ALS Engineering GmbH Launches Fully Automatic Label Production

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ALS Engineering GmbH has just delivered a label production system that continuously manufactures adhesive labels without any machine stop at job changes. Up to 80 different varieties of adhesive and pressure-sensitive labels, completely different in format, colour and motive are produced within each hour. The user produces those inline in high quality - from raw material up to the assembled and ready to be shipped label web – without any manual intervention. 

The overall system includes a powerful inkjet printing system with high resolution dynamic print heads guaranteeing excellent print quality. The inks used enable printing on many substrates without any additional pretreatment. They are scratch-resistant and display high light-fastness. In addition to the four process colours (CMYK), white and spot colours can be supplied and implemented. Directly after print the web passes an integrated laser cutting unit thus ensuring precise registration that accurately processes even the most delicate shapes.

ALS-Engineering GmbH will be showcasing this fully automatic web production system for adhesive, pressure-sensitive labels at Labelexpo in Brussels. The whole system employs digital technology thus no plates or punching tools are required. In addition, job changes during operation are carried out without any manual intervention. 

As within all kinds of print, the label manufacturing industry faces shorter print runs while diversity of labels increases. The ALS label production system offers an efficient and economical alternative to existing production methods via flexographic and letter presses. Since it is a fully automated inline system, the additional process step of finishing is eliminated thus enabling production of ready for use webs.