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This section of WhatTheyThink aggregates all of the news, educational content, and analysis about the software that drives print businesses, from order entry through shipping and invoicing. It is combined in a single area so that our members and the industry as a whole can go to a single place to learn how software is changing the business of print and gain actionable ideas on how they may apply new solutions to their own business problems.

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Print MIS Product Spotlight: CoreBridge

CoreBridge is a cloud based, multi-tenant software solution whose business model is subscription based. Like pure technology startups, CoreBridge’s pricing model is easy to understand, available on their website, and allows you to start small and grow with CoreBridge through volume and/or functionality.

Teaching and Telling Stories Online

First impressions of your business matter, especially to new prospects. More and more first impressions are online. How does your online presence compare to your offline one?

Print Software: Dreaming vs. Executing

The raw potential of what technology can do for our business is unlimited, like a book a matches there is great possibility. Execution is about determining which match (project, goal, objective) you are going to put your energy into to ignite and then sustain your focus to create real change. Dreaming helps you think big, executing forces you to act within the constraints of your environment (resources, market, customers, and budget).

Fostering a Great Relationship between Your Web-to-Print and Print MIS Systems (Premium Content)

Having an integrated web-to-print and print MIS system isn’t just about being able to technically connect the systems. To get the most out of this integration you want to enable communication between systems that makes the two systems truly seem like one in terms of information exchanged

Getting Found: Yellow Pages to Online Search

Online search has replaced the Yellow Pages as the primary way local businesses get found. This change requires a very different approach by businesses and a steep learning curve. The online world requires you to compete to be “found” for a lion share of the search traffic. The competition is constantly changing, therefore local businesses need to make a sustained investment.

Every Print Job Doesn’t Deserve an Estimate (Premium Content)

Efficiency requires the segmentation of your workflow into at least three different workflows: self-service, light-service, and full-service. Each workflow applies the appropriate amount of labor and technology to deliver on the promise to the customer in the most efficient manner possible.

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Publishing Industry Celebrates vjoonity in Hamburg

Aleyant Systems Takes Stake in Tucanna

SmartSoft Launches PressWise Cloud-based Print MIS in Canada

Quark Software Launches Quark Author – The Smart Content Tool

CMA Imaging Introduces ColorCloud and Exclusive Nano-Coated Substrate Option for Spectacular Inkjet Results

VeraCore Software Solutions Appoints Erika Youmans Director of Client Services

WoodWing Software partners with MEI to expand its footprint in the U.S. and Canada

Multi Packaging Solutions Consolidates and Standardizes Business Processes with EFI Radius

SmartSoft Expands PressWise Software Development Into Utah Tech Corridor

Markzware Releases MarkzTools for InDesign Plugin

XMPie Shares Technology Roadmap at 2014 XMPie Users Group (XUG) Annual Conference

International Distribution Network (IDN) partners with Alwan Color Expertise as their main dealer for United Arab Emirates

Ricoh Announces Availability of Avanti Slingshot

GMC Software Technology Wins Celent XCelent Award for GMC Inspire’s Advanced Technology

Crawford Technologies Featured on "World's Greatest!..." TV Show

Enfocus Releases PitStop 12 update 3 with Mac OS X Yosemite Support

GMG releases GMG ColorProof 5.6, the latest version of its popular, award-winning software

Data Marketing Sales Leader Rich Barclay Joins BCC Software

Agfa Graphics' Fortuna 8 High-End Design Software for Security Printing Released

Quark Previews QuarkXPress 2015

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Video preview: Transitioning Your Print MIS

Transitioning Your Print MIS

Published: November 14, 2014

Jennifer Matt interviews Jane Mugford about what printers need to bring to the table in a Print MIS transition project.


Video preview: Workflow Innovation a Hot Topic

Workflow Innovation a Hot Topic

Published: October 27, 2014

Cary Sherburne interviews Kevin Horey, VP & GM of Workflow & Solutions at Xerox. They talk workflow innovations, what Xerox has to offer with their products, and what makes workflow a hot topic.


Video preview: Why Most Technology Demonstrations Suck!

Why Most Technology Demonstrations Suck!

Published: October 22, 2014

Jennifer Matt rants about what she hates about software technology demonstrations.


Video preview: Aleyant Systems Launches Entry-Level Job Management System at Graph Expo

Aleyant Systems Launches Entry-Level Job Management System at Graph Expo

Published: October 21, 2014

Greg Salzman, President of Aleyant Systems welcomes Cary Sherburne at Graph Expo and talks a bit about the company and their Pressero web-to-print solution. They also discuss the launch of a new entry-level job management system.


Video preview: How Printers Should Think About Marketing

How Printers Should Think About Marketing

Published: October 8, 2014

Jennifer Matt talks about how to think about marketing for printers. Start with the very simple premise - who are you going to market to? Don't skip over this critical step because its required for everything else you do in marketing.


Video preview: Stop Focusing on the Tools - Focus on Your Customers!

Stop Focusing on the Tools - Focus on Your Customers!

Published: September 24, 2014

Jennifer Matt talks about redirecting your marketing focus on your customers first, then use the social media tools that your customers use.


Video preview: I Keep Buying New Web-to-Print Solutions, They All Stink!

I Keep Buying New Web-to-Print Solutions, They All Stink!

Published: September 19, 2014

Jennifer Matt talks about what might be the cause of your repeated failure with web-to-print solutions.


Video preview: Simplify Online Marketing

Simplify Online Marketing

Published: September 17, 2014

Jennifer Matt simplifies and defines the topic of online marketing in terms of two very simple ideas; driving traffic and converting the visitors who show up.


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Print Software Editors

Jennifer Matt

Jennifer Matt, Section Editor
An industry expert focusing on how software continues to impact the business of print.

Jane Mugford

Jane Mugford, Contributor
A technical operations expert, focusing on Print MIS, integration, and operational change management.


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