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Komori Solutions at IPEX 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Press release from the issuing company

Date: May 18-25, 2010
Venue: National Exhibition Centre Birmingham UK
Komori Booth: Hall 6, Stand B520

Since its establishment in 1923, Komori has always sought to contribute to the printing industry by providing kando to our customers. This aim has inspired us toward leading-edge technological innovations for all market sectors, as visitors to our stand at the front of Hall 6 will experience.

At Ipex 2010, in addition to presenting the UK show debut of our faster, larger 40-inch press, the Lithrone SX40, we are introducing breakthrough UV techniques, highlighted through the on-stand production of the Ipex Daily on the eight-color Lithrone S40P perfector. And we are launching a brand new, budget-friendly 29-inch press, the five-color Enthrone 29.

We believe that Komori's latest kando solutions are truly beyond your expectations - enabling you to lead your competitors from the front!

Komori Solutions - Three Viewpoints
Komori Quality   Komori Ecology   Komori Assistance

Komori Quality: Brand new products and technologies
- KHS-AI advanced interface software demonstrated on all our Lithrones at Ipex, raising the bar for fastest, color-precise production.
- Launch of Komori's unique ozone-free H-UV technology, providing superior effects such as high quality printing, quick delivery and waste paper reduction.
- Drip-off technology in UV printing and Conventional printing
- Development of our new five-color Enthrone 29 was completed earlier this year to provide the ultimate quality flexible solution essential for smaller print shops. Making its world debut at Ipex, printing on paper and board

Komori Ecology: Komori strives to improve the eco-system
- All demonstrations feature eco-friendly products and systems such as KHS-AI fast makeready, H-UV, alcohol-free printing and eco-friendly consumables.

Komori Assistance: Full-spectrum before/after-sales services
- Training and education for customers' operators by our new KGC (Komori Graphic Technology Center) located in Japan in cooperation with our European engineers
- Operators technical guidance on-site
- Mechanical and software upgrades and retrofits

Additional presentations at Ipex include JDF networking of all four Komori presses, using Tharstern MIS, through our DoNet Zone, web press updates, demonstrations on Komori Chambon's latest sleeve technology and explanations from Komori Securities division on its latest currency and security presses.

Komori Booth
On one of Ipex's largest stands, dominating the entrance to Hall 6, we will be making over 100 press demonstrations during the show - highlighting our Quality, Ecology and Assistance Solutions.

Komori's press line up at IPEX 2010
At IPEX 2010, Komori will exhibit a full range of printing press technology designed to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Multiflexible Print
- Enthrone 29 *For more details, see Appendix attached.
Until now, smaller printshops have had to compromise when seeking a solution to single-press, multiflexible production combined with eco-friendly and economy-focused features.

Using global in-depth research as our driving force, we have now developed the new Enthrone 29, which makes its true world debut at Ipex. What's more, it is already on our factory production schedules!

For the Enthrone, we have extracted the core features of our massively successful Lithrone S29 series machines and consolidated these into a budget-conscious, compact design.

The Enthrone is set to extend entry-level flexibility beyond industry expectations, with built-in Komori quality. See it at Ipex making fast changeovers from lightweight paper to board and with live JDF networking through our DoNet Zone.

Features & Demonstration Highlights
- Greater flexibility for smaller printshops
- Semi-high pile delivery
- Compact, space-saving design
- PQC-U Print Quality Control
- Quick job changes from thin paper to cardboard
- High quality printing by double diameter cylinders

Enthrone 29 Specifications
Number of colors: 2,4,5
Max. printing speed: 13,000 sph
Max. sheet size: 530mm x 750mm
Sheet thickness range: 0.04mm ~ 0.6mm
Plate size: 605mm x 760mm

One-pass High Productivity
- LITHRONE S40P with H-UV *For more details see Appendix attached.
The eight-color Lithrone S40P perfector, with Komori's unique 3 x double-size perfecting mechanism and speed-synchronized delivery transport belt, provides the Ipex launchpad for the astounding new Komori H-UV drying system.

Eco-friendly and ozone-free Komori H-UV now enables the Lithrones to deliver finishing-ready sheets from thin paper to special and with a superb, powder-free finish.

Features & Demonstration Highlights
- "High quality printing", "Quick delivery", "Powderl-free operation", and "Productivity improvement" by brand new unique ozone-free H-UV finishing
- Live demonstrations of Ipex Daily production at 15,000 sph
- Unique 3 x double-size perfecting cylinder mechanism
- Speed-synchronized belt transport system
- Equipped with Digital Videoscope System and PDC-SII with polarized filter
- JDF networking through DoNet Zone

LITHRONE S40P Specifications
Number of colors        2,4 ~ 12
Max. printing speed    sph    15,000 (up to 8-color)
Max. sheet size    mm    720 x 1,030
Sheet thickness range    mm    0.04 ~ 0.3 ( 0.06 ~ 0.6 option )
Plate size    mm    800 x 1,030

Extra Added Value
Making its UK demonstration debut, the LSX40 is Komori's next generation flagship for the 40-inch market, exhibited at Ipex in UV specification. It has a higher running speed of 18,000 sph, a larger sheet size of 750 x 1050mm, and new, faster fully automatic plate changing with nonstop plate removal. With the Komori KHS-AI advanced interface start-up technology, it achieves a 35 percent reduction in job changeover times.

