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Steve Johnson is a successful print owner and digital pioneer. Each month in Johnson’s World, he offers up his take on the day-to-day world of graphic communications.

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Johnson's World: Getting Real About Artificial Intelligence

Published February 9, 2024

Depending upon who you ask, AI means either the beginning of the end for the human race’s domination of the world, or the elimination of all our jobs…or the debut of a really amazing and useful tool with almost limitless possibilities. Steve Johnson looks at how, in fact, it might be all three.

Johnson’s World: This Christmas, Get A Clue

Published December 15, 2023

The grandkids, at grandpa’s house, with a board game. Steve Johnson introduces some digital natives to the board game Clue.

Johnson’s World: The Bald Facts

Published October 6, 2023

Who loves ya, baby? Steve Johnson explains how Telly Savalas is a case study in how to successfully distinguish yourself in the market.

Johnson’s World—Pause, Plan, and Proceed

Published August 11, 2023

Leaders don’t always have the option of taking as much time as they need to carefully plan and implement their strategies…or do they? Steve Johnson explains how in business we often really do have the luxury of taking the time we need to research, plot, and launch our next moves.

Johnson’s World—You Have Mail…Or Maybe Not

Published June 9, 2023

By law, the US Postal Service is supposed to deliver mail six days a week. Steve Johnson tries to understand why his mail delivery has become erratic and unreliable.

Johnson’s World: Kudos

Published April 13, 2023

Steve Johnson offers kudos to two stellar examples of variable-data printing, truly personalized with useful information.

Johnson’s World—Christmas Times A-Comin’

Published December 16, 2022

Steve Johnson shares some tips for sending Christmas cards.

Johnson’s World: Listen, Part 13—Musings, Droppings, Streams, and Flashes

Published October 3, 2022

Vague musings, name-dropping, streams of consciousness, and occasional flashes of brilliance...from Johnson’s World.

Johnson’s World: Sounds Like a Dry Martini—The Art of a Good Blog

Published August 2, 2022

No matter the medium, solid content will get the attention of your prospects. No amount of animation, keywords, or pretty pictures can hold audience attention without good content.

Johnson’s World: Grow Your Own—Get Creative to Find New Talent

Published June 20, 2022

Colleges, universities, vocational schools and high schools are discontinuing graphic arts programs—even though students pursuing careers in print are much more likely to land successful positions upon graduation than students who’ve majored in web design, gaming, or computer science. Steve Johnson explains how to cultivate the next generation of printing employees.

Johnson’s World—The Cat and Mouse Game: A Marketing Lesson from Walter the Cat

Published May 9, 2022

The fur flies as Steve Johnson attempts to claw back a veterinary medicine rebate he was promised. Read on to see how customer loyalty programs can quickly become customer antagonism programs.  

Johnson’s World—I Call Nonsense: Let’s Dissect Some Internet Tropes

Published March 21, 2022

Steve Johnson calls out some nonsense—and what better place to start than the internet, home of social media, which is unequalled for nonsense.

Johnson’s World—The Lizard and the Window Washer: How to Hit the Jackpot when Things Go Wrong

Published February 15, 2022

It is when things go wrong clients stand up and take notice. Blow it, and you’ve not only lost a customer, but in today’s world you’ll be publicly tarred and feathered on social media. Handle it well and you’ve made a friend for life.

Johnson’s World—Warming Up To Color: “Unsettled” Is a Great Book, but the Graphs Miss the Color Mark

Published December 7, 2021

Steven Johnson takes a look at Dr. Steven E. Koonin’s new book on climate change “Unsettled”—an excellent book that is marred by bad chart printing.

Johnson’s World—Bad Data Needs a Scrub: Clean up Your Data Before It Takes You to the Cleaners

Published October 26, 2021

Steven Johnson shows how customization and personalization based on bad data can lead to ill will, poor publicity, and even lawsuits.

Johnson’s World—Dear Mr. Schwab: Choose Print

Published September 22, 2021

Steven Johnson takes stock of Charles Schwab & Co’s recent decision to replace its printed “On Investing” magazine with an email blast, and provides Mr. Schwab with several reasons why it’s a bad investment.

Johnson’s World: Poop on the Playground

Published August 10, 2021

You offer great quality, terrific service, and competitive prices, yet some prospects still won’t work with you. Why? Steven Johnson uses a colorful analogy to show how customer disinterest can come from some unexpected places.

Johnson’s World—If It Is Ink On Paper, It Is Printing: Musings, Droppings, Streams, and Flashes

Published June 15, 2021

Digital print or conventional print? Do you have a preference? More importantly, do your clients? If it is ink on paper, it is printing. The rest is just labelling.

Johnson’s World: Thanks, but No Thanks—You’re Worth More Than a Cup of Coffee

Published May 11, 2021

Steven Johnson is underwhelmed by market researchers offering a chance to win an Amazon gift card in exchange for his opinion. In this month’s “Johnson’s World,” he identifies what would make him more likely to respond.

Johnson’s World: Are You Impressed with My Press?—Buying a New Press Shouldn’t Be a Competition

Published April 13, 2021

Contrary to advertisements, no press is going to magically make you more money, but, wisely chosen, a new machine can be a useful tool on your carefully planned roadmap to increased profitability. Steve Johnson explains why you should stop looking at what equipment your competition has bought.

Johnson’s World—Ask Your Customers to Be Your Valentine

Published February 9, 2021

Why do we give a Valentine gift to a loved one? To make that person feel loved and appreciated. Don’t you want your clients to feel loved and appreciated as well? Send them a Valentine’s Day card!

Johnson’s World—Go Ahead, Judge Me: Christmas Cards and Politics Can Go Hand-in-Hand

Published December 9, 2020

In Johnson’s World, a Christmas card sent last Christmas allowed him to make an informed political choice in the last election. Read about how and judge for yourself.

Johnson’s World—Cheese, Sausage, Mushrooms, Shipping: Expand Your Reach and Find Your Niche

Published November 2, 2020

Looking for new markets? Tired of the same ol’ conversations about quality and price? Think: is there a simple action or additional service that will take out the competition?

Johnson’s World: Don’t Keep Secrets—You Are the Best Promoter for Print

Published October 14, 2020

It’s up to us, the people who “make stuff,” to make sure our friends and neighbors know that print is alive in their communities, and that it needs their support. A century ago no one needed to point out the importance of print as an industry; it was assumed. No longer. We need to be more vocal about the important role we play. In the latest installment of Johnson’s World, Steve Johnson explains what you can do to get the word out.