Book Dynamics: Understanding a Changing Market

A White Paper by Cary Sherburne, sponsored by Canon

Like many print segments in a world rapidly going digital, the book market has undergone tremendous upheaval over the past few years. Book publishers struggle to deal with declining sales of printed books across most categories while they continue to refine their e-book strategies. Book printers are looking for ways to more quickly and profitably produce shorter runs of books-either on demand to fill a specific order, or in a print-on-demand model with runs of 50 to 1,000+ units to reduce inventory costs.

This white paper presents a look at the current state of the book market along with a discussion of how technology can be applied to meet the challenges facing both book publishers and book printers. It features tips and techniques for profitably producing printed books in runs as short as one that will be helpful to both printers and publishers as they plan the future of their businesses.

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