EPG Autokey Systems Close the Loop on 78 Inch Presses

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Compatibility with wider scanning densitometers offers printers new opportunity

Centerbrook, Connecticut - EPG, a global leader in integrated ink control systems, announces that it can now help printers to close the loop on presses up to 78 inches. EPG’s AutoKey scanner interface system, as part of an EPG KeyColor remote ink control system, is compatible with Tobias Associates’ new SDT-78 scanning densitometer for presses up to 78 inches. The AutoKey system adjusts ink keys to conform to the density measurements of the scanner, repeating the process with each scan, and helping maintain color consistency throughout the press run. Printers operating a press with a non-EPG ink control system can use EPG’s Adelphi AutoKey closed-looping system to easily interface with a variety of different sized scanning densitometers. 

"Objective color measurement goes hand in hand with closed-loop color control," says Eric Tobias, President, Tobias Associates (www.densitometer.com). "EPG technology has always been a perfect complement to our scanning densitometers, and we are very pleased that the AutoKey and Adelphi AutoKey systems are available to operate with our new SDT-78, which can be used to scan color bars from any size press up to 78 inches."