RSA Provides Print Job Submission with Reliable Adobe PDF Workflow at RIT

Friday, October 24, 2003

Rochester, New York, October 24, 2003 - Rochester Software Associates (RSA) and Rochester Institute of Technology announced that the RIT School of Print Media has installed WebCRD with SurePDF (powered by Adobe PDF Transit™) to enable future print and graphic arts professionals to experience the most effective electronic print job submission, print fulfillment, and PDF workflow applications available. School of Print Media students will install and use SurePDF for reliable client-side generation of PDF files for submission to the RIT Document Production Center via WebCRD. Students will to learn first-hand the value of creating, soft proofing, and receiving production-ready files. RSA’s donation of WebCRD — the powerful, browser-based print job submission and production management application that enables users to submit, manage, reorder, and output digital printing jobs via the Internet or Intranet — will allow professors and their students to see first-hand the streamlined print job ordering and production benefits of a fully automated workflow. SurePDF workflow software is an integral WebCRD component that delivers the most efficient and predictable workflow for online submission of jobs to the print center. SurePDF automatically creates PDF on the user’s computer, producing the most accurate PDF with the user’s resources (source program, fonts, etc.). The user has a proof for immediate viewing and acceptance prior to submitting the job to the print center. Users add job ticket information to the encrypted PDF and submit together for automated production in WebCRD. “Fast effective print production workflows and strategies for maintaining viable print volumes are critical topics facing our industry today,” said Barbara Pellow, Gannett Professor and Chair, RIT School of Print Media. “The students of today are the leaders of industry tomorrow, and it is important that they experience first-hand the most current production methodologies and best practices made available to us by RSA and Adobe. Our curriculum has already been expanded to cover this new technology.” Frank Romano, EDSF Educator of the year and Roger K. Fawcett Distinguished Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology explained, “Reliable PDF workflows are an integral part of improving print job submission and production for customers and print providers alike. With WebCRD SurePDF workflow software enabled by Adobe PDF Transit, much of the detective work can be eliminated from today’s production process.” “RSA believes strongly in the value of education, and has helped many of our employees achieve their educational goals at RIT,” said Bob Baden, President RSA. “We are pleased to offer WebCRD and SurePDF to RIT to enrich student’s educational experience with today’s technology. It is an excellent example of cooperation between leading technology companies and a premiere educational institution to further the advancement of technology with tomorrow’s leaders.”