Kern Launches the K60 Light

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Kern Group has launched a new envelope auto-traying system to the UK market, the K60Light joins an expanding portfolio of mail room solutions.

The K60 Light is a pneumatic system that stacks envelopes into postal trays after they have been filled and attaches a corresponding tray label printed with delivery information.  The single tray type now adopted by the Royal Mail and all downstream access providers was developed to enable users to take advantage of Royal Mail's Mail current Sorts and  MS70 currently being rolled out.  The pre-sorted service launched on 27th September 2010 and offers lower prices for UK mailings of over 20,000 letters that are either OCR or CBC readable, and presented in trays.

Clive Martin, National Sales Manager at Kern, said: "The K60 Light is suitable for any company, large or small, that uses in-house mailing systems. The product is a smaller version of the K60, Kern's original concept in fully automated envelope management products. Although very popular in Europe, the UK market needed a smaller system as mail room facilities tend to be far more restricted in space. The K60 Light overcomes this challenge and has the added benefit of being modular so it can be adapted to fit any size mailing facility."

The design of the system makes it simple to switch between applications for processing DL and C5 envelopes.  It eliminates the need for strapping and bagging in sacks.  Trays are easily transported throughout the mail facility, and are cleaner and safer to handle.  When combined with Kern's high speed inserting system, the K3500, the K60L can process up to 24,000 envelopes per hour. The K60 Light is also compatible with other Kern systems including the K2600 and K2500.

The solution can also be used in conjunction with a Kern Logistical conveyer system to transport filled trays away from the system to the despatch area, eliminating the need for pallet lifters and saving room in limited spaces.