In this industry, we like to talk about the value of paper to connect with audiences and engage them in a way that digital content does not. What we don’t spend as much time talking about is how consuming forest-based products like paper benefits real people, real families in our communities, and actually improves the environment, too.

So if you are looking for great material for a blog post or an email marketing campaign to promote the use of paper and packaging as a sustainable resource, this new video from Two Sides makes the perfect content.

The video is narrated by a sustainable forestry manager whose company manages the land of 750 landowners and a total of 100,000 manageable acres. He takes the viewer to a private tract of land owned by the Rainey family that consists of 1,500 acres that used to be cow pasture. Now it has been reclaimed as a private tree farm and is managed for harvest, biodiversity, and recreational use. The video looks at the economic, environmental, and ecological benefits being provided by this once under-utilized tract of land.

By looking at a sustainable forestry from the perspective of the Rainey family, it puts a personal face on commercial forests. It ties paper, packaging, and other forest products to real people.  It’s a powerful way to help your customers connect with, understand, and embrace the value of sustainable forestry and how their print-based marketing campaigns help real families and real communities and support important conservation goals at the same time.  

So grab the link. Blog about it. Use it in your email marketing. Spread the word to your customers that using paper does more than provide marketing benefits. It provides important environmental, ecological, and human benefits, too.