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Dave Fellman is the president of David Fellman & Associates, a sales and marketing consulting firm serving numerous segments of the graphic arts industry. Contact him at [email protected]

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Beware Of Shiny Things: How to Keep Your Focus on Your Priorities

Published June 16, 2021

WhatTheyThink contributor David Fellman writes about urgency and importance—specifically, how any task on your plate can be both of those things, just one of them, or neither of them. If you have more tasks on your plate than you have time in your day, it’s really important to know exactly where each one fits in terms of importance and urgency—and not to be distracted by “shiny things.”

If I Could, I Surely Would—What Would You Change About Your Job?

Published April 15, 2021

When asked what they would change about their job if they could, most salespeople cite speed—“I need to get quotes faster. I need to get answers faster. I need to get my jobs through the system faster.” WhatTheyThink contributor Dave Fellman explains why managing customer expectations is important to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on all aspects of the business.

There’s Gold in Those Hills: Are You—Or Your Salespeople—Doing Enough Prospecting?

Published February 22, 2021

If you want to make more money—and minimize the risk of making less—you should do more prospecting. Contributor Dave Fellman looks at the prospecting process and how to arrive at the ultimate goal of prospecting: a first meeting with a potential new customer.

More From Less: Lessons Shared From the Past

Published September 21, 2020

One of the keys to business success is being able to do more with less, and the key to success in doing more with less is to increase the return on your investment of time. Contributor Dave Fellman identifies ways you can be more efficient.