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Kodak Showcases Integrated Solutions for Customer Growth at drupa

Friday, May 30, 2008

Press release from the issuing company

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY, May 29 - Visitors to Stand D01 in Hall 5 will experience how Kodak's integrated, tailored solutions-spanning digital, lithographic and flexographic technologies-can help customers in all segments of the graphic communications market capitalize on the power of print to drive profitable growth.

    Through the theme "Print is Powerful," Kodak spotlights at drupa the unmatched versatility and effectiveness of print in reaching audiences and achieving results through mass, 1:1 and cross media campaigns. Kodak's stand is organized around solutions by commercial, packaging, publishing and data printing segments.

     "As a key component of the media mix, print remains as powerful as ever because of its remarkable ability to adapt to changes in media, technology and society," said Kevin Joyce, Chief Marketing Officer, Kodak's Graphic Communications Group, and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company. "Just as print's flexibility continues to make it a vital communications medium, print service providers need to adapt their businesses and expand their services in response to the changing needs of the market.  We're focusing on providing technologies, products and solutions for customers to offer new applications, expand into adjacent markets and improve their bottom lines."

    Kodak's comprehensive portfolio of products and services at drupa includes electrophotographic, inkjet, flexographic and lithographic options for offset class production, prepress products that optimize productivity and quality, KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions to enable the highest levels of production efficiency, and business development services that expand revenue potential.

Digital Printing Solutions

    Inkjet systems representing Kodak's three platforms for production printing-continuous inkjet, drop on demand (DOD) and KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology-will be on display at drupa.

    Kodak's drupa stand features two technology demonstrations of KODAK Stream Inkjet Technology, a continuous inkjet technology that enables offset class reliability, productivity, cost and quality with the full benefits of digital printing for high volume commercial applications. The Stream Concept Press from Kodak shows a process color system with resolution that exceeds 600 dpi at industry leading production speeds. The Stream Concept Printhead from Kodak demonstrates the speed and integration capabilities of the technology, delivering monochrome offset class VDP applications at 300 mpm (1000 fpm).

    drupa visitors will see the KODAK VERSAMARK VT3000 Printing System, a scaleable continuous inkjet solution that can be customized for speed, configuration and color based on unique customer needs. The VT3000 System is ideal for transactional and TransPromo applications.

    Also on display at drupa is the new KODAK VERSAMARK VL2000 Printing System, which prints process color at 600 dpi and is ideal for transactional statements, TransPromo communications, and direct mail solicitations from a "white paper in" configuration. The system will be formally launched at drupa and is ideal for transactional and commercial print environments with volumes ranging from 1 million to 5 million impressions per month.

Within its portfolio of electrophotographic solutions, Kodak launches the KODAK NEXPRESS S3600 Digital Production Color Press, the fastest in its S-Series, with dramatically increased productivity. The new S-Series portfolio includes the NEXPRESS S3000, S2500 and S2100 Digital Production Color Presses, all which have unique onsite upgrade capability for speed, color imaging stations, frontend choices and input/output accessories to help print service providers leverage their initial investments.

In addition to the S3600 Press, Kodak also introduces the KODAK NEXPRESS Intelligent Dimensional Coating Solution and the KODAK NEXPRESS Dimensional Clear Dry Ink, which allow for a raised printing effect that mirrors thermography printing. The combination of flexible, productive presses and versatile imaging features further enables the production of VDP and attention grabbing applications. This combination helps print providers grow their businesses by gaining new clients and volumes, and optimizing their bottom lines through high value applications.

In black and white, Kodak previews the KODAK DIGIMASTER EX300 Digital Production System, the fastest cut sheet electrophotographic printer in the market, printing at a rate of 18,000 images per hour (A4). A speed upgrade module that enables the onsite upgrade of current DIGIMASTER Systems to the higher speed of 300 ppm will also be announced. Based on the dependability of the DIGIMASTER Platform, print providers in the transaction, direct mail, and corporate environments will experience offset class reliability and image quality to meet the turnaround times and application demands of their print clients.

To provide advanced product security and brand protection for a wide range of applications, Kodak will preview a number of additions to its Security Solutions capabilities at drupa. Options include secure thermal transfer ribbon, optically variable ink, and the ability to deliver the KODAK TRACELESS System for Anticounterfeiting via NEXPRESS Presses. Printed samples, which demonstrate the ability to add TRACELESS Marking and Detection Systems to printed materials through the dry toner printing process used with NEXPRESS Presses, will be on display.

