Sun Chemical to Highlight Metal Packaging Solutions at the 2015 International Metal Decorators Association Conference

Friday, May 15, 2015

PARSIPPANY, N.J., U.S.A. – Sun Chemical will showcase its portfolio of metal packaging ink solutions at the 2015 International Metal Decorators Association (IMDA) Conference.

Visitors will be introduced to Sun Chemical’s specialized solutions for metal decoration including its SunDuo, SunTrio and SunAltec inks.

“Our customers want packaging solutions that pop off the shelf—packaging that really stands head and shoulders above the competition,” said Tony Renzi, Vice President, Product Management, Packaging Inks, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. “Sun Chemical offers a range of metal deco solutions that allows packaging to be both appealing and functional while ensuring that metal packaging doesn’t go unnoticed on the shelf.”

SunDuo Optimizes Metal Can Print Production

The flexible, and robust SunDuo ink range offers high speed decorator performance suitable for printing on aluminum or steel cans. SunDuo features excellent printability at high speeds and good adhesion in both varnishable and non-varnishable ranges. SunDuo provides impressive mileage with high pigment loads for printers producing two-piece metal cans.

SunTrio Delivers Efficient Metal Packaging

SunTrio inks are a versatile, flexible, cost effective and highly resilient solution for three-piece metal deco applications — suitable for all types of metal cans and closures, from crowns to pails, aluminum pilfer proof caps, aerosols, food cans, drawn fish cans, and more. 

Capable of efficiently producing metal packaging with excellent press performance, the SunTrio ink series features low misting and excellent adhesion between layers and to the substrate. Available in conventional and UV-based versions with excellent printability at high speeds, the SunTrio line also includes low migration inks available for food and other sensitive packaging.

SunAltec Provides Flexible Alternatives for Collapsible Tubes

The SunAltec product range offers excellent performance, superior quality, highest productivity, and highest adhesion properties for monobloc aerosols, monobloc drink bottles, and aluminum collapsible tubes. The line can be used across multiple platforms and offers flexible alternatives, including thermal, catalytic and UV drying.