological breakthroughs Kodak and Uteco have made in inkjet flexible packaging printing. Although inkjet adoption in flexible packaging has been slow, Kodak sees tremendous interest and potential for growth.


Design Pool Is an Interior Design Resource

Published April 30, 2019

Kristen Dettoni, Founder of Design Pool, talks about the company's online library of designs, and how Design Pool is a kind of Shutterstock for the commercial and residential interior design industry.


ISA and Emerald Expositions Join Forces

Published April 29, 2019

Brandon Hensley, COO of the International Sign Association (ISA), and Joshua Carruth, Trade Show Director for Emerald Expositions, discuss their partnership with ISA and colocation in Orlando next year.


Sign Manufacturers—2010–2016

Published April 26, 2019

In 2016, there were 5,650 Sign Manufacturing establishments (NAICS 33995). The decline and rise of sign manufacturing over the course of the 2010s reflects the impact of the Great Recession, as well as the recovery and the growth of digital printing into traditional signmaking.


Around the Web: Offline Americans. Touring Greece. Loud Restaurants. Topical Typography.

Published April 26, 2019

10% of Americans do not use the Internet. The Comma Queen” tours Greece. The rise of the Post Office—and the decline of dueling. A new app measures the loudness of restaurants. The Presidential candidates’ typography.  A requiem for the old Penn Station. All that and more in WhatTheyThink’s weekly miscellany.


ISA Joins Forces with Impressions Expo

Published April 26, 2019

In 2020, the ISA Sign Expo will colocate with Impressions Expo (formerly the Imprinted Sportswear Show). Lori Anderson, CEO and President of ISA, talks about the advantages of this colocation for both shows.


Customer Education is Integral to Visutech's Success

Published April 25, 2019

Pat McGrew interviews Jan-Olef Jungersten, CEO of Visutech Digital AB, about his print philosophy and the importance of customer education to create profit.


Catherine Monson: Sign Trends From Environmental Graphics To Dynamic Digital Signage.

Published April 25, 2019

FastSigns President Catherine Monson discusses trends in the sign industry from environmental graphics to dynamic digital signage.


Minimize Wasted Workflow Time to Save Money

Published April 24, 2019

David Spencer, President and CEO of SpencerMetrics, analyzes how people, machines, and workflow come together to identify and minimize wasted time to reduce costs.


Inkjet Evolves in Customization

Published April 24, 2019

Scott Leger and Gary Barnes of FUJIFILM discuss the shift from analog to inkjet technology for late-stage customization and the higher speed of variable print.


Metallizing and Other Industrial Printing Technologies

Published April 23, 2019

Rob Malay, Product Development Manager for VDI, was a keynote speaker at InPrint 2019. He talks to Kelley Holmes about metallizing, and VDI's converting of polymer webs, metal foils, and flexible glass substrates for printing industry applications.


February 2019 Printing Shipments: Starting the Year Off on the Right Foot

Published April 19, 2019

Printing shipments for February 2019 came in at $6.08 billion. In keeping with the industry’s seasonality, it’s down from January, but so far 2019 shipments are higher than 2018’s.


Around the Web: Mixed Reality Retailers. Heavy Metal Knitting. Recycled Sneakers. 3D Heart. Lego Printing Press. Changing Music Formats. A Netflix Magazine. Mad Libs Sci-Fi Plot Generator.

Published April 19, 2019

The first Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships. Running shoes that can be recycled. A 3D-printed human heart. Danger! Facebook is launching a voice assistant! Run! Cursive handwriting is coming back. Netflix is producing a magazine. “Balloon-related incidents.” All that and more in WhatTheyThink’s weekly miscellany.


Hunkeler AG Looks Ahead to drupa 2020

Published April 18, 2019

Hans Gut, VP of Marketing for Hunkeler AG, talks about the importance of drupa 2020 as a showcase for the industry, and Hunkeler's innovations in automation, workflow, and systems integration.


FASTSIGNS of Helena's Unique Showroom Honors the City's Rich History

Published April 17, 2019

Greg Painter, owner of FASTSIGNS of Helena (Mont.), takes us on a tour of his unconventional showroom complete with an upstairs diner and other iconic elements from Helen's storied past. All of it is designed to pay tribute to the history of the town and show customers many of the applications available.


Bluecrest Blends Production Print and Direct Mail

Published April 16, 2019

Kevin Marks, VP of Global Production Print for Bluecrest, talks about the company's involvement in production print and direct mail, as communication continues to change.


The Ecommerce Trend in Labels and Packaging

Published April 15, 2019

Dawn Olson of Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S., helps customers who have invested in industrial print solutions profit from their investment as quickly as possible. She encourages those in the label and packaging world to take advantage of the opportunities in packaging for ecommerce.


From the Corporate World to FASTSIGNS

Published April 15, 2019

Div Bhingradia, owner of FASTSIGNS Mooresville (N.C.), left his corporate job to open his own sign shop and take advantage of the fast-growing North Carolina business environment. FASTSIGNS helped him navigate an industry with which he was unfamiliar.


Outdoor Advertising Establishments—2010–2016

Published April 12, 2019

In 2016, there were 2,556 establishments classified as Outdoor Advertising (NAICS 54185). In 2010, NAICS 54185 comprised 2,378 establishments—but note that the Census Bureau changed the name of this category in 2012.


Around the Web: Behind the Seams. Threading the Needle. Imaging the Unimagable. A Good Week for Type. Wikienigma. I, Author. Scamming the Scammer.

Published April 12, 2019

The current state of the US textile industry. Ironic commemorative stamps. Making a giant paper dragon. Photographing a black hole. A font of typography news. An encyclopedia of unknowns. Robot-penned books. A screenwriter toys with a Facebook Messenger scammer. All that and more in WhatTheyThink’s weekly miscellany.


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