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If You Build Software, Will They Come? How a Print Business Can Develop and Sell Software

Join us February 22 for our monthly LunchNLearn Webinar featuring special guest Jon Budington.

For many, if not most, print businesses, software is the backbone of the business, whether it is an off-the-shelf solution or a homegrown software system. But few print businesses have ever actually considered selling their homegrown software. One company that has is More Vang. Founded in 1979 as Global Printing, over the decades the company has expanded far beyond print and, in the early 2010s, began developing its own software for clients—“middleware” solutions designed to address the everyday needs of marketing departments, such as e-commerce, inventory management, and print marketing—before launching “Banjo,” a workflow management tool they developed to for their clients to help automate their direct mail. Banjo evolved over the years, and today Banjo accounts for a quarter of More Vang’s annual revenue and—70% of its growth in 2022. Another software product, Mythos, has grown 400% in the past two years alone—and is poised to double again this year. More Vang now considers itself not a printing company, but a software company.

How does a printing company even begin to develop, much less sell its own software solutions? Join us Wednesday, February 22, at 1 pm ET for WhatTheyThink’s LunchNLearn Webinar. Special guest Jon Budington, CEO of More Vang, will talk about his journey into software development, and discuss “8 things to consider if you want to build software.”

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What advantages there are in developing and selling software.
  • The kind of software print businesses are best advised to develop.
  • How to begin the process of developing software.
  • How to work with clients to understand the demand and the market for software.
  • How to recruit staff to help develop software.

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