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Cary Sherburne

Cary Sherburne is a well-known author, journalist and marketing consultant whose practice is focused on marketing communications strategies for the printing and publishing industries.

Cary Sherburne is available for speaking engagements and consulting projects. To get more information contact us.

Please offer your feedback to Cary. She can be reached at cary@whattheythink.com.

Recent Commentary & Analysis from Cary Sherburne

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Premium Content Neenah Coldenhove Brings Digital Transfer on an Industrial Basis to Natural Fiber Fabrics with Texcol® Digital Transfer Paper

Published April 6, 2020

One of the more popular means of digitally printing to fabrics is heat transfer dye sublimation where images are printed on a sublimation transfer paper and then processed through a heating unit (calender) to sublimate the image into fabric. Until now, this process has been limited to polyester or polyester blends. Neenah Coldenhove is addressing this shortfall with its new digital transfer paper for natural fibers.


Premium Content Equipe Offers Custom Apparel for Brands, Sports Teams

Published March 30, 2020

A growing number of companies are popping up in North America that offer custom apparel produced on demand. This is an important supply chain shift, both from an environmental and economic perspective as weaknesses in global supply chains have increasingly come to the forefront. Not everything, of course, can be produced on demand. But companies like California-based Equipe are demonstrating that local production is not only feasible, but a viable alterative for a growing variety of apparel and home décor items.


Premium Content Xeikon 2020: New Products in Every Supported Market Segment

Published March 30, 2020

On March 30, Xeikon unveiled its extensive plans for what was to be its drupa 2020 exhibit in an exclusive briefing for the media. Following the briefing, we spoke with Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s Vice President of Marketing, to gain deeper insight into the strategy behind these developments, how being part of Flint Group has benefited the company, and more. In light of the postponement of drupa till April of 2021, Xeikon is putting plans in place to support the industry with continued innovation during the balance of 2020.


Making Masks and Other PPE to Help with the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published March 26, 2020

One thing about a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic is that it can bring people together to come up with creative ways to help. We are starting to hear stories about how players in the textiles and apparel industry are doing just that, converting operations to the production of much-needed masks and other PPE, and we wanted to share these inspiring stories with you.


Premium Content Catalyst Fabric Solutions Leverages Automation for On-Demand Production of Home Décor

Published March 23, 2020

The continued evolution of digital technologies, including printing, for textile-based products has opened the door to more reshoring of manufacturing as well as on-demand production, ease of customization and more. Florida-based Catalyst Fabric Solutions is taking advantage of all of these trends for business growth.


Premium Content The Cannabis Gold Rush: New Business Opportunities in Packaging and Apparel Are Here for the Taking

Published March 17, 2020

The first in a series of articles about the current cannabis landscape. While this is a high-growth market opportunity for packaging converters, it is also still a Wild West environment, and there are many misunderstandings about what it is comprised of, what’s legal and what’s not, and what the actual benefits of cannabis-derived products are from a health and well-being perspective. In this introductory feature, Cary Sherburne provides an overview of the current state of the market, including definitions, and applications, as well as developments in packaging and even apparel.


Premium Content Denim Reimagined: A New, More Eco-Friendly Way to Think About Denim

Published March 16, 2020

We all love our blue jeans. They are comfortable, often stylish, but what about their impact on the environment? What if you could have a pair of jeans with an almost indistinguishable look on the outside, but silky soft on the inside, with a 97% water footprint reduction? Sound impossible? With new fabric printing technologies, it’s totally achievable. Read what Dalton Cheng of Intech has to say on this subject and more.


Premium Content Advances in Smart Textiles Add Functionality to Apparel, Home Décor, Health

Published March 9, 2020

Expect to see accelerating developments in smart textiles through 2020 and beyond. A few of the more recent developments are explained in this article by Senior Editor Cary Sherburne, who is keeping tabs on this market segment and the exciting news coming out almost daily. Be sure to check out WhatTheyThink’s Around the Web every Friday for additional smart textile news.


Premium Content What’s the Dresscode? Smart and Savvy CashCuff® Wearables!

Published February 24, 2020

As the market for wearable technology continues to evolve, UK-based Dresscode has taken a unique approach with CashCuff, the world’s first smart payment shirt. See what founder and CEO Andy Boothman has to say about the origin of the company and its strategy for the future.


Premium Content Lucent Botanicals Offers Unique CBD Mints in Equally Unique Packaging

Published February 18, 2020

As we continue to cover the burgeoning cannabis market and the business opportunities it offers, we spent time talking with Chris Cooper, CEO of California-based Lucent Botanicals, who has taken a different approach to CBD that is taken orally—mints enhanced with a variety of herbs and essences to tune their effects to different consumer requirements. He also shared his packaging strategy for these unique products.


All Flags Signs and Banners Leverages EFI Inkjet and Other Technologies for Double Digit Growth

Published February 18, 2020

Peter Wagner, Managing Director of Australia-based All Flags Signs and Banners, explains how his company has gone from needing four people over three weeks to produce 400 banners in 1998, to its capacity today to output 54,000 square meters of printed media today with its fleet of EFI VUTEk printers. The company serves a large portion of the Asia Pacific region with flags, banners, branding for sporting events, vehicle wraps, carpets, and more.


