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Lean Manufacturing: A Key to Profitability

Sponsored by the HP Capture Business Success Program

Lean manufacturing-often simply called "Lean"-is the term used to describe the management and production methodologies that were originally developed by the Japanese automotive industry. Lean focuses on avoiding and eliminating the seven wastes-defective products, overproduction, excessive work-in-process inventory, over-processing, unnecessary movement of people, unnecessary movement of products, and waiting.  While it started in the automotive market, these same principles apply to the graphic communications market. Successful graphic communications companies are implementing Lean practices in order to narrow the productivity gap.

If your business isn't profitable as it could be and you trying to get more from your manufacturing processes log on to this thought provoking webinar.  This session will challenge your current thinking on efficient print production. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of lean manufacturing principles and strategies, and introduce Lean Manufacturing as imperative to the economic vitality of graphic communication industry.


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