Its array of new features includes a newly developed feeder, an ink cheek design that ensures return-to-zero settings in all operating conditions, and a new delivery profile to increase access and ensure sheet delivery is flat, smooth and mark-free at all speeds and on all materials.

Features & Demonstration Highlights
- Four demonstrations every day on the six-color Lithrone SX40 plus coater
- Drip-off by UV ink, OP varnish and UV coating
- 18,000 sph production on 750 x 1050mm sheets
- Quick job-to-job changeover
- Pre-programmed and fully automated production

LITHRONE SX40 Specifications
Number of colors        4~6
Max. printing speed    sph    18,000
Max. sheet size    mm    750 x 1,050
Sheet thickness range    mm    0.06 ~ 1.0
Plate size    mm    811 x 1,055

On-Demand Changeover
To utterly convince visitors of the actual productivity benefits gained with the Komori KHS-AI advanced interface, the five-color Lithrone S29 plus coater takes center stage on the Komori stand. Using our latest fast start-up technology, the LS-529 is demonstrated producing three jobs in 10 minutes. KHS-AI is a self-learning system that progressively updates press settings to help attain almost immediate production-level quality with minimal waste of paper and time.

KHS-AI software updates ink levels and over 30 air presets and also includes programs for hundreds of different paper types and sizes. It also incorporates Smart Sequence to enable individual pre-programming of press set-up operations, including cleaning, de-inking, pre-inking and plate changing.

Its Smart Feedback feature dramatically reduces the time and paper needed for customer-led on-press changes to the ink profile.

Features & Demonstration Highlights
- Full explanation of Komori's KHS-AI advanced interface system
- 12,000 sph start-up further reduces wastage
- Quick job to job changeover
- Drip-off by Conventional printing, OP varnish and Aqueous coating

LITHRONE S29 Specifications
Number of colors        2,4~8
Max. printing speed    sph    16,000
Max. sheet size    mm    530 x 750
Sheet thickness range    mm    0.04~0.3 (0.04~0.8 option)
Plate size    mm    605 x 760

Other Exhibition Corners

- Komori Chambon
Komori Chambon specializes in high quality webfed, offset and gravure presses focused on the packaging industry. At the Chambon Corner, we will demonstrate the company's latest sleeve technology with an on-stand operating unit. Also, by exhibit panels and high quality printing samples, we will introduce its multifunctionality, waste paper reduction and high-speed makeready which bring customers' revenue.
- Komori Currency Technology
Security presses including banknote presses have gained a great success worldwide by the unique solutions in the security and banknote sector. We provide a full turnkey operation, and present all its latest innovations for the increasingly higher level of verification demanded by customers. At Komori Currency Technology Corner, we will introduce its high printing quality through exhibit samples.
- Komori Webfed Presses
The innovative range of Komori 16- and 32-page web presses - now with cut-offs to suit most markets - has proved exceptionally successful over the last four years. An insight into the reasons for this popularity will be presented regularly at the show.
- DoNet
DoNet is Komori's open architecture network system. In the DoNet Zone at Ipex, Komori demonstrates MIS-driven production control through CIP4/JDF-based digital communication, performing color management and job control for all the jobs being printed on the four Komori presses at the show, and including live production?management of the Ipex Daily, printed every day on the eight-color Lithrone S40P perfector.


29-inch Sheetfed Offset Printing Press

High quality in a compact design - the perfect answer for today's opportunities
- The Enthrone 29 embodies the high print quality and leading-edge technologies that have become synonymous with Komori. And with its ergonomic stepless operator's side design and small footprint, the Enthrone 29 fits easily in any installation space.
- Emblematic of the Enthrone 29's full arsenal of functions, the press employs an array of double-size impression and transfer cylinders to ensure consistent performance on short runs of a diverse work mix.
- Accommodating sheet thicknesses of 0.04mm to 0.6mm, and, as demonstrated at Ipex, the press dramatically shortens the time required for changeover between light and heavy stocks because no transfer cylinder gripper pad adjustment is necessary.
- The Enthrone 29, in short, enables working efficiencies that result in highly profitable operation.

