NowDocs Announces Launch of NowPrint 7.0

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PHILADELPHIA -- NowDocs today announced the launch and immediate availability of NowPrint 7.0, a major upgrade to the NowPrint web-to-print platform. Most visible in the upgrade is a new Web 2.0 user interface - which includes further extension of NowPrint's flexibility in creating truly unique online experiences per customer.

"Print service providers on NowPrint want the ability to create online experiences that leverage their intimate knowledge of each customer, from integrated authentication, unique product catalogs, payment methods, and delivery options - with NowPrint 7.0 we take it a few steps further by adding the ability to create unique themes and customize any text in the user experience on a per customer basis," says Jennifer Matt, President of NowDocs.

XMPie Enabled VDP
NowPrint 7.0 represents the first major extension of our scalable, plug-in approach to variable data printing. All NowPrint customers receive basic variable data capabilities which utilize the built in components of Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher - allowing printers to crawl before they walk/run with no additional investment. Now our customers have the option to utilize the desktop tools from XMPie to create templates for the NowPrint catalog which are then configured using NowPrint's new composition engine agnostic WebForm - a common interface for configuring all personalized products no matter the technology that ultimately composes the output.

Active Previewer
Because the tools that enable rich internet experiences have evolved - NowPrint 7.0 can deliver our new Active Preview utilizing the latest web technology. With this component we preview in real time user selected print specifications (based on the printers capabilities) to preview on the users content. Users can literally page through their assembled and specified print order before they commit to the transaction.

SaaS - Integrated Authentication
A single sign on (SSO) experience is now an expectation when print service providers serve a captive customer community (e.g., in-plants). NowPrint has always supported integrated authentication, with NowPrint 7.0 we extend this single sign-on user experience in a SaaS model. Using Microsoft's ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) we support secure, integrated authentication between our enterprise hosting facilities and our customer's network. ADFS has been in a production pilot since October 2008.

NowPrint 7.0 is available immediately, for more information please visit www.nowdocs.com