MacDermid Combines LUX Flat-Top Dots with LAVA Thermal Processing

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Indianapolis, Indiana - MacDermid Printing Solutions announced today that the LUX platemaking process can now be used with LAVA thermal processing systems. The combination of flat-top dots with thermal processing is an industry first and offers a unique opportunity for printers and converters to merge the quality and consistency of LUX with the efficiency and environmental benefits of LAVA.

"The results have been outstanding," said Timothy Gotsick, MacDermid's Global Director of Innovation. "Thermal LUXcombines the print advantages of LUX with the speed and environmental characteristics of thermal platemaking with LAVA. These technologies just belongtogether because they address so many needs for both platemakers and printers – convenience, versatility, lowered environmental impact, and superb print quality. And all ready to work today with current digital platemaking workflows. We are excited to offer this unique combination of technologies to our customers." he noted.

In conjunction with the introduction of this new capability, MacDermid announced that LUX Laminators are now available in two format sizes: the original 62" and a new 38" model. The new LUX laminator laminates plates up to 38" in width and includes several new features that make lamination of the LUXmembrane easier and more efficient. This new LUX Laminator, in combination with the LAVA 2530 Plate Processing System, is a combination ideally suited to the narrow web market.

The LUX platemaking process is a simple and easy to use technology which produces unique flat-top dots on current digital flexo printing plates. This new dot shape enables printers to substantially improve their print quality and consistency, making flexo competitive with gravure and offset printing processes. This simple process is easy to integrate into existing platemaking workflows, is compatible with all digital platesfrom MacDermid, does not require modification to current platemaking equipment, and can be used with all digital flexo plate imaging units, including units equipped with the latest "HD Flexo" imaging technology from EskoArtwork. The LUX Process has been print-proven on a wide variety of substrates – including paper, flexible film, foil, paperboard, labelstock and corrugated.

LUX has been met with much success in the marketplace with more than 50 installations worldwide. LUXhas received both the Flexographic Technical Association's (FTA) Technical Innovation Award and the Flexographic Pre-Press Platemakers Association (FPPA) Technology Innovator Award in 2011.

MacDermid offers LAVA thermal processers in 42"x60" and 25"x30" format sizes. Those using the LAVA process are able to significantly reduce platemaking time by eliminating the drying step and reduce their environmental footprint by eliminating VOC's from the platemaking process.