Cary Sherburne: Hi, I’m Cary Sherburne, Senior Editor at WhatTheyThink, and I’m here with Joe Demharter, who is Vice President of Sales for Presstek. Welcome.

Joe Demharter: Thank you.

Cary Sherburne: You know, Presstek has been working hard to move up in to larger companies and expand your geographies and so on. Now you’re moving in to packaging market; maybe you could talk a little bit about that. That’s a new move for you, right?

Joe Demharter: Yeah, we’re very excited about the opportunities that exist in packaging. We see that market again moving in to shorter run applications, either going to larger presses, 56 inches and larger, or moving down to our 29 inch format of our 75. You know, we are perfectly positioned for that market; if the folding carton printer is looking for a 29-inch solution.

Cary Sherburne: So, what’s the – how thick a page?

Joe Demharter: We have an option up to 31-point stocks. So we can run thicker board through our press very effectively. Our standard is 24 point but the option to go to 31 point is available.

Cary Sherburne: That’s great and then you’ve actually sold at the – in to the packaging industry. So is that a folding carton application then?

Joe Demharter: Well, we actually have multiple DI process in the folding carton market. We’ve sold a number of our 52cm presses in the folding carton applications. So the 75 – this will be the first 75 going into a folding carton company.

Cary Sherburne: Great. Great. That’s great ‘cause you know we’re not gonna be buying our boxes of Cheerios over the Internet. I mean, we can buy them, but we can’t –

Joe Demharter: Well, we all believe that packaging is gonna be around for a long time. And one of the beauties about packaging is because so much of the consumer product companies are basically buying the same product from the same manufacturer; their only differentiation is the package. So there’s much more design and complexity going into packaging today, and because of our capabilities with up to ten towers, so we can run pantone colors. We can run color logics products. We can run a lot of different sophisticated solutions.

Cary Sherburne: Coatings.

Joe Demharter: Coatings, to really make that package shine.

Cary Sherburne: Plus you have the UV capabilities, right? On each of the – you can actually –

Joe Demharter: Yes. We offer two configurations. One would provide inter deck drying and the other would provide a UV coating over an aqueous coated sheet.

Cary Sherburne: So not probably too good for the food industry, but outside of food.

Joe Demharter: With –

Cary Sherburne: ‘Cause UV, direct contact with food.

Joe Demharter: Yeah. I mean, we were just talking to a customer downstairs that does a lot of work for a toy company and they have been requested, because of environmental reasons, to no longer foil on the packaging. So they are looking at a silver ink that can be coated that will bring out the sparkle of the silver; almost similar with what you would see with the foil stamp sheets. So there’s a lot of applications that we can satisfy with the 75.

Cary Sherburne: That’s terrific. Okay. Thank you.

Joe Demharter: Thank you.