United Mail is one of my new heroes. Why? Because they gave me numbers—real numbers—on how their recently installed Canon Solutions America Océ VarioPrint i300 benefitted a client. The numbers are impressive.

Before switching to the i300, the client was pre-printing its direct mailers at a different facility, then warehousing them and overprinting them at United Mail. When United Mail invested in an i300, the client was able to move to a white paper factory, resulting in massive cost savings.

In comparing the last six months used under each workflow (I used percentages since the seasonal changes in the client’s mailing volumes made comparing actual volumes unhelpful), the client’s volume of unused mailers dropped from 15.4% using the hybrid workflow to 0% using the i300.

Initially, the “trashed” volumes were 1% under the hybrid workflow during the six months being reported, but the longer the client used the i300, the higher that number grew. Today, the “unused” inventory and the “trashed” inventory are one and the same—15.4%.

Under the old workflow, the client lost $10,500 in revenue during the six months reported. During the six months using the i300 workflow, lost revenue was zero.

There were huge QC improvements, as well:

Hybrid Workflow

i300 Workflow

Bad quality barcodes

Readable barcodes

Missing address block from BRC

Better print quality

Not enough inventory to fulfill orders, causing mailing delays

No paper waste

Versioned material being mismatched/switched

White paper factory—100% accuracy

“With the i300, we were able to combine versions and run a single workflow, decreasing overhead costs,” notes Monique Stephens, account manager for United Mail. “We have also been able to eliminate the excess starting and stopping of machines and switching between different versioned material. It’s a beautiful thing!”

It certainly is. These numbers are lovely indeed. Thanks for the inside look, Monique!