CTP and Proofing Solutions

    Kodak features a number of its industry leading solutions for digital plate production at drupa. The KODAK FLEXCEL NX Digital Flexographic System, previewed earlier and commercially available for the first time at drupa 2008, represents a new way of making flexo printing plates for higher levels of print quality, productivity, and stability. Providing extreme consistency and high resolution, the FLEXCEL NX Digital Flexographic System gives converters and package printers a competitive advantage by helping them deliver outstanding quality with a highly efficient solution. The FLEXCEL NX Digital Flexographic System provides offset class, gravure quality on a wide variety of substrates, including paper, flexible film, foil, label stock and folding cartons.

    Kodak unveils the next level of digital plates for high performance printing with the new KODAK ELECTRA XD Thermal Plate, exhibiting impressive prepress and on press stability for excellent resolution, run length, and color control throughout the full press run. Launching at drupa 2008, the ELECTRA XD Thermal Plate is a non ablative, no preheat, positive working digital plate. With typically triple the unbaked run length of the KODAK ELECTRA EXCEL HRL Plates, the highly durable ELECTRA XD Plate also helps printers reduce overall plate consumption and energy usage while maintaining consistency, stability, and print quality.

Kodak's MAGNUS and TRENDSETTER Platesetters will be represented at drupa. KODAK Platesetters utilize KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology to minimize the impact of routine prepress variations, and deliver stable and reliable plates that stay within tight print manufacturing tolerances. Enabled by SQUARESPOT Technology, KODAK STACCATO Screening offers high fidelity, continuous tone images that exhibit fine detail and an extended color gamut.

With the growth of the extremely wide format market and the introduction of presses with formats covering 80 total pages (front and back), Kodak introduces an XLF platesetter to its MAGNUS Platesetter line. Based on the market leading KODAK MAGNUS VLF QUANTUM Platesetter, the fastest fully automated very large format platesetter on the market, the new KODAK MAGNUS XLF 80 QUANTUM Platesetter supports extremely large formats up to 2.26 meters wide for 80 page web presses. Kodak will also show a technology demonstration of the new 96 page CTP concept that is currently in development.

The MAGNUS XLF 80 Platesetter offers features that are important to wide format commercial printing operations, including high speeds of up to 26.8 plates per hour at resolutions of 2,400 dpi. The extra large format enables printers to use the widest web presses for the most efficient print production, while still producing plates for existing press formats.

The KODAK MAGNUS 800Z QUANTUM Platesetter also launches at drupa. The MAGNUS 800Z QUANTUM Platesetter delivers faster throughput than any other KODAK Platesetter, and it uses a new, advanced thermal head that generates double the laser power of its MAGNUS Platesetter predecessors. The new thermal head not only increases the speed of plate production, but it also provides broader imaging latitude and higher stability in case of plate sensitivity variations-making this one of the most reliable and cost effective platesetters on the market. With its output capacity of 60 eight up plates per hour and use of KODAK STACCATO Screening for high quality color reproduction, the MAGNUS 800Z QUANTUM Platesetter delivers exceptional productivity and imaging performance.

Kodak will demonstrate a new automatic pallet loader for the MAGNUS 800 Platesetter family, which increases automation and manufacturing efficiency by loading up to 600 plates without manual handling. Plate pallets can be easily loaded via the automatic pallet loader, minimizing labor and providing quick set up time. The automatic pallet loader for MAGNUS 800 Platesetters allows large commercial and publication printers to have long, unattended operation and even greater automation. The automatic pallet loader also works with a single cassette tray for smaller plate quantities. The new pallet loader will be available later this year.

    The new KODAK MAGNUS 400 II Platesetter images up to 22 plates per hour, while the MAGNUS 400 II QUANTUM Platesetter boasts an imaging rate of up to 38 plates per hour. By supporting two to six page plate sizes, the MAGNUS 400 II Platesetters give printers the flexibility to image a wider range of plates and provide support for a greater variety of presses. The combination of a MAGNUS 400 II Platesetter, KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions and KODAK Plates creates a cost effective, all in one prepress solution for performance minded commercial and label printers.

