Collins Ink Announces New Program

Monday, June 18, 2012

Collins Ink is pleased to announce a program created to assist Collins Ink customers that Kodak Versamark has targeted with punitive printhead refurbishing surcharges.  Kodak’s recently announced policy, tying the prices for printhead refurbishment to the brand of ink being used, would seem to indicate Kodak’s intention to force Collins Ink out of a market it has operated in for over 20 years.

Since 1995, Collins’ inks have been consistently more reliable than comparable Kodak inks. Kodak has never had any influence over, or knowledge of, Collins’ formulations. Even during the period when the two companies worked together, Collins had free rein to formulate and manufacture inks as it saw fit. Kodak asserts that only Kodak can assure customers of being able to supply inks with “maximum performance and highest print quality”. Kodak’s statement is factually incorrect. Kodak knows that. Customers know that.

All that being said, Collins understands and has compassion for our customer’s predicament. To that end, Collins has created a program to help alleviate the effects of the punitive surcharge Kodak has imposed on customers. Collins has always taken the position that our first loyalty is to our customers. That will never change.

In addition creating a program to deal with Kodak’s policy of tying inks to printheads, Collins has also been moving forward with solutions that should help alleviate customers concerns about what will happen if and when Kodak finally fails. Collins expects to be able to make additional announcements regarding this within the next few weeks.

For further details about Collins’ new program, or anything else, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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