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Does personalization really work? Statistically sound research and live use cases tell the story

Sponsored by MindFireInc

The praises of personalization and cross-media have been sung for some time, and we are starting to see more case studies that disclose results of individual personalized campaigns, compared to previous efforts. This webinar will take a broader approach, comparing response rates of more than 650 real-life personalized cross-media campaigns from the MindFireInc database, with data from DMA and PODi to statistically demonstrate the uplift that can be gained from relevant, personalized communications. In addition, the session will include detailed discussion of several recent campaigns that will suggest new options and methods for taking cross-media campaigns to the next level, including closed-loop analysis of the results. For print service providers interested in making the transition to marketing services providers, and for those who have already started this exciting journey, this session will provide actionable ideas that can be translated into exceptional promotional activities on behalf of both clients and the print service provider organization itself. Session attendees will be able to download the research report that is the source of data behind this program.


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