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What Does It Look Like When Color Management Breaks

In this fast paced mid-day webinar, industry leading color management practitioners Dan Gillespie, Jim Raffel, and Shelby Sapusek will take you through some common color management failures and ways to resolve them. Don't come for the slidedeck but instead the lively conversation as it seldom two color management pros agree 100 percent on the correct solution to a color problem.

We plan to cover topics such as: How RGB and CMYK are different than L*a*b*; why not to leave source profiles defaulted to SWOP; how to choose the correct rendering intent; and why skipping a daily nozzle check of your printer can only lead to problems. The team will likely come up with additional topics as time allows.

What you’ll learn:

- How to choose the correct color management setting in Adobe apps and your RIP software.
- Why changing the default color management settings could give you more color gamut
- How important simple machine maintenance checks can be.
- The path to more consistent, predictable, and repeatable color!


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