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Divisional Graphics: Opportunities Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic quickly spawned new forms of signage and display: what EFI calls—and has trademarked—“Divisional Graphics.” These are structural graphics intended to enable or enforce social distancing in public spaces like restaurants, bars, stores, and other locations to help in preventing the spread of contagions—and not just COVID. The coronavirus will remain a persistent threat for the foreseeable future, but even when the immediate threat of the virus has passed, demand for Divisional Graphics—and whatever they evolve into—will likely remain. What will today’s COVID-related materials likely evolve into? What opportunities will remain for these materials, and what new ones will arise? This session will look at the present and future of divisional graphics and COVID signage.

What you’ll learn:

  • What Divisional Graphics are and how they are produced
  • How the COVID crisis quickly created new opportunities for print service providers offering these materials
  • How the demand for these graphics will persist—even after COVID is no longer a threat
  • What the business opportunities are for companies offering these materials

Divisional Graphics: Opportunities Post-COVID is the latest installment in WhatTheyThink’s monthly half-hour LunchNLearn webinar series.


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