Q.I. Press Controls again in Deloitte's Fast 50

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Q.I. Press Controls for the third year running is included in the 50 fastest growing technology concerns in the Netherlands, according to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Ranking List. With a growth in turnover of 299% over the past five years Q.I. Press Controls has reached 43rd position on the list. A survey among nominated company CEO's shows that the Dutch technology companies that beat all growth records, do not follow trends, but have made every effort to develop their technology. As long as this technology functions well and is distinctive in the market turnover will follow. The same goes for Q.I. Press Controls, worldwide supplier of register and colour control systems for offset printing presses. They have listened well to the market and the advanced technique of their IRS register system, after ten years is still state of the art and leader among competitive systems. The latest IDS colour quality control system is another example of a system that leaves the competitors far behind. It has been developed from the customer point of view and throws out all regular techniques. The IDS takes the digital pre-press original as a start point, then the intelligent scanner compares this with the measured net printing image after start up of the press. This revolutionary technology renders marks or colour bars redundant and makes consistent colour reproduction possible, regardless of press, location and other variables during the printing process. Since the foundation of the Dutch Headquarters in 1996, Q.I. Press Controls has established offices in Germany, Spain, North America, China, Japan, Australia and India. "We expect the opening of some other offices within a year" says Menno Jansen, one of the two founders of the company. "It's quite a job to control our growth. We owe our success to a great team that's working with us. At the end, they are the ones that have to do it".