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Patrick Henry, Executive Editor for WhatTheyThink.com is also the director of Liberty or Death Communications, a consultancy specializing in research, education, promotional, and editorial support services for the printing and publishing industries.

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HP States Where It's Going (continued)

Published March 14, 2008

Printing Film Festival Now Playing at YouTube

Published February 10, 2008

GE07: Never, Ever Say

Published September 19, 2007

GE07: HP Charts the Expanding Universe of

Published September 6, 2007

ZINK: Ink-in-paper vs. ink-on-paper

Published August 24, 2007

The Dark Side of Design

Published July 11, 2007

Net Neutrality: Which Side Are You On?

Published June 17, 2007

"Web 2.0...The Machine is Us/ing Us"

Published May 30, 2007

Of the CueCat and Other Miscues

Published February 10, 2007

How We Serve, Michael Makin, CEO of PIA/GATF

Published September 28, 2006

KBA North America's new CEO Ralf Sammeck:

Published January 9, 2003

Free Special:

Published October 3, 2002