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Frank Romano: All These 1991 Products Now on iPhone

Published on April 23, 2014

This week Frank (still wearing that shirt), shares an article about a 1991 Radio Shack ad featuring products that were deprecated by the introduction of the iPhone.




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By Kevin Karstedt on Apr 23, 2014

So Frank, I'm still waiting to hear how your FLIGHT to IPEX went... did I miss your return video? Glad to see you made it back safely...

We have already seen high end technology go obsolete... Just think, Captain Kirk would not need to "flip" his communicator today, the flip phone is all but obsolete already, he would just "slide" to tell Scotty to beam him up...


By Diane Dragoff on Apr 25, 2014


Notable also is the remote control aspect of smartphones. I can change TV stations, program security systems, and use apps to send docs to multipurpose devices (quaintly referred to as "copiers"). No need to even touch the devices, they can be operated remotely from anywhere the smartphone can access service and as long as the battery has charge, or plug-in for electricity is available.

Thanks for sharing the article, where can it be found? I would like to read it.



By David Avery on Apr 25, 2014

Inexpensive? How much a month for your data / phone plan? I don't spend that much on groceries.

CB, Radio, Voice recorder, VCR etc.... all fixed cost objects, you paid one price and used it as much as you wanted.


By Diane Dragoff on Apr 25, 2014

I was thinking of the messy array of remote controls-that were always all over the living room.The one you wanted was always lost in the sofa cushions.There's a psychic cost!

We didn't have a data plan cost then....But I was an active phone user. From what I can recall, my monthly home phone bill was higher than the total monthly cost for the Smartphone. Overseas calls, even daytime domestic long distance, were in the dollars per minute range. Then there was the cost of recorded music, Blockbuster rentals, trips to stores to view merchandise that I can look at on line, including comparison shopping and product reviews. All available 24/7.


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