State of the In-Plant Industry Full Report to be Presented at Graph Expo '16

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

KEARNEY, MO - Last week, guests at the In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) 2016 Annual Conference were treated to a groundbreaking presentation where influential industry consultant, analyst, and forecaster, Dr. Joe Webb, delivered the executive summary for The State of the In-Plant Industry: Outlook, Challenges, and Opportunities survey.

Kindly sponsored by Canon U.S.A, Inc., the survey was designed to collect extensive feedback from in-plant professionals. The State of the In-Plant Industry: Outlook, Challenges, and Opportunities survey asked participants a sequence of questions that helped examine the industry’s current state and define what lies ahead. The responses collected from the survey will be used to generate cutting-edge strategies, resources, and practices for in-plant professionals to become industry leaders, and help their facilities advance towards long-term success.

Carma Goin, Executive Director of IPMA said, “IPMA is dedicated to helping in-plants from a variety of industries meet and exceed their goals. Having Dr. Webb present the executive summary of the survey at the IPMA Conference was enlightening and exciting for both the association and our attendees alike. The report reinforces our commitment to helping in-plants thrive. The IPMA staff and Board are certain that the data retrieved will give us a clearer idea of how IPMA can help our members and their departments succeed. Additionally, Dr. Webb’s presentation gave our attendees useful pieces of information that they can use now that they have returned to their facilities. Everyone is very eager to attend the presentation of the full report at Graph Expo in September.”

The astute and forward-thinking presentation by Dr. Webb was received remarkably well by conference attendees who were able to gain a world of insight from this initial statement. The executive summary presentation and handout set the stage for what is to come in the full report which will also be presented by Dr. Joe Webb, at Graph Expo 2016 in Orlando, Florida this September. The final report will detail central areas that matter most to in-plant professionals and will help department managers make vital decisions for the future that will impact their bottom line. Graph Expo attendees and survey participants will receive the full report on The State of the In-Plant Industry: Outlook, Challenges, and Opportunities following the presentation at Graph Expo.

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Joe Webb is one of the graphic communications industry’s most distinguished leaders. His expertise and years of experience have been sought out from organizations ranging from multinational companies to mom-and-pop-size businesses. With an emphasis on the relationship between B2B economics and technology, he is committed to helping organizations stay relevant.