Taopix Announces New Distribution Channel for Mexico

Monday, April 02, 2012

UK software developer, Taopix, has appointed Pro Digital Printing as its official channel for the distribution of Taopix Portfolio, the leading photo book and gift software platform, throughout Mexico.

Pro Digital Printing is a new company from BG Corporativo that is focused on providing pre-press, press, post-press and software solutions to the Digital Printing industry in Mexico. It provides a range of products and services to the photo specialty, commercial printing,direct marketing, publishing, labels and packaging markets.

Pro Digital boasts one of the most talented and committed teams in the market with some key personnel having over 20 years experience in the Graphic Arts industry.

The recent appointment was instigated by Gadi Kovarsky, VP Sales for Taopix Americas who was impressed with the commitment, enthusiasm and ability of Pro Digital staff. Says Kovarsky “The guys at Pro Digital are a talented and professional team who understand completely the great opportunity for customers in Mexico to profit from personalised photo.”

Adds Octavio Martínez, Pro Digital Printing, Commercial Director “ We understand that to be successful in the photo specialty market there are some challenges that should be addressed. The freedom of the platform to build a unique product offering, the friendliness and easy of use of the software and the openness to interact with other billing, administration or production systems were key factors in our decision to take on Taopix. We were also impressed with the upsell features that will make a big difference to customers’ bottom lines. Our existing customers who are now working with Taopix are already benefitting from these features and many more.”

“We believe that the photo specialty business in Mexico is about to explode and all the efforts by the key players in the promotion of personalised photo will pay off very soon. Pro Digital Printing and Taopix will bring to the print service providers, brand owners and industry influencers the most powerful and flexible platform that will help them achieve increased sales and ultimately profits.