Grand River Printing Streamlines Cutting with POLAR 115 XT

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kennesaw, Ga., - Grand River Printing and Imaging, a full-service commercial web print shop in Belleville, Mich., has taken delivery of a 45" POLAR 115 XT guillotine cutter with Autotrim. The new cutter, also equipped with scale and lift, is being used to cut and trim a wide variety of commercially printed materials from postcard-size on up. According to plant manager Jim Hartnett, Grand River's cutting department already has noted significant enhancements in precision, speed, quality and productivity, which is up around 30 percent (with one operator), due primarily to the action of the Autotrim waste removal system. In addition, Hartnett said,
"Our operators really appreciate the job set-up and recall, which improves our repeatability and in general makes life easier for the operator."
Founded in 1978 and employing a staff of around 60, Grand River Printing serves a primarily regional clientele in education, healthcare, government and trade printing.  The company also is a national provider of advertising inserts and publication services, and its GreenMedia program brings together a unique blend of environmentally responsible print production materials and processes for the convenience of its customers.