Pitney Bowes Emtex Software Standardizes with Modular ADF Software Solutions

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

BOCA RATON, FL and LONDON, UK, October 15, 2006 — Pitney Bowes Emtex Software, leading provider of document output management solutions, announces new ADF Solutions that give customers a manageable, phased approach to building and running an automated document factory (ADF). These solutions are derived from fully integrating Emtex (VIP, FlexServer, VDE and OptionPROM) and existing Pitney Bowes (DFWorks, Direct Connect and InSite) product sets to create a standardized, modular and expandable ADF enablement solution suite. Implementing these solutions requires minimal on-site configuration and customization, thereby reducing cost and implementation time. The new ADF Solutions offer a modular staged approach. Capabilities range from enabling basic file-based audit to complete end-to-end job status, document tracking, automated reprinting, real-time monitoring and productivity reporting. The ADF Solutions are the cornerstone of Pitney Bowes Emtex Software Production Intelligence, connecting all the workflow stages of the mailstream and delivering the comprehensive information needed to run an ADF. Basic Integrity Solution The entry-level Basic Integrity Solution delivers improved piece-level integrity and productivity and reduces the risk of losing clients to quality issues. By simplifying the creation of piece-level job tracking, audit, and MRDF (Mail Run Data File) control files from any input printstream, users can demonstrate compliance and increase customer confidence with a platform that is easily expandable to support future ADF management capabilities. Mail Piece Database Solution With the ADF Solution Package, users can collect, monitor and analyze data for productivity reporting and centralized real-time production monitoring. Customer data extracted from the print stream is used to create data-rich audit files for archiving. The searchable historical mail piece database allows document lifecycle tracking to the mailstream with little or no IT support required. Much of this data can be housed as part of the ADF, because the operation already has control and access to the information. As a result, operations can reduce research costs and provide value-added client services. Productivity Reporting Solution This advanced productivity reporting tool helps operations get more results from operators, run machines at peak performance and understand capacity availability. Users can track the progress of a job at the printer, where they can respond more quickly. Operations will be able to measure and analyze performance objectively using data collected automatically as operators go about their normal workflow. Users can eliminate the cost of manual data collection and analysis, while gaining process integrity, compliance, and SLA verification. “Many large production facilities need the reliability of established processes, and they want to take advantage of workflow benchmarks and best practices. With the ADF Solutions, these needs are satisfied by a phased architecture connected by Pitney Bowes Emtex Production Intelligence. Customers can leverage end-to-end process automation and lean manufacturing techniques in the way that best addresses their specific business requirements today,” said Pitney Bowes Emtex Software’s President, Tim Moylan. “For many customers, embarking on an ADF journey was a costly and disruptive process requiring painful planning, managing and developing multi-vendor integration points, lengthy implementation schedules and exhaustive testing.” Commented Nick Khatri, Marketing Manager, “With our new ADF Solutions, customers can now reap the full benefits of an ADF quickly with minimum effort, cost and disruption to their business.”