The MATLET Group Has Color Down to a Science

Press release from the issuing company

As another summer slowly winds down, the vivid contrasts of seasonal change will soon become very visible in most states.  Less daylight and cooler night temperatures are likely to produce an explosion of spectacular outdoor colors and, depending on the location, the display can be quite dramatic.  Some areas, particularly in the Northeast and upper Midwest, in good years will generate spikes in tourism levels.

While nature’s splendor often changes from year to year based on a number of circumstances – warmer or cooler temperatures and above average or lower than normal levels of precipitation are the leading factors – the business of printing color does not allow for variation.  Corporations have precise, exact standards that must be met when printing a brochure, a direct mail piece or on packaging.  Color is a very powerful selling tool and influences many purchasing decisions.

Those reasons and others are why the team at The MATLET Group is the preferred choice of companies whose public perception is tied to their success.  Scores of casual dining, tour and travel and leisure entertainment brands employ Central Florida Press (CFP), The MATLET Group’s commercial printing operation in Orlando, to produce a wide range of printed materials that entice consumers to buy their products and services.

Sensory perceptions trigger responses.  It’s well known the color blue is viewed as tranquil and relaxing, a major reason why cruise lines and entertainment properties make water look vibrant and feature it prominently in their promotional literature.  Bright, emotional colors like red, orange and yellow spark energy and creativity.  Green, brown and red are considered the three most popular food colors, and red is highly regarded as an appetite stimulant.

“Restaurant menus are carefully planned to evoke a buying response from their customers,” informed John Glick, Senior VP – Business Development for CFP.   “The attention to detail is incredible.  Everything from the color of the plates to the food itself and how it is prepared, has a purpose.  Having the ability today to alter a photograph or digital image is much easier, but it still requires time to do.  It might look good in natural light but what matters more is how it’s going to appear in restaurant lighting.”

CFP does more than menus.  One of the largest printers in the Southeast, they also produce brochures and catalogs, direct mail and annual reports.  When a customer calls on their packaging expertise, CFP teams with its sister company, Rhode Island based Packaging Graphics.  They hold a distinct advantage in the marketplace as a G7 Master Qualified Printer, the print quality protocol that is important to any branded product or service.

“We have been GRACoL qualified since 2006, and that’s a huge benefit to the brand owner,” said Darren Yeats, Prepress and Technology Manager at Packaging Graphics.  “The G7 qualification recognizes a printer who can print to a color standard on a consistent basis, regardless if it is a paperboard package, a coupon, an advertisement or a poster.  By reaching our color target quicker, we can print high quality products with faster turnaround times and save on costs.  That’s an important consideration with the companies The MATLET Group does business with.”


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