Premium Content Pang-Wangling to Fashion Success

Published February 17, 2020

To pang-wangle is to live or go along cheerfully in spite of minor misfortunes. That’s exactly what Jennifer John is doing with her Pang Wangle fashion business, creating sustainable fashion ideal for hot, buggy climates such as is experienced in her home state of Louisiana. We spoke to Jennifer to learn more about her background, her growing business, and the challenges she faced finding just the exact right fabric for her unique creations.


Premium Content The Sourcing Group Brings Technology Expertise to Corporate Clients

Published February 10, 2020

At the recent EFI Connect 2020 conference, Lynn Smith from The Sourcing Group spoke on the customer panel, sharing The Sourcing Group’s unique story. We followed up with her afterward to get more details on this print-related Business Process Optimization (BPO) company.


Dave Johannes Brings 40+ Years of IT and Mail Experience to Moore DM Group

Published February 6, 2020

Dave Johannes, now with the Moore DM Group, a group of companies focused on fundraising initiatives for the non-profit space, talks about the IT infrastructure the company has in place to manage the scale and scope of its offerings. He identifies the efforts the company is undertaking to place the organization—which has done a number of acquisitions—on a common IT infrastructure, and why that is important.


EFI’s Ken Hanulec Looks Ahead to drupa 2020

Published February 4, 2020

Ken Hanulec, VP of Worldwide Marketing for EFI, looks ahead to some of what drupa 2020 will have in store: automation, inkjet, and the digitization of packaging, as well as the elements of “Industry 4.0”—connectivity, software, and the cloud—which will drive efficiency and effectiveness.


Premium Content How George Brown College Is Addressing Workforce Needs and More in Textiles and Apparel

Published February 3, 2020

You can’t attend any textiles and apparel events or speak with industry professionals without the subject of workforce challenges arising. Senior Editor Cary Sherburne spoke with Marilyn McNeil-Morin about the Fashion Exchange program at Toronto’s George Brown College that has programs in place to help address these issues.


EFI’s Adele Genoni Identifies Today’s Textile Trends

Published February 3, 2020

Adele Genoni, Senior Vice President and General Manager of EFI Reggiani, talks to Cary Sherburne about the most important trends in textiles as the industry continues its analog to digital transformation—including sustainability, data management, and AI and technical textiles. She also provides an update on EFI BOLT installations.


“In Spirit, I Am Always with EFI”

Published January 31, 2020

Cary Sherburne talks to Guy Gecht, former CEO of EFI, about what he has been up to since leaving EFI. He talks about the corporate boards he has joined, and discusses his adventures in home-building, where he hired himself as his own general contractor.


Premium Content EFI Connect 2020 Rounds Out a Year of Dramatic Change for the Company

Published January 30, 2020

EFI Connect 2020 marked the 21st year this user conference has been held, and the 13th year it has been hosted at the Wynn Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas. This edition marked a year of dramatic change for the company, with the departure of long-time CEO Guy Gecht, a short-lived CEO in Bill Muir, and an acquisition by Siris Group that took the company from public to private. EFI Connect 2020 was an opportunity for customers to gain first-hand insight into what these changes might mean for them.


Industry Veteran Doug Edwards Joins EFI

Published January 30, 2020

Cary Sherburne talks to Doug Edwards, EFI’s Chief Technology Officer, who has been on the job for two weeks and last week attended his first EFI Connect. Edwards has been in the industry for 30 years and comes to EFI from Xaar and Kodak. He talks about what attracted him to EFI—namely, the company’s broad product portfolio.


Premium Content Prima-Tex Helps Customers Understand Differences Between Digital and Analog Textile Printing

Published January 27, 2020

At last month’s AATCC/SGIA Digital Textile Printing Conference 4.0, I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Tio and his brother Patrick of California-based Prima-Tex. His active and informed participation in the conference discussions were an inspiration, and he agreed to a subsequent interview for this article.


Siris Executive Al Zollar Shares Thoughts About EFI Acquisition

Published January 23, 2020

Al Zollar, Executive Partner at private equity firm Siris and a 34-year veteran of IBM, attended EFI Connect 2020 and took the time to share his thoughts about the event, the industry, and the EFI acquisition overall.


The Importance of Customer Obsession

Published January 23, 2020

EFI's Chief Revenue Officer Frank Mallozzi shares his thoughts about leveling up from thinking about the customer experience beyond simply customer satisfaction to building a culture of customer obsession. He explains some of the impact and effect this approach has had on EFI's customer community.


EFI CEO Jeff Jacobson Shares Thoughts on Building for Success

Published January 22, 2020

EFI Connect 2020 is the 21st edition of this users group event. As new EFI CEO, Jeff Jacobson explains the event theme: "The Now and Future Pendulum," as well as the importance of a "stratactical" approach to business.


Premium Content Springs Creative Leverages 133 Years of Textile History for Today’s Digital Printing

Published January 20, 2020

At the AATCC/SGIA Digital Textile Printing Conference 4.0 last December, one of the high points was a presentation by Kathy Phillips, Vice President of Design/Trend at Springs Creative, a show-and-tell that highlighted the company’s rich history in textiles, beginning with the founding of the Fort Mill Manufacturing Company in 1887 by Samuel Elliot White. We talked with Phillips to get more detail on this fascinating story to share with our readers.


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