SGI Dubai 2016 enables printers to go beyond colourful

Monday, November 30, 2015

While colour and its brightness have always been a point of discussion, there are tools that help printers to hit the right colour time and time again.

Dubai - SGI Dubai 2016, the largest and oldest trade show in the MENA region and beyond will feature a host of solutions for print service providers to meet the requirements of its clientele when it comes to colour.

Matching the colour of international clients within their campaigns does not have to be a piece of luck. Nowadays there are multitudes of solutions that help print service providers to achieve the exact delta e values that their multinational clients expect for their campaign. Those colour management solutions (CMS) are taking the guess work out of the equation thus saving costly reprints due to the wrong colour. 

It all starts with profiling printers and inks, reading the delta e values and more or less automatically, depending on the system employed, those are input into the CMS which then through a series of algorythms calculates the according job. Sure, there are many more factors playing a role, such as substrates and inks, among others. However, once a system has been set up with all the according profiles, nothing can go wrong anymore and print service providers can be sure that their prints correspond to all the other prints that are done worldwide for the same campaign.

"In former times, it has been the eye of the print service provider, or the operator that determined the right colour. Nowadays, sophisticated software is employed to carry out this task. Many exhibitors at SGI Dubai 2016 will showcase such programmes, either as stand-alone solution or as part of their large format printer offering. Being a global hub for many companies, Dubai, the UAE and its print service providers need to be able to correspond to multinational companies requirements", says Mr. Sharif Rahman, CEO, IEC. "The upcoming Expo 2020 and its global scale also mean that our internal industries can cater to all customer wishes in accordance with our own as well as international standards. The UAE already displays a high standard of compliance as such and those need to be upheld. At SGI Dubai 2016 print service providers from the whole world will find solutions that help them in terms of compliance as well as fostering their businesses into new applications and ventures."

SGI Dubai 2016 will take place from January 10 – 12, 2016 at the World Trade Center in Dubai (UAE).

Until SGI Dubai 2016 starts, printers, exhibitors, visitors can keep themselves abreast of new developments, trends, news and all that refers to signage and print by visiting the SGI Resource Center at www.signageresource.com.