When I see a LinkedIn post with a zillion comments, I’m always intrigued. Not by the post necessarily, but by the comments. Only a few posts generate that kind of reaction, so I want to see what people are saying. Recently, the post generating lots of comments was in the Print Production Professionals group. The question posed (and answered in the comments) was the same as the title of the post: “Why Do You Love Print?”

Here is a selection of responses.

“Print helps humans celebrate life.”

—Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse

“The power of the printed word has changed lives, cultures, and nations. Gutenberg's Bible put the power of the Word of God into every person’s hands. The Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers showed the power of the printed word to disseminate competing thoughts and debate to the masses. There isn't any other medium that compares to what print has done for the individual or for the world.”

—Glenn Arens, co-owner, Flying A Canine Ranch (Detroit)

“I love print because it does three things, in a unique manner, that have changed the world throughout history and continue to do so today:

Communication: Without print, we wouldn't know much about the history of our world.

Decoration: Without print, we wouldn't have art reproductions...and most cool T-shirts.

Fabrication: Without print, we wouldn't have flat screen TVs or mobile phones.

“Print may also have been responsible for (or at least instrumental in) starting a few revolutions and couple of wars, but, hey, everything good has a dark side too.”

—Paul Gardner, consultant, TimeStarvd (Salt Lake City)

“Why do I love print? Because I love books, and I love books because of my love for words. Seeing [words] come to life on whatever the material just brings joy to my heart. Also, without print, I think we would lose that primary link with our past.”

—Astou Mbaye, data communications management (Montreal)

“Print produces experiences you can't get digitally. Turning the page...flipping through to sneak a peak...how many more pages to go?! I'll read one more page...The emotions that come from a touch of a well-produced piece with a textured paper with special finishes—ahhh, print!”

—Melanie Warren, president, Warren's Printing Place Inc. (Ontario)

“The tactile and visual experience cannot be beat. Each day, a print producer can say, ‘I made that.’ Take an idea and bring it to life. I always wanted my son’s first word to be ‘cyanmagentayellowandblack.’ Sadly, it was ‘fire truck.’ Print on!”

—Marnie Lucas, senior freelance print production manager (Chicago)

“Print touches the senses in a way that digital never will.”

—Brenda Grajeda, project manager, Sky Ute Casino Resort (Greater Los Angeles)

“I've been a print producer for over 20 years and am still enthused by all the possibilities for each design. It’s a real joy to help bring the creative to life in a tangible piece of work. I’m a #printaddict for sure.”

—Diane Simon, project management and printing professional (Los Angeles)

Now I encourage you to sound off. Why do you love print?