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Interviews with Industry Executives, Commentary & Analysis from WhatTheyThink Contributors and other video features.

Profiles in Print Premier Press
Profiles in Print
Premier Press (Portland, Oregon)

WhatTheyThink traveled to Portland to visit Premier Press to learn more about their business, how they operate, and what makes them unique. This film is the first in an ongoing series of Profiles in Print.

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Kim Shannon on Neenah’s Idea Shop

Neenah’s Kim Shannon talks to Kelley Holmes about Idea Shop, Neenah’s new online platform where brands, designers, artists, printers, and others can connect and discover Neenah’s wide array of solutions. The Idea Shop showcases a curated selection of work from Neenah’s global community of designers and creatives. Watch Video

Bill Farquharson Talks About the Americas Print Show

Bill Farquharson, Head of Community for The Sales Vault, talks about the positive conversations he had with attendees at the Americas Print Show, held two weeks ago in Columbus, Ohio. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with David McNerney

This week, Warren talks with David McNerney, newly appointed president of Think Patented, about the “new normal”—or the fact that there is no more “normal”; each year brings a new challenge to face. McNerney talks about how Think Patented has been dealing with the “supply chain” issues that have dominated this year’s challenges. (Sponsored by Graphic Arts Alliance) Watch Video

Victor Envelope Adjusts to Current Supply Chain Issues

Asif Sheikh, Victor Envelope Company, talks to Kelley Holmes about the company and shows some samples. Located outside Chicago and founded in 1959, Victor Envelope specializes in short-run and custom envelope projects. During the current supply chain crisis, Victor has been able to adjust their model to improvise as the market dictates. Watch Video

Scodix’s Jason Rollo on the State of Digital Embellishments

Scodix’s Jason Rollo provides an update on Scodix’s mission to digitize, and become the leader in, print embellishment and decoration for the packaging and print markets. Watch Video

Ricoh’s Brian Balow on the Inaugural Americas Print Show

Brian Balow, VP, Integrated Production Solutions, Ricoh, talks about the inaugural Americas Print Show, held August 17 to 19 in Columbus, Ohio, and Ricoh’s involvement in the event. Watch Video

Frank Under the X-Ray

Frank discusses a project to X-ray pages from a Gutenberg Bible, Caxton’s Canterbury Tales, and a Korean Buddhist page from 1100 AD. The goal is to see if there is any relationship—in terms of ink, paper, or other properties—between European printing and earlier Asian printing. Maybe they will find Gutenberg’s DNA. Watch Video

Mail Volumes Grow for Quantum Group

Quantum Group’s Cheryl Kahanek talks with Kelley Holmes about the company’s evolution from a commercial printer into more of a direct mail company. Based in Morton Grove, Ill., Quantum Group celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and as it continues to grow its digital platform, it recently acquired a Canon ProStream. Watch Video

Bobst’s Doug Herr on Folding Carton Production Trends

Bobst’s Doug Herr talks with Kelley Holmes about some of the recent trends in the folding carton market, and areas where Bobst has been seeing growth. Watch Video

From "Narc" to Queen of Weed Packaging

Kary Radestock of Hippo Premium Packaging talks with Kelley Holmes about building a print and packaging business serving the growing cannabis industry. Watch Video

Jon Buddington on the Challenges of Expanding the Focus of a Print Business

Jon Buddington of More Vang talks about the challenges he encountered as he expanded his business beyond print to offering creative services and software development. Watch Video

Frank On Paper

Frank discovers a study that says offices still run on paper, and harkens back to the predictions of a paperless office. Copiers and printers increased paper use just as personal computers and the Internet decreased the need for paper. Watch Video

Taylor Corp.’s Nick Gawrulek on Cultivating Printing’s Next Generation

Taylor Corp.’s Nick Gawrulek talks to Kelley Holmes talks about his entry into the printing industry. He is a strong advocate for bringing young people into the industry and discusses his efforts in attracting the next generation of workers, and the responsibility of the industry to mentor that next generation. Watch Video

Americas Print Show Kicks Off in Columbus, Ohio!

WhatTheyThink's Richard Romano speaks with Americas Print Show President Jim Cunningham on the opening day of the show in Columbus Ohio Hear Jim talk about how the show came about, what's happening in Columbus, and plans for the future. Watch Video

Warren Werbitt Goes Printer to Printer with Smartpress’ Mike Lewis

This week Warren talks to Mike Lewis, Managed Services Account Executive for Smartpress, the online division of The Bernard Group. One hundred percent of Smartpress’ orders come through their web-to-print portal; he and Warren talk about the advantages of web-to-print. Watch Video

NextPage Leverages Customer Data for Clients

Gina Danner of NextPage talks to Kelley Holmes about NextPage’s data analysis services. NextPage is a high-volume direct mail provider based in Kansas City, Mo., that helps brands use their customers’ data to enhance their relationships with those customers. Watch Video

Jon Buddington Talks About Expanding Print Business to Include Software and Apps

Jon Buddington of More Vang talks to Kelley Holmes about transitioning his printing business over the past 30 years to include a creative agency, software development, and marketing automation apps. Watch Video

Invitation to Frank

Frank found two books of engraved invitations that graced the counters of small printers throughout America from the 1960s through the 1980s. For weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, confirmations, and other memorable events, you went to the printer down the street and ordered them from these books. Today, much of the printed engraved invitation world is ordered online. Unless you use Evite. Watch Video

Ecofoil: Fully Recyclable, OEM-Certified Metallized Media Optimized for Digital Printing

Mark Kempster of Ecofoil/Crystal Press, talks with Kelley Holmes about Ecofoil, the world’s first, fully recyclable, OEM-certified metallized board media optimized for digital printing. It has been certified for HP Indigo, Ricoh, and Xerox. Watch Video

Spoonflower and Shutterfly: One Year Later

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Spoonflower's acquisition by Shutterfly. Senior Editor Cary Sherburne interviews Michael Jones, Spoonflower General Manager, to discuss what the acquisition has meant for both companies and their respective customer bases, as well as what he sees happening moving forward. Watch Video