The world news seems full of dire economic chaos, but five of the six recovery indicators improved. (click chart to enlarge) recovery tracker 080515 The NASDAQ managed nearly a 2% rise even though all kinds of negative stock market data were swirling around it. In recent days, that included speculation about what happens if Apple stock collapses. You know Apple; count the seconds with me now.. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Apple just sold 6 iPhones. The company had a great quarter and there seem to be stock analysts who want to build a wall of worry so others will have something to climb. For the NASDAQ and Apple, it's always a case of "what have you done for me lately," when a longer range view is more appropriate. All of the ISM indicators improved except for manufacturing imports. Even that is at a level that indicates growth, but slower.. Proprietors income was revised down in the latest GDP adjustments for 4Q-2014 by $24.6 billion and Q1-2015 reduced by $23.2 billion. This is consistent with the recent NFIB small business data showing a slowdown in the growth rate for small businesses. The next big economic report is for July employment, to be released Friday, August 7. * * * Monday is the return of the regular column "Mondays with Dr. Joe" which has been absent from WhatTheyThink in recent years. The upcoming column will have details about Friday's employment report and give more context to the current economic situation. * * *

IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT GRAPH EXPO & DR. JOE WEBB: If you have been to Graph Expo over the years, the annual breakfast presentation by “Dr. Joe” has been a popular tradition since 2003. There will not be a breakfast event this year.

Instead, he will be part of the team presenting a new strategic management program UnSquaring the Wheel. The event includes co-founders Professor Chris Bondy of RIT and Mr. Wayne Peterson of Black Canyon Consultants. It begins Tuesday afternoon and concludes Wednesday morning. It is listed on the Graph Expo website as a “co-located event.” A description of the approach can be found at the program site as well as the agenda and pricing. Early bird discounts end on August 14.

If you are a printing organization of any size, this is a special opportunity to participate in a program that is very different from traditional industry management programs. The proof-of-concept and beta programs of UnSquaring were very well received. The workshop is intended for owners and top executives; management teams can derive great strategic and organizational benefits. Please contact Dr. Joe Webb for more details. Discount arrangements for PIA and EPICOMM members will be soon. Register as part of your show registration at the GraphExpo site.

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