- New Semi-Automatic Plate Changing
The new Semi-APC system makes plate changing much more efficient because the bender-less plate clamp eliminates the need for plate bending. In addition, the clamp is flat, which contributes to improved leading-edge register accuracy.
- Automatic Cleaning Systems
Cleaning systems are also state of the art. The time necessary for blanket cleaning is shortened by the use of a presoaked microencapsulated cloth. Plus, the reduced amount of cloth consumption contributes to eco-friendly operation.

Time Flow for Changeover from Printing on Thin Sheets to Printing on Thick Sheets (with no change of sheet size)

One-Touch Sheet Thickness Preset
The new impression cylinder gripper pad maintains high print quality and shortens changeover times. This gives the Enthrone 29 the ability to flexibly accommodate both thin and thick sheets. A sheet thickness preset function further enhances paper thickness capabilities. Changing sheet thickness is a stress-free automatic operation that requires only one touch on the touchpanel.

Komori's Environmentally Friendly Products
Ninety-five percent of the environmental impact of a press takes place during the usage stage. For this reason, Komori develops printing presses and systems that have a low environmental impact achieved by saving energy and resources through reduction of makeready time and paper waste and by reducing harmful chemical substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released during printing. Komori products also comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) of the European Union and incorporate features to minimize noise. BG certification from the prestigious German BG-Prüfzert (accident insurance and prevention institution) certifies compliance with stringent standards on the dispersion of various substances and noise during printing. Even ahead of launch, the Enthrone 29 has already been awarded the certificate of compliance with BG environmental standards.

BG Compliance Certification
- Degree of detergent spraying
- Degree of ink misting
- Noise level
- Degree of scattering of dampening water additive (alcohol)
- Degree of powder spraying

Tests are conducted on the basis of these and other strict standards, and certification is awarded only to printing presses that have demonstrated the ability to reduce the release of these substances.

Komori H-UV - Introduced at IPEX 2010
Innovative Curing System

Quality and Reliability in an Eco-friendly and Economical Innovative UV Curing System
The Komori H-UV System is an innovative UV curing system that uses a UV lamp developed with Komori know-how and high-sensitivity UV ink. With just one lamp mounted in the delivery, this system offers high print quality and reliability as well as excellent economic and eco-friendly performance.

Advantages of UV Curing System
- Shorter Total Turnaround Time
Job turnaround time is dramatically shorter than with conventional printing because printed items are cured instantly by an in-line process. UV curing is extremely effective in shortening the time from receipt of materials to delivery because finishing work such as cutting, die cutting and folding can be performed immediately. This direct-to-finishing capability is demonstrated at Ipex as a critical element in the live production of the Ipex Daily, which is printed on the Komori stand on the Lithrone S840P
- Reduction of Stock Space
Since there is no waiting for printed items to dry as required with conventional printing, a large stock space for printed work is not required. The stock space necessary to accommodate the increasing number of short runs of varied items can be reduced.
- Total drying on non-absorbent materials
In pre-launch trials, the H-UV system has already proved especially effective in the mark-free printing and full drying of non-absorbent materials such as fillm and foil – even with high ink coverage
- Improved Quality due to Powder-free Operation
Since the entire printing process is powder-free, the plant has none of the environmental unfriendliness associated with the scattering of powder granules. The surface of printed items is smooth, which makes surface processing in postpress very easy. Also, since the problems resulting from supplementary printing by an on-demand press can be reduced, UV curing can facilitate more orders in applications that require no adhesion of drying powder. The elimination of the dry down phenomenon also makes it easier to check quality.
Advantages of H-UV System: Economical
- Energy-saving and Low Running Cost
The amount of CO² emissions from Komori's H-UV system is about one-quarter that of a conventional UV curing system. Running costs, including replacement bulbs, during long-term use can also be reduced. Since the amount of heat discharged by the lamp is extremely small, heat deformation of the sheets can be prevented.
- Budget-friendly Initial Cost
Since the H-UV System is mounted inside the printing press, the power supply unit is very compact. Also, because it discharges no ozone and only a very small amount of heat, air-conditioning equipment involving air ducts is not necessary. This results in an initial cost that is much lower than a conventional UV system, making installation of the H-UV system a very budget-friendly proposition.

Advantages of H-UV System: Eco-friendly
- Environmentally friendly
The H-UV system does not discharge ozone thanks to the reduction of light emitted in the ozone-generating wavelength of the spectrum that occurs with conventional UV lamps. In addition, the H-UV system contributes tremendously to a better environment inside the printing plant because it does not use powder and is nearly odorless. Thus, the Komori H-UV system is an environmentally friendly perfect match for emerging trends.
- Effective Space Utilization
No headaches figuring out installation space since the Komori H-UV system is compact and fits inside the press. Space inside the printing plant can be effectively utilized since no area is needed to place printed items that have not yet dried.




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