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Joanne Gore is founder of Joanne Gore Communications. She has spent the last three decades helping companies maximize their marketing and communications efforts. Contact Joanne at [email protected] 

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The Great Unboxing: The Packaging Boom and What It Means for PSPs

Published March 1, 2022

Contributor Joanne Gore looks at the evolution of packaging, and focuses on some of the new technologies—from more sustainable materials to interactive elements—that are dramatically enhancing the “unboxing” experience.

The Power of Print: Shifting from Commodity to Communications

Published December 6, 2021

Mass digitalization and adoption of an online shopping mindset have resulted in fewer communications channels between brand and buyer. It’s no wonder that  today’s buyers prefer print over digital. Contributor Joanne Gore looks at three trends that illustrate a shift from the traditional “print is a commodity” mindset to print as a high-value communications channel.

Print and Automotive: Two Industries Driving Innovation in Customer Engagement

Published October 25, 2021

During the pandemic last year, auto sales dropped radically and innovative auto direct mail campaigns geared down. Fast-forward 16 months and the situation is very different, as more and more people head back out on the road. Joanne Gore looks at how printers, automobile brands/dealers, media agencies, and tech companies are teaming up to create engaging and innovative marketing campaigns for automobiles—and driving business.

Engagement Sells: Sit in the Sweet Spot of Interactive Print

Published August 30, 2021

How people interact with brands may never return to pre-pandemic habits. Innovative marketing efforts will be required to break through the noise of advertising and create an engaging customer experience that drives buying decisions. Contributor Joanne Gore explains how brands that offer interactive print experiences are more likely to be see increases in conversion rates.

Sign of the Times: Franchises Hold Strong

Published May 10, 2021

Being part of a print or sign franchise family has become quite appealing—especially when you consider the core advantages. Joanne Gore looks at the health and growth potential of franchises, as well as the advantages to being part of a franchise.

Print Is “Virtually” Everywhere: How 2020 Re-Shaped the Way the Print Industry Communicates and Engages

Published December 16, 2020

2020 has forced us to rethink every aspect of business, including where and how it’s conducted. Thankfully, we have the technology, skillset and expertise to create a better customer experience, share and engage with buyers, partners, and customers, and showcase our essential role as print professionals. Contributor Joanne Gore looks at the changes the year has wrought on the way we communicate.

A Printer’s Guide to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Print

Published August 18, 2020

When you make print interactive—with QR codes, AI, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)—you bridge analog and digital worlds, capture the attention of prospects and customers for a longer period of time, and foster smoother business operations. Joanne Gore provides an overview of interactive print technologies and the opportunities for printers.

Marketing in a COVID-19 World: Planning Short- and Long-Term Marketing Goals

Published May 18, 2020

Parts of the country are slowly stating to reopen, but rebounding from COVID-19 is not going to be an overnight achievement. WhatTheyThink contributor Joanne Gore walks though some short- and long-term marketing strategies for print businesses to help reach out to customers as they emerge from the crisis—which is still ongoing.

The Secret Weapon to Print and Sign Franchise Success

Published May 12, 2020

There is safety in the stability of a franchise. WhatTheyThink contributor Joanne Gore looks at the advantages of the franchise model for print businesses.

The Print Industry Gets High on ROI: Partnering with Cannabis Providers Through Publications and Packaging

Published March 31, 2020

Our multi-part series on the “Cannabis Gold Rush” continues with Joanne Gore’s look at opportunities in cannabis publishing, as well as packaging, and she offers some advice on partnering with cannabis businesses.

Winning the Marketing Automation War

Published February 27, 2020

Fueled by mindset, society, and technology, a new generation of business buyers is forcing companies to re-think how they approach every aspect of their business. As a result, marketers across all industries are investing in solutions that help capture, distill, and present customer data—and automating how leads are generated, scored, nurtured, and converted from suspect to prospect to customer. Joanne Gore examines the current marketing automation landscape.