Satori Releases Paperless NCOALink

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

SEATTLE, WA -- Satori Software today announced the immediate availability of its streamlined Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) management system with the April 2009 release of both of its mailing preparation and address management software lines: Bulk Mailer® and MailRoom ToolKit®. This new paperless system allows Satori Software® customers to set up Move Update accounts and access Full Service NCOALink processing in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.

As an NCOALink licensee, Satori Software must collect completed PAF documents annually from each list owner and, when applicable, any third-party list processor (i.e., broker/agent or list administrator). USPS® recently revised the PAF, which makes it possible for Satori Software to offer this paperless PAF management system. Today, Bulk Mailer and MailRoom ToolKit customers located in the United States may complete and submit list-owner-approved PAFs through the integrated Move Update wizard anytime. The system validates the form and provides immediate access to the Satori Software real-time* 48-month Move Update service.

“As many of our customers know firsthand, NCOALink processing through Satori Software products is the fastest, easiest and most convenient method for meeting the new USPS Move Update standard,” said Hugh Rogovy, President of Satori Software. “We are pleased to offer this new service which streamlines the otherwise onerous task of managing the necessary PAF documents and helps our mailing preparation customers be more productive.”