SMEStorage releases first beta of Mac Cloud Drive

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

London, UK - SMEStorage, the multi-cloud data access provider, today is pleased to announce the release of the first beta of a Mac Cloud Drive which enables up to 10 commercial storage providers to be accessed directly from a virtual drive in Mac Leopard and Snow Leopard Operating Systems.

CEO Ian Osborne states, "We are really pleased to announce the first beta of our virtual cloud drive for the Mac. This drive enables users to access their cloud storage files directly from their shell or Mac file manager"

"The drive brings cloud computing directly into the Mac OS with over 10 popular Cloud Storage vendors supported, including Amazon S3, Google Docs, Microsoft SkyDrive and RackSpace Cloud Files."

"Our aim has always been to make it easy to access files stored on the cloud" continues Osborne. "Cloud Storage is definitely a commodity but we find that users have files on many different clouds and often use different Operating Systems for work and for home. The Mac Cloud Drive lets users see files from many different storage clouds through a normal file system, and we view the Mac OS and community as being very important to us strategically so we are going to continue to put further investment into not just the Cloud Drive, but also direct synchronisation capabilities that work with any of the clouds that we support."

"From a business perspective we find that many companies have users who use different Operating Systems which often does not play well with the ability to access file and collaborate. We have companies using our Organisation Cloud product to enable them to get over this problem as we now have virtual cloud drives for the Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and we will continue to strengthen our products and tooling for all of these three distinct Operating Systems."