    A new level of productivity and automation in thermal digital platesetting for the newspaper market is being shown with the KODAK GENERATION NEWS System. The KODAK GENERATION NEWS Platesetter combines the high quality and stability of KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology with exceptional productivity. Up to four plate cassettes enable automatic loading and unloading of multiple plate sizes, and up to 1,600 broadsheet plates or 800 panorama plates can be online, running continuously with no operator intervention. Integrated plate size selection, slip sheet removal, transport to the imaging engine, centering, and registration are all automated to eliminate errors.


    Kodak will show a range of digital plates for the global CTP market at drupa, including the new KODAK SWORD J Thermal Plate. Available only in Japan, SWORD J Thermal Plates help printers deliver excellent print quality with KODAK STACCATO Screening Technology and strong durability for web offset printing with superb reliability, repeatability, convenience, and speed. By doing away with preheating and postbaking, SWORD J Thermal Plates cut processing times, consume less energy and provide easy processor maintenance.

    SWORD J Thermal Plates provide environmental benefits by utilizing new low alkalinity chemicals for reduced chemical consumption. Another plate featured at drupa, the KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plate, also helps customers reduce environmental impact by eliminating the need for a plate processor and processing chemistry.

    The industry's broadest portfolio of digital halftone, inkjet and virtual proofing systems will be represented in Kodak's drupa stand.

    The KODAK APPROVAL NX Digital Color Imaging System is making its fifth appearance at drupa, a sign of its versatility and adaptability for new applications. The APPROVAL NX System remains as relevant and important as ever for printers needing high quality, accurate halftone proofing. A series of new features for the APPROVAL NX Digital Proofing System, which enhance its functionality for package printers and converters, will be shown at drupa.

    Kodak is unveiling new features for KODAK Proofing Software, one of the key components of Kodak's complete proofing portfolio. These new features make it easier for package printers and converters to proof using inkjet printers. The newest version of the software, which drives popular inkjet proofing devices as well as the KODAK APPROVAL Digital Color Imaging System, now will also drive the new EPSON STYLUS Pro 7900 and 9900 Printers for wider gamut printing.

    A suite of new inkjet media solutions from Kodak is ready for the discerning standards of the world's most demanding artists and photographers. With KODAK Photo and Fine Art Media, users can achieve vivid, vibrant and finely detailed image reproduction for high quality portrayal of original creative work. 

    New KODAK Photo and Fine Art Media in the Photo and Fine Art Media PR include five product options:  Coated Matte, Textured, Smooth, Fibre Glossy and Fibre Satin. Each of these bases is suitable for long term display or archival storage when used in concert with pigmented inks.

Workflow Solutions

Digital print workflow tools; a device based color management platform; next generation screening technologies; a PDF editing solution for Adobe Illustrator; enhanced automation and job planning capabilities for packaging workflows; and extended support for JDF lead a series of new features in KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System Version 5.0. Marking a substantial expansion of the industry leading workflow and connectivity solution, PRINERGY Workflow System Version 5.0 delivers optimal integration, productivity and automation for blended conventional and digital production environments. As a component of KODAK Web to Print Solutions, PRINERGY Workflow System enables zero touch automation, or the elimination of virtually all manual processes from customer orders through to completed jobs, using Rules Based Automation technology.

KODAK COLORFLOW Software aligns color across devices, enabling integrated color control with the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow System. COLORFLOW Software delivers Color Relationship Management that unifies all the color elements, such as ICC profiles, curves and spot color recipes, managing the relationship between them and the device print conditions.

KODAK COLORFLOW Software with Ink Optimizing Solution helps reduce ink consumption and ink costs for web and sheetfed printers while improving print quality through greater press stability. The Ink Optimizing Solution produces ICC device link profiles that can be used to reseparate images automatically through GCR separation techniques within the PRINERGY Workflow.

The KODAK INSITE Creative Workflow System family delivers support for both inbound and outbound channels to offer a comprehensive communication solution including Personalized URL (PURL) support, variable email, personalized landing pages and VDP. For print service providers moving beyond "ink on paper" to become marketing service providers, KODAK INSITE Print Campaign Manager provides analysis and management of customer data to create even more relevant and profitable targeted communications. Fully integrated with Kodak's Unified Workflow Solutions, INSITE Print Campaign Manager is an innovative solution that is able to define each element of a marketing campaign, including outbound and inbound channels, landing sites, personalized URLs, email blasts, and key metrics and analytics.

