BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Introduces Double Postcard Application

Monday, June 15, 2009

Durham, N.C. -- BÖWE BELL + HOWELL (BBH), a leading provider of document processing and postal solutions, has announced the availability of a new integrated solution that converts letters and notices into a double postcard format. By using the BBHâ Pressure Sealer, BÖWE One ReCompose software and JETVisionâ reading system, mailers can create self-contained mailpieces that can potentially reduce postage costs by up to 40 percent, increase finishing throughput by up to 300 percent, and reduce labor costs.
By utilizing a double postcard format, mailers can save up to 16 cents in postage per mailpiece as compared to a typical envelope sent via First Class Mail. BBH's double postcard solution also provides increased processing throughput of up to 300 percent over traditional methods for processing #10 envelopes.
As part of the rollout for this innovative solution, BÖWE BELL + HOWELL is offering a free webinar on "Saving Postage Costs with BBH Pressure Sealers." The webinar will include information on USPS requirements for double postcards, savings associated with the format, application ideas and sample layouts, and BBH's suite of solutions for double postcards and other one-step mailer formats.
The Webinar will be offered from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. (Eastern time) on the following dates:
    •    June 16
    •    July 14
    •    August 18

Online registration for this free webinar is available through www.bowebellhowell.com/webinars.
The double postcard application is typically used for service-related letters, notices, checks, letters, tax documents, announcements, coupons, direct mail and confirmation notices. Industries that can take full advantage of the savings associated with the double postcard format include banking and financial, insurance, payroll services, retailers and government agencies.
"This solution can produce exceptional savings for high-volume mailing operations," said Jerry DeRome, BBH executive director. "One of the early adopters of BBH's double postcard system is a national financial institution that now realizes a monthly savings of up to $150,000."
The double postcard application combines several software and hardware solutions to convert print-ready letter formats into a one-step mailer or self-mailer, thus eliminating the need for an outside envelope. BBH's ReCompose software converts the letter to a double-postcard format. After printing, the double postcards are processed by the BBH Pressure Sealer system to create a finished mailpiece. The integrated JETVision reading system ensures that every item is created with full integrity and quality control.
For further information about BBH's double postcard application, call Eileen Sarro at 919-767-7625 or e-mail eileen.sarro@bowebellhowell.com. For more information about BÖWE BELL + HOWELL, visit www.bowebellhowell.com.