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This section of WhatTheyThink aggregates all of the news, educational content, and analysis about the software that drives print businesses, from order entry through shipping and invoicing. It is combined in a single area so that our members and the industry as a whole can go to a single place to learn how software is changing the business of print and gain actionable ideas on how they may apply new solutions to their own business problems.

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You Bought Something New, Now What?

Purchasing new technology is always done with the best of intentions and the desire to implement to a fully utilized state. Often the day-to-day business takes over and erodes the focus of a new technology project. Getting a game-plan together to ensure success and cement the purchase as a worthwhile one is critical.

Print Software Project or Emotional Roller Coaster?

Change is difficult for most people; everyone travels at their own pace through a process that starts with resistance and for most finishes in acceptance. You can improve your chances of success by communicating a lot in the beginning, providing emotional support in the middle and then becoming more of a coach once people are starting to accept there is really only one option – adapt or leave.

Web-to-Print Product Spotlight: PageDNA

This product spotlight focuses on three areas of the PageDNA offering: the store building wizard and project management approach to configuring new storefronts, their open approach to integrations, and the flexibility of their services model.

Combat Noise with Dedicated Project Focus

Focus is a challenge in our always connected and therefore always interrupted lives. Print software projects like web-to-print and Print MIS require long-term dedicated focus to ensure success. Project success is about getting live sooner and incrementally determining the next most important improvement to the implementation (forever).

Digital Darwinism - Adapting to the new realities of our digital world

Adapting to the new realities of our digital world is a challenge for all industries. Digital Darwinism impacts all of us because the rate of change in technology and society is outpacing our organizations. Change is inevitable; the pace of change has to accelerate if you’re going to be on the survivor side of Digital Darwinism.

Print MIS Product Spotlight: EPMS

This product spotlight focuses on three areas of the EPMS Print MIS offering: the continuous expansion of Print MIS direct users, the support for an industry that is aggressively diversifying, and the ability to make EPMS work uniquely for your business through customization and integration.

3 Top Reasons Web-to-Print Projects Fail

The three top reasons web-to-print projects fail; the lack of business leadership, the sales team fails to sell the solution, and the customer fails to adopt the solution.

Print Software is a Tool (like a Hammer)

We confuse tools for solutions. Print software is a required tool that is part of an overall investment in making your business more productive, profitable, and competitive. The business results come from your vision, your plan, and the deployment of your labor who utilize the tool to deliver the business results you desire.

The Print MIS Job Costing Challenge and Opportunity

Undoubtedly one of the hardest and most stressful parts of configuring and then running your Print MIS is the job costing component. Being in a position to use your Print MIS to accurately compare estimate to actual costs is often given up on in frustration due to the complexity of the setup and configuration. However, when it is done, and done properly it is the ultimate definition of a successful Print MIS system.

Why Printers are Vulnerable to Brokers, Distributors, and Print Management Companies

Customers expect more from their vendor partners than simply delivering the product on time and at a fair price. As the print industry continues to contract, differentiation is required to remain competitive. Printers are at risk from print-manufacturing independent service providers because customers are looking to reduce the number of vendors and engage with vendor partners who make doing business with them very easy.

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Video preview: How Printers Should Think About Marketing

How Printers Should Think About Marketing

Published: October 8, 2014

Jennifer Matt talks about how to think about marketing for printers. Start with the very simple premise - who are you going to market to? Don't skip over this critical step because its required for everything else you do in marketing.


Video preview: Stop Focusing on the Tools - Focus on Your Customers!

Stop Focusing on the Tools - Focus on Your Customers!

Published: September 24, 2014

Jennifer Matt talks about redirecting your marketing focus on your customers first, then use the social media tools that your customers use.


Video preview: I Keep Buying New Web-to-Print Solutions, They All Stink!

I Keep Buying New Web-to-Print Solutions, They All Stink!

Published: September 19, 2014

Jennifer Matt talks about what might be the cause of your repeated failure with web-to-print solutions.


Video preview: Simplify Online Marketing

Simplify Online Marketing

Published: September 17, 2014

Jennifer Matt simplifies and defines the topic of online marketing in terms of two very simple ideas; driving traffic and converting the visitors who show up.


Video preview: The Need for Workflow Management in the Book Printing Segment

The Need for Workflow Management in the Book Printing Segment

Published: September 2, 2014

Jay Foster, President of Soft Solutions, talks to Eric Vessels about the the needs for workflow management software in the fast changing book printing industry.


Video preview: Solution Selling and Web-to-Print

Solution Selling and Web-to-Print

Published: August 21, 2014

Jennifer Matt talks about how web-to-print can enable printers to extend their value beyond the shipment of printed materials. Web-to-Print allows you to start providing marketing logistics to your customers.


Video preview: Asking the Right Questions About Print Software Integration

Asking the Right Questions About Print Software Integration

Published: August 14, 2014

Jennifer Matt talks about the topic of print software integration, how to ask the right questions during the sales process, and how to understand the key components of integration.


Video preview: Is Your Web-to-Print Solution Under-Utilized?

Is Your Web-to-Print Solution Under-Utilized?

Published: August 7, 2014

Print Software Section Editor Jennifer Matt talks about the common causes for web-to-print systems that are under utilized or not used at all.


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Print Software Editors

Jennifer Matt

Jennifer Matt, Section Editor
An industry expert focusing on how software continues to impact the business of print.

Jane Mugford

Jane Mugford, Contributor
A technical operations expert, focusing on Print MIS, integration, and operational change management.

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