KODAK DARWIN Software Version 3.0, with features to streamline the process of creative content development while giving higher productivity to users with advanced and professional VDP requirements, will be shown as a technology demonstration. The scaleable software integrates with KODAK Web Composition Solution and allows users to share templates on the KODAK INSITE Storefront System or through third party web to print solutions.

DARWIN Version 3.0 Software supports cross media programs by enabling creation of personalized HTML documents, is compatible with MACINTOSH and PC environments, and leverages the full power of Adobe In Design CS3, Photoshop CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3 Software. A new graphical user interface makes working with DARWIN Version 3.0 Software even easier and more intuitive.

KODAK EMS Business Software provides management for the totality of a printer's business and serves as a catalyst for change. As an ERP/MIS solution, EMS Software creates business efficiency and delivers real time access to key productivity indicators that help drive business growth and success in today's dynamic business environment. Visitors to Kodak's stand will be able to see new bidirectional connectivity between EMS Business Software and INSITE Storefront System. The automatic processing of web based orders reduces the potential for human error and greatly reduces the costs of handling these orders.

Kodak's Print On-Demand Solutions Group announces a new set of workflow solutions for digital production printing to its OEM channels at drupa 2008. At Kodak's stand, the new workflow products will be demonstrated as a simulation of a real print provider site.

Business Development and Sustainability Solutions

In addition to hardware, software and products, Kodak's drupa stand includes tools and programs for helping print service providers identify new business opportunities and move toward greater sustainability.

Digital printers participating in KODAK MARKETMOVER Business Development Services now have more opportunities to maximize their revenue and profit potential. The expanded online KODAK MARKETMOVER Resource Center features enhanced navigation capabilities in five languages, new tools to help users identify materials of most value to them, and an updated, easy to use interface that allows customers to interact with the site's content. An enhanced "search" feature and a mechanism for users to provide real time feedback for continuous improvement of the site are also included.

The MARKETMOVER Business Development Service  also now features expanded consulting and training services in EAMER. KODAK MARKETMOVER Services Professionals work directly with print providers in developing marketing plans, training senior management and sales representatives on new business opportunities, and supporting marketing and sales programs.

Kodak's Graphic Communications Group expands its program of bringing localized sustainability information to specific geographic regions. A kit with information and resources to help printers in the U.K. and DACH regions understand how sustainability may impact their business debuts at drupa. Content for the kit, titled 'Toward Greater Sustainability…Together,' was developed specifically for European markets, and focuses on the business and operational implications of a sustainability program.

Document Imaging and Digital Photography Solutions

    Digital Camera Systems from the LEAF AFi line will be on display. The LEAF AFi Medium Format Digital Camera System targets professional photographers who seek top level speed, intuitive design and exceptional quality. The LEAF AFi Camera is the only 6 x 6 auto focus, medium format digital camera on the market. The integrated camera system delivers unsurpassed image quality by integrating outstanding hardware, including Schneider AFD lenses and LEAF Digital Imaging Technology.

The LEAF AFi Medium Format Digital Camera System offers the same ultra fast speed established by the LEAF APTUS family of digital camera backs, while supporting unlimited burst shooting. The capture rate is as high as 82 frames per minute, using CCD image sensors of up to 48 mm x 36 mm, with up to 33 megapixel resolution. The high level of integration in the camera system helps ensure simple and accurate operation. The LEAF Capture Software is bundled with the AFi package and offers free Live View capabilities.

In addition to its products and services for the commercial printing market, Kodak's exhibit at drupa 2008 will utilize KODAK Scanners for capturing sales leads. The KODAK i1220 Scanners will capture business cards and leads from visitors to Kodak's stand. The KODAK i1400 Series Scanner will capture transaction information from customers making purchases of Kodak's products at the show.

KODAK Products are backed by KODAK Service and Support. KODAK Service and Support is made up of more than 3,000 professionals reaching more than 120 countries. It is a leading multi vendor integrated services provider, delivering consulting, installation, maintenance and support services for the commercial printing, graphic communications, document imaging and data storage industries. KODAK Service and Support professionals are uniquely qualified to provide services that control costs, maximize productivity, and minimize business risk.




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