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Frank on All the News That's Fit to Tweet

Published on March 8, 2019

Frank takes us from commuters reading newspapers to commuters reading mobile devices. He quotes a Pew study that indicates that that most of us get our news from television and social media.

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By Werner Rebsamen on Mar 08, 2019

Frank - great comments. Yes, we all get the news mainly on-line. When the Kindle was introduced, we all thought that is the end of printing books.
I just spent a week at a resort in Cabo, Mexico. All week long, observing readers at the beach and pools, I found only one person reading off a Kindle, maybe a couple of iPads but the large majority were printed books!
Maybe the bright sunlight had something to do with it but as an expert in book manufacturing, I was delighted of what I was seeing.


By Richard Peck on Mar 08, 2019

WOW.....what a difference from riding the T in Boston, in the 60's-70's, reading The Globe or The Hearld(Hearld was easier at tabloid size, versus broad sheet size). I'm trying to imagine what it would have been like on campus at RIT(75-80), with cell phones. Not sure what the rules are today, with cell phones in the classroom, but if it's anything like work here, everybody's cell is constantly vibrating and their all looking.....ugh! All except me of course....lol....a BIG hello to Frank and Werner!!


By HARVEY LEVENSON on Mar 08, 2019

Frank, excellent piece where people go for their news. I agree with everything you mentioned. However, I would like to add a question: WHERE DO PEOPLE GO IF THEY WANT DETAIL ABOUT THE NEWS, NOT JUST SOUND BITES OR SUMMARIES? I've advocated for year that of all the media, print is best for presenting detail. For example. a book always provides more depth and detail than a movie or TV show about the book. Likewise, in my opinion, and it has been my experience, that newspapers provide more depth and detail about the news (and reading comfort) than does radio, TV, and new media. This is the concept that I suggest be promoted to young people. Oops, gotta go! Time for my daily newspaper break! Again, thanks for an excellent piece.


By HARVEY LEVENSON on Mar 08, 2019

...I've advocated for "years,"...that is.


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