New Ink Management System From Think Ink

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gaithersburg, MD - Think Ink, the leading supplier of industrial inks for HP-based inkjet printers has announced the next generation of Ink Management Systems for high volume mailing, numbering and barcoding applications. The Think Ink IMS system utilizing 350 ml HP-manufactured containers enables significant savings over using small 42ml cartridges. It is common for users to save 30-40% on ink costs by using these systems.

The new Think Ink IMS system provides several new features that are sure to increase productivity and profits in industrial HP-inkjet environments. The features include:

1 liter ink reservoir. Print over hundreds of thousands of addresses/numbers before refilling.

On-the-fly top-up. The ink reservoir can have additional inks loaded while the inkjet continues to print.

Easy to view ink-level site glass. This allows a precise view of remaining ink.

Low-ink strobe light. The strobe can be easily seen - even across the shop floor.

Roll stand - allows unit to be moved to multiple inkjet systems.

Scalable for any print area. It can feed ½ inch to 10 inches of print.

Compatible with popular HP inks - even color.

Additional benefits of having continuous inking systems are readily apparent to users that have multiple print heads consuming ink at different rates - where some cartridges run dry before others. The IMS system allows constant ink supply to each head at all times.

Lisa White, General Manager of Think Ink commented, "In today's challenging market, our customers are looking to cut costs and increase productivity. In addition to the increased profits associated with lower costs, Think Ink's users have witnessed the higher uptime due to less ink intervention, and increased revenues from keeping inkjet production lines running longer." Lisa continued, "With our new lower prices, anyone running over 500,000 pieces per month should investigate this".