DirectSmile launches integrated solution for cross-media marketing

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Berlin -- On May 1, 2009 DirectSmile launches DirectSmile Cross Media, its new, integrated solution for cross-media marketing. DirectSmile Cross Media enables users to create personal URL websites for real-time campaign tracking and send high-volumes of personalized e-mailings. The solution is designed for all providers of marketing services who wish to deliver highly personalized, targeted and efficient cross-media campaigns with full response transparency.

By establishing personal URL websites, users can capture the response to any direct mailing on the internet and create an online feedback channel for every mail recipient. Thus they can gain additional customer data and interact with customers and leads in a unique personal way. To increase response rates, personalized images can be easily used on websites and in e-mailings.

“When it comes to cross-media, the most important factor is the ability to measure campaign response,” says Axel Marciniak, Managing Director of DirectSmile. “But tracking is not an end in itself! Using DirectSmile Cross Media every company has the chance to continually improve the quality of its customer database and the effectiveness of its direct mail campaigns.”

Users of DirectSmile Cross Media will especially benefit from DirectSmile´s concept of an integrated suite of applications ranging from image personalization and variable data printing technologies to personalized websites and e-mailings, which all share the same basic technologies. This means that any kind of personalized direct marketing campaign, whether printed or digital, can be realized with a solution from one hand, resulting in swift implementation, efficient workflows and significant cost-savings.

Personal URL websites for real-time campaign tracking

The combination of printed direct mail campaigns and personalized URL websites offers marketers the chance to track campaign response in detail and gain additional customer data for even more personalized follow-up mailings.

To create a personalized website with DirectSmile Cross Media, users only need their mailing list and an HTML layout which can be created by any web designer. In addition, One-Minute-Design allows the set up of fully-functional feedback pages within minutes, even without a designer. 

Powerful real-time response tracking offers up-to-the minute access to all campaign data. On the campaign dashboard users can view any action of a customer on his website, create detailed campaign reports and select data for targeted follow-up campaigns.

Thanks to DirectSmile´s fully integrated concept, personalized images or animations can be easily integrated on every personalized website, previews of customized brochures can be displayed in an instant, and, triggered by the customers´ actions, personalized response e-mails or SMS messages can be sent automatically.

Image personalized high volume e-mailings

In addition to printed direct mail pieces, e-mailings have proven to be an especially cost-effective way to reach a mass-audience. With DirectSmile Cross Media, users profit from a full-featured e-mailing solution designed for high mailing volumes. To increase response rates, personalized images can be simply used in each e-mail. Even when sending millions of e-mails, DirectSmile´s multi-server concept ensures that the required number of images is always available.

Comprehensive e-mail tracking and bounce management functionality provides full transparency, once the e-mailing is sent. Whenever a recipient opens his e-mail or an e-mail is not delivered, these actions are captured by DirectSmile.

An interactive tour explains cross-media marketing

To offer potential users the chance to learn more about innovative cross-media marketing DirectSmile has created an interactive showcase which can be accessed at www.crossmediatour.com Visitors to the site can experience the full campaign process, combining personalized print, web and e-mails and try out a demo campaign themselves.

Products and availability

DirectSmile Cross Media is available worldwide from May 1, 2009 and can be purchased through DirectSmile and all its distributors. For sales inquiries please contact: sales@directsmile.de